Tuesday 25 March 2008

"Whole Style is Chump"

Thursday 20 March 2008

Built for the 90's

At Breaks for Days we are known for going on and on about the 1980's and how good Hip Hop was back in the days...but please don't get it twisted, we have mad love for the 90's too! There were some incredible independent releases throughout the decade, many of which captured the true feeling of the mid 90's Hip Hop youth, delivering a raw message compared to the watered-down major label product. The beats were crunchy and crispy, and the rhymes hardcore. No wonder many of these elusive, low budget, and limited pressing releases are now so damned hard to find....and when they do pop up they can cost an arm and a leg. So let's take a peep in the 90's crates and see what we can find...

Built For The 90's

Kid Dyno

Sunday 16 March 2008

Going Back to Our Roots

Here at the Daily Diggers HQ we
have always been big fans of THE ROOTS. If you have seen them live then you know exactly what we are talking about - their onstage renditions of their own catalogue (as well as other HIP HOP classics like "Paper Thin" and "Top Billin'") make you realise Hip Hop can be amazing to watch as a live artform, and still sound dope on wax. So we know to keep checking back for them ....even if they have been signed to DEF JAM! With the man Ahmir "?LOVE" Thompson at the drums we are guaranteed shit will always be funky! In tribute here's a little DAILY DIGGERS REMIX action on THE ROOTS courtesy of the BEAT DETECTIVE. You don't see us....but we see YOU!

Monday 10 March 2008

45mins of Funky 45s

Enough of me going on about records.....let's just have some music shall we? Now there's some big ass drums in here for the beatheads, and some classic golden era samples for the Hip Hoppers. Strictly on 45. Hopefully something fonky to cater for everyone's tastes.
And I think you'll find it's perfect for the whip too! A sunny afternoon maybe......hold up, summer's not here yet, but we can dream can't we?

take a break

Friday 7 March 2008

Back to Wreck Shop

Does TUFF CREW rock your part of town? Does COOL C make you get down to the grissle? Are you serious about STEADY B? Does PHILL MOST CHILL have you on tempo Jack? Does the sound of Philly make you get illy?
If your anwer to all these questions is "YES" then homeslice you need to peep the latest AROE & THE SOUNDMAKERS mix CD...THE WRECKSHOP PHILLY GOLDEN ERA Vol.1. Jampacked with all golden era goodness from the Philly region, you just know this is gonna be a stormer of a mix. And in traditional SOUNDMAKERS style, the beats are on some hype uptempo dope sample type shit. And if you like your rare nuggets on wax then this will also satisfy the rarest of appetites! Just try ticking off the records on this mix that you actually own and see how quickly the beads of sweat start to appear on your forehead.

Straight from the ROCKY themed intro, they take us into some heavy Hilltop hard-hitters! All beats are mixed tight with party horns and air raid sirens for additional atmosphere.
Close your eyes and this shit will transport you back to the 80's, with you wearing your TROOP tracksuit, and doin' the whop like it's the brand new thang! Get funky now....

With over 40 tracks featured this is value for your hard-earned dosh. Plus this ain't no half baked venture - the one and only L.A. KIDD also provides additional vocals to give this the official TUFF CREW stamp. Highlights include the exclusive "NUT (Soundmakers Remix)" with some off-the-hook additional cutting from DJ TOO TUFF , and the unavailable PHILL MOST CHILL cut "DAMAGE" which is bound to blow your woofers. Check the soundclips below and peep what's in store. If you don't like what you hear then I'll eat every one of my Philly records! Every last one of 'em.

Available through concourse records and rarekind
You can also get in touch with AROE & THE SOUNDMAKERS

Kid Dyno