Wednesday 30 December 2009

Got Nikes on My Feet and To Be Complete...

These babies weren't featured in NIKE TOWN's sale department, but they are so fresh I had to bag them anyway. We're talking NIKE AIR FORCE ONE MIDS in olive green leather and suede with black midsole and swoosh and a brown sole. Not limited, not quickstrike, not hyperstrike, just a simple yet funky fresh colourway. Go get 'em!!

Kid Dyno

Last Dig Of 2009

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and Santa left you something dope under the tree! It is supposedly the festive season over here in London, but most people are just going nuts right now for the Christmas and New Year sales. All that queueing, pushing and shoving certainly doesn't look like "christmas spirit" to me. Today I spent the afternoon in the city and there were spending frenzies wherever I looked. Me - I wasn't about to deal with that frantic shit, I was simply making my way through the capital's vinyl haunts in search of my own bargains of the vinyl kind...
The Christmas break and a serious water infection (damn painful) have kept me out the crates for a couple of weeks now, and I was certainly feeling the withdrawal symptoms. At that rate I would have to change our name to the WEEKLY DIGGERS, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it does it? I cannot lie, I did still receive some records through the post from my usual international sources, but it ain't the same as plugging in the mp3, rocking a heavy duty mixtape, and heading off on a mission to the charity stores and vinyl emporiums of London town. Oh, and I gotta say it was good to bump into the legend that is HAMEED SUPA LARGE, AKA the mighty FRESH. Anyone who digs for hip hop beats knows the man that is FRESH. Big props to you my man and a very happy new year to you! I hope you find some rare shit on your travels.

Right here we go with a few of today's vinyl picks. All of these records were less than a tenner; no serious bargains but hey it's all about the quality of the music.

I love the track "FIRE" from this LP. An absolute killer dancefloor record if you wanna encourage some b-boy moves or uprock. No doubt you will be familiar with it even if you don't own a copy. Most of OSIBISA's music is percussion heavy, with afro rhythms and a real upbeat feel about it. The track "Fire" is provocative to say the least, maybe this is why it is a b-boy favourite. I have a few OSIBISA albums and all of them are great listening if you are into funky afro rock. Plus there is great artwork on nearly all of their LPs so they are eyecatching to say the least. Shame on you if you leave one when next out rummaging in the crates.
OSIBISA - "Fire"

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE "Sing a Simple Song" 45rpm EPIC RECORDS
OK, so this one is damned obvious, but I defy you to find a heavier break loop than the one on this early 70's gem. I remember loving this track before I even knew what it was. It has been used and abused by many hip hop artists, and tracks from other genres also, but I never tire of hearing it. For me the best use of the loop was by WITCHDOCTOR and the DOMINATING THREE M.C.s use of the loop on "Takin' No Shorts" as featured in our post HERE.
Once again I make no excuses for playing this record, I already had a (burnt out) 7" version on UK, so it was time to mint up. Today I managed to find one a US copy for £6 in great condition. Thanks to TONY at M.V.E. in Notting Hill for this copy, and for some of the other dope records he has sorted me out with over the last year.
SLY STONE - "Sing a Simple Song"

Sing A Simple Loop

FRIERSON BROS. - "Gotham City" 12" 1997 HMC RECORDS
This one is an underground record which deserves more props than it gets. In fact I would go as far as to say this joint is a classic. Have a listen and feel free to disagree with me if you think I'm trippin'. I'm a sucker for a funky loop and no frills, and this describes this beat perfectly. The producers amongst you may think it is too basic for a beat, but if it ain't broke don't fix it I always say. No amount of chops or speeded up soul vocals are gonna disguise a wack beat. When it comes to crispy home-made beats here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ, I have very much the same ideals. Loop it, flip it, rock it.
Anyway, I digress. Back to the joint in question. Some of the astute readers will realise that this joint is by none other than Harvey L Frierson and his brother Richard "Younglord" Frierson. Yep, the same guys who were involved with SPORT G & MASTERMIND's dope releases "Live" and "Louder" on STREETWALK records. And also 360 DEGREES "Pelon" - the bronx banger that lay undiscovered for over ten years until a certain DJ IVORY mix. Oooooowweeeee!
This is an odd release in the fact that it has a house music a-side, but pure butter on the flip. I was speaking only recently to my man RareDave from DWG about this record, and then one pops up. Maybe I should do this more often. It also has a dope remix of "Gotham City".
FRIERSON BROS - "Gotham City"

SPOONIE GEE - "New Love Rap" 12" ENJOY RECORDS 1980
A great find for a mere three pounds (six dollars). I think a few of today's emcees could learn a thing or two from the emcee SPOONIE SPOON. Just check him out doing his thing on the mic back in 1985 with a follow up to his 1978 hit "Love Rap", again on ENJOY RECORDS (owned by his uncle the legendary soul producer Bobby Robinson). He sounds smooth as butter and flows like water. Don't sleep on SPOONIE GEE. This 1985version starts with what sounds like live drums, and funky they are too. Great for old school hip hoppers and b-boys too.
I'm one to buy any old school joints I find while on a mission, including some of the disco rap 12"s which seem to be left untouched by many hip hop collectors. I understand that these records were critiscised as not being representative of real hip hop music from the park jam days, but they still form the archive of rap records history. And when I say old school, let's not get it twisted or upset anyone here. I know a few people have debated what IS regarded as the old school as far as hip hop is concerned. Let me just tell you it ain't the likes of ERIC B & RAKIM, EPMD etc.. like I see sometimes. Damn ignorance. Tell 'em SPOONIE....
SPOONIE GEE - "New Love Rap"

More finds to be added soon....

Kid Dyno

Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas Y'all

Yo ho ho! I wanna say a huge MERRY XMAS to all our readers and contributors. I hope y'all have a festive christmas, and that Santa brings you something dope in your christmas stocking! And a SEASONS GREETINGS shout to all the beatdiggers, beatheads, hip hoppers, b-boys, b-girls and writers out there. Keep doing what you do in twenty ten. We'll be back before the new year with a BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO festive edition. Stay tuned.

Kid Dyno

Monday 21 December 2009

It's Cold Outside

We're in the midst of winter here in the UK - right now there's four inches (and counting) of snow outside the DAILY DIGGERS HQ. Poor conditions if you wanna get out and about on the hunt for vinyl, but perfect for rocking the DOUBLE GOOSE COUNTRY. Even in this weather they are guaranteed to keep you warm despite all the elements that mother nature can throw at you. The big decision is ... which one to rock? BEAT DETECTIVE goes for the bright red leather three quarter length jacket, and I got my "mugsy" face on wearing a midnight blue v-stitch with brown fur. We're toasty YO!

Stay warm out there!

Kid Dyno

Saturday 19 December 2009

Vintage UK Trains

Sunday 13 December 2009

Guest Mixes by ADE

One of the best things about this site (even if I do say so myself) is that a few of YOU people out there are more than dextrous on the 1s and 2s and have sent in mixes that you know will rock nicely along with the subject matter of BREAKS FOR DAYS. My job has been very much to enjoy these mixes firstly, and then share the best of them with you. At this point I want to say another thanks to those mixes we have featured so far; may I suggest you check through our post archive if you have missed them? Plus I would still like to invite other beatheads to submit their mixes whether it be straight-up hip hop, breaks, funk, or a healthy mixture of beat-orientated music. You know the deal, get those crates out and rock shit lovely!
Today I've gonna drop a few mixes that I've been enjoying for some months, but waiting for the right time to bless you with. All courtesy of my man ADE from down on the UK's south coast. Now it's almost Christmas and I feel this mix is now ripe for the sharing - I guess it's got a kinda festive vibe to it, but do not worry it is without any cheesy christmas records. The first one is a fast and furious mix that is gonna get you thinking "I know this joint ... what the hell is it?". But before you can recall it another beat drops and so on - it must feature a zillion records! It's starts on a sporty theme (you will hear what I mean) but it's all good music with no excuses, blended to perfection with the aim of keeping your head nodding to the very end. And it works.
The second is a nice section of breaks and beats doubled up in true school tradition. And thirdly we have a bonus nugget from ADE just to keep you on your toes. But that's not all, I also have in my hands a 45s mix by ADE that I will drop right here on BREAK FOR DAYS just before Christmas. Let's wet your appetite first with some dope beats....

ADE Mix 1

ADE on the wheels of steel

ADE bonus nugget

Hold tight for the 45s mix. Many thanks and big props to ADE for all of his hard work.


Kid Dyno

Saturday 12 December 2009

Big Daddy Kane Gets Raw

Here's some short but rarely seen footage of the BIG DADDDY himself getting loose at the 1989 DMC champs. I like the part where he removes the gold rope so he doesn't catch an eye jammy! And what better stage for BDK than a giant turntable. It's not his best performance by any means, but still good to watch. Although anyone who has caught KANE live on stage will know he is a guaranteed winner and always gets the crowd hype. I remember my disappointment in the 90's when BIZ MARKIE didn't show up for his concert at THE FORUM in Kentish Town, London. The crowd weren't given any notice and were not in good mood once inside the venue to find out BIZ wasn't there (myself included). But KANE took the stage in replacement and tore the roof right off the muthafucker! To this day I have never seen so many people in a club going buckwild - that's what "Set It Off" did that night!

Thursday 10 December 2009

Eye Candy

Collecting records can be hard work on the brain. I find it impossible sometimes to remember all the artist names, track names, and album titles of releases that I am searching for. Admittedly it was hip hop that was my first wax passion, and although my hip hop shelves stretch as far as the eye can see, even I find it hard to remember the rarer and more obscure rap joints e.g. DJ Whatshisname and MC Forgotitalready. I hate to think how many dope rap joints I have passed on over the years based on a wack cover or easily forgettable name. And I'm not one to write a "wants list" as the damn thing would need updating weekly. So my journey into collecting funk, jazz, rock and disco breaks years later only began to muddle my brain further. So much of the time I try and remember the LP covers themselves, as a choice piece of cover artwork can often stick in my brain better than an album title. I may forget the artist, but then when I come across the record cover again on one of my missions, my memory banks kick in and the light bulb flicks on above my Kangol. OK so this only helps me when out digging in the field, but you KNOW I prefer to hit as many real spots as possible and get my hands well and truly filthy! Take a peep at some of the eye candy on display here. As usual, click on the image to enlarge. The records come from a wide variety of genres including funk, rock, library and jazz but ALL are certified dope. There is even a dope German piece. Cop them if you spot them!

Kid Dyno

edit: That TIREBITER LP is a bitch to find on the cheap, ever since DJ EINSTEIN blew it up on his list of top ten drums to sample. What's good YOUNG EINSTEIN if you're reading this! Dyno

Saturday 5 December 2009

Friday 4 December 2009

It Never Ranes But It Pours!

Damn, I have been shit outta luck lately. Firstly, here in the UK we have suffered a month of constant rain with localised flooding and it's co-incided with the beginning of the Christmas rush. Now all this doesn't help a hardened digger like myself get out and about to get his fix of dusty vinyl. Shitty weather, traffic chaos and millions of aimless christmas shoppers are possibly three of my most hated things in life.
To add to this, a few weeks ago, my VESTAX PMC 05Pro mixer started making some God awful humming sounds (cue "Humrush" by KMD). In fact on the last BREAKS FOR DAYS radio show we struggled to keep the "hum" to a minimum during recording, no matter which knobs we twiddled with. Frustrating! We even changed leads with no success. The audiophiles amongst you will understand how this can ruin your musical experience.
This is my second PMC 05Pro (the first blew up within days of buying it) and I guess I am lucky that it has lasted almost 10 years, despite burning up maybe four or five crossfaders over that time. So I guessed it was time to retire the VESTAX, and one thing I was adamant on was that VESTAX were NOT getting any more of my hard earned money.
So the obvious choice was to buy a RANE - I have heard great things and had my eyes on these little beauties for some time, but the price tag of almost £700 here in the UK has put me off. But now I had little choice; either suffer the humming sound, or raid the piggy bank, drop the Vestax off at the mixer graveyard, and fill that space between the 1200s with some new technology.
Decision made, I scoured the net and was soon the highest bidder on a "mint" but used RANE TTM-56 on eBay, for a shade over £300. Sounded like a bargain to me, so maybe my luck was changing for the better.
But the RANE has arrived today, well packaged, but now with a broken cue switch WTF! The seller had placed the power pack directly onto the mixer face, which then moved around in the box during transit taking the switch with it. I gotta say I was straight up pissed.
A couple of frantic telephone conversations with the seller later, and we finally agreed on a partial refund leaving me to get a replacement cue switch, or bodge a repair somehow. This is not quite how I planned it, but I'm a realist and I know I ain't gonna find another RANE TTM-56 for less than £300. I try not to let things like this get me down, but it still sucks!
On a more positive note, I'm already liking the vastly superior sound quality of the RANE compared to the VESTAX, and this is softening the blow of today's fiasco. So at least you can expect some even crisper sounds next time we let loose with BREAKS FOR DAYS radio.

Kid Dyno

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Thank YOU - 99k and counting

The hit counter here at BREAKS FOR DAYS has clicked over onto 99,000 visits. I gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic we have received over the last two years six months. I guess it's a good time to say a big thanks to all our readers, both the regulars and those who have recently stumbled onto our site. I hope you will continue to do so. It inspires me when I receive contact from similar minded beatheads from across the globe, to discuss particular breaks, and often enlightening me on new records to search for. On the odd occasion even the artist themselves have popped in to drop a comment (Bill Blast, Phase & Rhythm, Phill Most Chill, Big Ted aka Jeopardy, Mr Thing). Real hip hop is certainly not dead YO! Simply click on the "followers" button to the right of the page to ensure YOU don't miss out on the dopest beats.
And I also gotta give a super shout out to those who have contributed mixes; FISH BOOGIE, P&O, JABBA THA KUT & CRATEDIGGER, MR KRUM and those to come. Watch out for the forthcoming blend from ADE down on the UK's south coast, coming real soon.
As long as my vinyl hoarding obsession continues in search of the perfect beat, I'll keep bringing those vinyl treats to BREAKS FOR DAYS to share with y'all.

Stay fresh!

Kid Dyno