Friday 29 May 2009

Fresh, Wild, Fly, & Bold

BACK TO THE OLD SCHOOL! Thanks to everyone who voted on which Hip Hop crate to delve into this week - a resounding victory for those who voted for 1984. But thanks to EVERYONE who voted. 1984 is obviously a popular year in rap music, and it's no surprise when you listen to some of the records that hit the streets that year.
At home here in the UK, the STREETSOUNDS ELECTRO LP compilations were in full effect in 1984, and any 12" releases from those comps were hot property amongst UK hip hoppers. Back then GROOVE RECORDS in Greek Street, London was no doubt the place to go to grab the latest 12" arrivals from the States. I was only 13 yrs old at the time, and at that age if you DID manage to get into London unaccompanied by parents, you still had to fight your way into that tiny shop tucked away in the Soho area of LONDON. And if with your parents then Soho wasn't exactly the kind of place they would wanna take you (prostitution was rife there). But in the playground on a monday morning, many kids had records to show for their weekend I just HAD to get mine and GROOVE became a regular spot for years to come! Thanks to those that worked in GROOVE, I remember Jean was always very obliging.
Anyway, hopefully you will recognise and enjoy some or all of these 12" tracks - all of them made a mark on me in some way. I've dropped an hour's worth of classics straight from the '84 crates, but please remember these records are now 25 years old (and I'm no spring chicken either!) so some of these do sound their age. And I've included my favourite COLDCRUSH BROTHERS record (see photo). Once again static and crackles included at no extra cost.

1984 HIP HOP

GRANDMASTER MELLE MEL & FURIOUS 5 - "Internationally Known"
DIVINE SOUNDS - "Do or Die Bed Stuy"
THE SOURCE - "The Ghetto"
KNIGHTS OF THE TURNTABLE - "Fresh Mess ... Jam Your Radio"
T LA ROCK & JAZZY JAY - "It's Yours"
KURTIS BLOW - "AJ Scratch"
COLDCRUSH BROTHERS - "Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold"
ROXANNE SHANTE - "Roxanne's Revenge"
DJ RED ALERT - "Hip Hop on Wax"

Kid Dyno

Monday 25 May 2009

Take the Train, Take the Train!

Now it's not like me to have a rant here on BREAKS FOR DAYS, but this week BRITISH RAIL got me all stressed, so today they get the dilsnick! The mission should have been a simple one - hit some record spots with my man DJ OLSON, pick up a few crispy breaks, and then back to the P&O lab for a beat session.
In their infinite wisdom BRITISH RAIL have decided lately to perform engineering works at weekends (so as not to inconvenience their precious commuters into London. Yep that includes the same bankers that have single handledly fucked our economy!). The result is a series of poorly timed, and lengthy bus journies for the rest of the public just to get across town on a Bank Holiday Monday. But no trains! So what I actually got was a few hours shuffling through the crates at various record shops, then followed by 3 hours on a rail-replacement bus just to do the 20 miles or so back home! That bus broke down, and had to be replaced. I guess by the rail-replacement replacement bus! For f#ck's sake I'm not normally one to complain, but I could have travelled to Spain in the same time!
But there was no way I was gonna let this ruin the day, and luckily DJ OLSON convinced me to hit a small bookshop in DALSTON, East London in search of a dusty beat or two. Essentially a bookshop, but with a small doorway leading to a basement (maybe bedroom size) with walls covered with record sleeves. I like this shop, as you can browse with ease, and also listen to stuff before you buy. But most of all, the prices are cheap. Everything is £6.00 or cheaper, can't be fairer than that.
Straight out the crates was a C.C.S 45rpm with a nice hidden drum break. Plus the FREDDI HENCHI 45rpm that BEAT JUNKIE DJ BABU cut up on a DILATED PEOPLES track on the FUNKY PRECEDENT LP - trust me you'll like this one.


...and as for the tough drums on the C.C.S. 45rpm, here's a little snippet of the record, and then I will quickly loop up and fatten the drums.

C.C.S. "Save the World" RAK RECORDS 1971

Also for cheap I had to pick up the RHYME SYNDICATE RECORDS compilation LP just for "Save That Shit" by the funkyman LORD FINESSE when he was signed to the label. Produced by DJ ALLADIN and SLJ, engineered by JAZZY JAY. Sounds like FINESSE got women trouble!

Before the bookshop, I had crept into Music & Video Exchange in Camden Town - what's up to TOMMY KOI who works there, thanks to him for putting me up on a SAMBA SOUL LP full of disco beats for the b-boys. In that shop I also copped another "Brasilian Hustle" 45rpm by ALICE STREET GANG (a Bambaataa spin).

Nice finds, but a bullshit journey! In future I'm gonna....

"Take the train, take the train!"

Kid Dyno

Monday 18 May 2009

Time's Up!

Whether you know him as OC, Omar Credle, or as Mush, you cannot deny this Brooklyn brother got skills on the mic. Both "Word..Life" and "Jewels" are serious LPs by any rapper's standards. Here's a version excursion on OC's classic joint "Time's Up". I know it's hard to fuck with a classic, but hopefully it's a refreshing change from the original. Let us know in the comments what you think.

"You lack the minerals and vitamins irons and the niacin
Fuck who that I offend rappers sit back I'm bout to begin
'bout foul talk you squawk never even walked the walk
More less destined to get tested never been arrested
My album will manifest many things that I saw did or heard about
or told first hand never word of mouth
What's in the future for the fusion in the changer?
Rappers are in danger who will use wits to be a remainder
When the missile is aimed, to blow you out of the frame
Some will keep their limbs and, some will be maimed
The same suckers with the gab about, killer instincts
but turned bitch and knowin' damn well they lack
In this division the connoisseur, crackin' your head with a 4x4
Realize sucka, I be the comin' like Noah
Always sendin you down, perpetratin' facadin' what you consider
a image, to me this is, just a scrimmage
I'm feel I'm stone, not cause I bop or wear my cap cocked
The more emotion I put into it, the harder I rock
Those who pose lyrical but really ain't true I feel"

"Their time's limited, hard rocks too" - Slick Rick (from the song "Hey Young World")


Friday 15 May 2009

See you at the Record Fair

Thursday 14 May 2009

On a mission.

Sometimes when out on a mission, I'm real focused on the job in hand, and thoroughly determined to bring home some "jewels" at whatever cost. Today was one of those days. OK so it often results in a mad dash across London town on the sweaty Tube to get to all the record spots in time, but hey that's fine with me as long as no-one steps on my boxfresh sneakers during the journey!
We know it's most definitely a numbers game when diggin' for cheap beats, so even if a spot is unyielding for a long period, it still needs to be hit on the regular. And today was a great example of that theory paying off. One shop on the eastside of town (which will remain nameless to conserve our secret spots) certainly put a smile on my face when I stumbled on a MELVIN VAN PEEBLES LP, strangely left in the soundtracks section (only God knows why it was there?). As soon as I spotted the bold text on the cover my break radar went berserk - was this the LP with the killer "Come On Write Me" drum break? Yes this was it, so on went the pokerface and I paid my five pounds and left the shop fairly sharpish. This place has been fruitless for possibly ten or so visits and to be honest I was so close to not bothering with it today - I'm pleased the voice inside my head said "NO...check that place out!"
MELVIN VAN PEEBLES - "Come on Write Me"

So with this happy thought I made for some spots that always give up the goods. I was listening to DJ REVOLUTION's "ABC's of Hi-Fidelity" mix on the way, so I could taste the records before I even got there. First out the cheap crates was a CANONBALL ADDERLEY LP produced by DAVID AXELROD, so again by association alone this record had to be bought. A hunch purchase maybe, but the AXELROD connection is too strong to ignore, and any ADDERLEY LP produced by him is a sure-fire winner. Also in the same shop were some cheap hip hop beats - here's a quick rundown....

ULTIMATE III - "Ultimate III Live" 12" 1986 CUTTING RECORDS a bargain copy at six quid, but has a few inaudible marks.

SCHOOLLY D - "PSK What Does It Mean?" 12" 1985 SCHOOLLY-D RECORDS a bargain OG for two quid, but covered in hairlines.

BLOODSTONE "Unreal" LP 1973 LONDON RECORDS thanks to BEAT DETECTIVE 's post on charity digging, I now have a copy myself.

FRESH FORCE - "She's a Skeezer" 12" 1986 SUTRA RECORDS I'm a sucker for that old Kid n Play shit!

LEVEL 42 - "Love Games b/w Forty Two" 12" 1981 POLYDOR RECORDS yes! LEVEL 42 got some beats, check out their early stuff.

MELLOW MAN ACE - "Rhyme Fighter" 12" 1989 CAPITOL RECORDS
I'm a closet MELLOW MAN ACE fan, and this record is a great example of why. Just check out the dope cover and dope beats on this record, and all for a single solitary British Pound. Now that's a bargain, and I've even left the price sticker attached so you can see which second hand record shop to hit for bargains like this when in London (that is, if you can avoid their expensive stuff!)
I like the way ACE has used the DYKE & THE BLAZERS drums over a familiar disco / boogie groove (the title anyone?) with some ill horn blasts and "cold cut scratch" skills towards the end. This track is very well layered, and I also dig the "superman, batman" scratch in the first chorus. Have a listen a peep it for yourself.
MELLOW MAN ACE - "Rhyme Fighter"

Now, back to that CANONBALL ADDERLEY LP. I can't resist but drop you an audio clip.
But sorry to keep you guessing on the track name, title of the LP and the cover! I have to keep a few things under my Kangol!

Happy Diggin'...

Kid Dyno

Wednesday 6 May 2009

More Bargain Bin Breaks

As the financial grip gets even tighter on our pockets, we thought it best to bring you some more cheap beats to help you spend your pennies NOT pounds whilst out diggin'. Here at DAILY DIGGERS headquarters we're always banging on about how the best breaks come cheap, and hopefully we will continue to lead you the right way whilst you are out digging in the field (as opposed to digging in a field - for gardening advice try HERE instead).
Ahem ... anyway let's go deep into DYNO's dusty racks and fish out a few bargain breaks. We give you more beats for your Buck, more percussion for your Pound, and more eurythmics for your Euro.
It doesn't take long for me to haul out some cheapo beats and breaks, plus it's always nice to find a record or two that I forgot I owned! And very often I can listen to an LP years after buying it and find a sample or nice loop that I had not spotted before. It's always worth a second listen I say.

JOHN WILLIAMS - "The Height Below" LP on CUBE RECORDS 1973
This gatefold double LP is full of great samples and sounds for the beatmakers, plus there are some pretty laidback funky tracks, including this one as used by HARRY LOVE from the UK if I remember correctly. The harp in this track is absolutely beautiful, and the bass and drums very provocative particularly in the intro section. A real downtempo joint, but with that headnod factor to keep you snapping your neck. It becomes to pulse almost, and then is accompanied by Spanish guitar riffs riding on top just as the groove becomes constant. Not a long recording by any means, but as funky as you could wish for. This was the first time guitarist John Williams had worked with Beatles producer George Martin.
JOHN WILLIAMS - Dance of the Emperor's Clouds

Latin is not my strong point whatsoever, but this cheap UK release on CONTOUR has some very nice tracks, and is crammed full of drum beats ripe for the taking. Plus it's an easy LP to find and will not cost you more than a couple of pounds. I say grab it when you see it. I can't possibly rip all the tracks, but I've added links to 2 of my favourites below, most notably "Que Es Lo Que Pasa?" which I have dropped before on BREAKS FOR DAYS radio.
Senor Prado was born in the Cuban town of Matanzas, and grew up in music there and eventually joined Cuba's top orchestra - the Orquesta Casino de le Playa. He moved to Mexico in 1948 to develop his mambo ideas, which swept the world to the extent that he became known as "El Rey del Mambo" - King of the Mambo - with compositions such as Mambo Jambo and Mambo #5 to his credit.
"Tequila" is a moody uptempo joint with big horns and a shuffling groove, and you will no doubt recognise the track as it progresses. On the other hand, "Que Es Lo Pasa?" is in your face and even cheeky at times. Enjoy them both....
PEREZ PRADO - Que Es Lo Que Pasa?

Any beat digger worth his salt, knows that most LPs with music from the show HAIR are worth a listen. But it is always the same LPs that show up time after time. This LP however is a little more elusive, but by far the best when it comes to breaks. The version of "Colored Spade" on this LP is incredible, with drummer extraordinaire PAUL HUMPHREY providing some of the illest b-boy drums I have heard. I have lost count of how many LPs where I check the back cover credits and find PAUL HUMPHREY on drums - now that makes for a guaranteed purchase. And this LP was no different, but it still surprised me how funky this version of HAIR was. And the drums tempt me to toprock out my skin! And I'm no b-boy!
Listen for yourselves, then rush out a bag yourself a copy. I'm sure you will remember the babe on the cover smoking her pink cigarettes - man that's what I call chain smoking!
STAN KENTON - Colored Spade

Hopefully one of this little selection of LPs will pop up next time you're getting your fingers dusty at the boot sale or charity spot, and now you will know to grab it with both hands! Now tell me ... who brings you the best beats?


Kid Dyno