Monday 18 May 2015

Back to Brooklyn - A MONK ONE Mix

It's rare that I post up these days so you know it's gotta be something worthwhile for me to make the effort. As much as this DAILY DIGGERS site is now more of an archive than a current blog, I still like to make a surprise visit here and there to share the dope shit with you. And this shit is definitely dope - MONK ONE has once again put together a mix which I simply can't stop listening to over and over again ad infinitum. The same thing happened with his killer "Breakin' Rocks" mix. And my bonus on hearing it the first time was catching my brother from another mother OXYGEN rock some wild rhymes over a PAUL NICE chop-up of a RIPPLE classic. Suffice to say this is also one of my favourite OG breaks so this felt like a birthday and Christmas rolled into one. If you don't enjoy this mix then you need to clear the wax out of your earholes!
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Back To Brooklyn on the Underground Railroad by Monk-One on Mixcloud