Friday 24 December 2010

Let The Jingle Bells Rock

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Marlon vs Menno

Merry Christmas

Well that's another year almost over here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ, and it's certainly feels like Christmas with all this snow in London. I would just like to say a big "Thank You" to all of YOU! Yes you the readers for keeping me inspired with your comments, mixes, links of interest and the general hip hop banter. I hope you all have a very merry christmas and continue keepin' it fresh for 2011.

Christmas card by HOAKSER.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

@ The Knitting Factory BK

Wow check out this line-up planned for the 23rd December ..... you got LEADERS OF THE NEW SCHOOL (minus Busta Bus), SON OF BAZERK, GRAND DADDY I.U. and the mighty SPUTNIK BROWN. DJs on the night are JOHNNY JUICE and J-ZONE, with T-MONEY (YO! MTV RAPS) as host. All happening at THE KNITTING FACTORY in BROOKLYN on the 23rd. If you are in the NY area don't miss it!

Monday 20 December 2010

For all your graff writing needs peep this place ... lots of old school bench talk regarding the likes of FUTURA 2000, KELZO, COPE2, SEEN, KET (RIS), CES, BIO, AOK and much much more. Bookmark this spot and visit it on the regular.


- that's what's up.

Chain 3 (Teebag), Ces and Yesizm

Sunday 19 December 2010

Goose Weather

If the snow is as deep with you as it is here in LONDON, you will be needing one of these super warm and so so fresh DOUBLE GOOSE COUNTRY jackets to keep you toastie this winter. Big shouts go to DJH, OLLIE TEEBA, GRANDMIXER EMZ, SNEAKER JOE and also to THOMAS at DOUBLE GOOSE.

Looking for the Perfect Beat

Just like Christians read and follow the Bible, Hip Hoppers should also be aware of their history, how the music began and who was involved at the inception. KOOL HERC, AFRIKA BAMBAATAA and GRANDMASTER FLASH are the three main men responsible for creating the foundations as we know it, but for more details check out this vintage RADIO 1 programme entitled "Looking for the Perfect Beat" where they delve a little deeper into how the music began and how rap made the transition from parties in the parks to releases on vinyl. Learn your history YO!

Friday 17 December 2010

Have a Merry JB Christmas

Tomorrow night in BRIGHTON the VINYL VETERANS and POSITIVITY crew will be celebrating the festive season and paying their respects at this holy time of year to THE one and only GOD.......FATHER of Soul JAMES BROWN. Playing everything JAMES BROWN related so expect some MYRA BARNES, JBs, VICKI ANDERSON and all your favourite JB-related rap classics! If you're remotely near the south coast get yourself down to the CHRISTMAS GET DOWN at the BLACK LION in B'TOWN.

Thursday 16 December 2010

Can Control

Painted by HOAKSER. He also top-to-bottomed the Hornby train set carriage I have on top of my record racks. Take a peep at his website and check out his nozzle skills whether it be on walls, canvas, t-shirts, trains or even on the cans themselves. If you need a burner you know who to call... HOAKSER!

more HOAKSER cans here

Rok This Way - RSC Las Vegas

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Tools of the Trade

When you're a heavy beat digger, certain things in life make the job much less of a pot-luck gamble and more of an exciting adventure into recorded music. For years I trecked across London town in search of dusty vinyl and relied heavily on firstly my memory, and secondly the listening posts in many of the city's record shops. But after buying many shitty records and suffering some of the poorest sound systems and broken headphones in store, I now rely solely on my instincts and my trusty portable record players to get me through the sea of vinyl with some success. And any investment in batteries is a worthy purchase in my opinion - OK so they won't last long and cost the earth but there's no way I'm being left with no power whilst on a mission.
A few years ago I was relieved when VESTAX produced their HANDYTRAX portable so now I could rely on a brand new machine, rather than some of my more vintage players that to be honest have seen better days. Too many times I've been stuck with a broken tone arm or stuck platter with no means to fix until I return home. Despite this I still love my old portable turntables, and while they keep breaking I'll still keep trying to fix 'em!

Kid Dyno

Now, enjoy some portable porn!

Chris Read In The Mix

Once again this Saturday 18th December it's CLASSIC MATERIAL time at the CITY ARTS and MUSIC PROJECT at OLD STREET in LONDON - on deck duties will be CHRIS READ, DJ NICKNAME, STRICTLY KEV and PLAYING WITH KNIVES playing nothing but '89 hip hop in continuation of the RAP MUSIC FAN CLUB celebration of 30 years of rap music on wax. For more details take a peep here.
And have a lsiten to CHRIS READ's blend of '89 beats below.

Monday 13 December 2010

Thursday 9 December 2010

Classic Material

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Milk Is Chillin'

Neva Stop Diggin'

Here's something to get excited by ... those honourable dudes over at DIGGERSWITHGRATITUDE are continuing their record of
excellence with the forthcoming release of an underground record that has needed to see the light of day for years. Many of you may have heard snippets of the PHILL MOST CHILL / PAUL NICE collaboration called "Neva Stop Diggin'" which was recorded early 2000s for a project which never matured. PHILL himself spotlighted the track for his avid listeners over at THAT REAL SCHITT website and suffice to say real heads loved it. After working with PHILL MOST on earlier projects, DWG have now decided to press up a limited quantity of 45rpm 7" singles featuring "Neva Stop..." and "Smash" on the flip produced by JORUN BOMBAY. Peep the details below and pre-order your copy by contacting...

orders at

Listen to a SOUNDCLIP

Peep JARUN BOMBAY's steez here


Order now, if you snooze you lose!

Kid Dyno

Monday 6 December 2010

Hot Peas & Butta Baby!

DJ SKEME RICHARDS and vinyl tag team partner AMIR will be joining forces with DJ KAMUI from Japan to spin nothing but funky beats and solid soul on vinyl to a packed house at the FAT BUDDHA BAR in NEW YORK tomorrow night. If you're in NY don't miss out on a funktastic evening.

Tuesday, December 7th 9pm - 3am

Fat Buddha Bar
212 Avenue A
New York, NY

"Hot Peas & Butta is back in New York to take you on a visual and sonic journey through your fondest memories - from the days of Kung-Fu filled theaters and Saturday morning cartoons, all set to a soundtrack of strictly vinyl funk & soul."

Free all night!

Check out more Hot Peas & Butta goodness at

Wednesday 1 December 2010

I Ain't No Joke

This is still my favourite rap video after all these years!

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Vinyl Veterans Photos

Myself and BEAT DETECTIVE had a great Saturday night in Brighton rocking the beats together with the VINYL VETERANS crew. Many thanks goes to MAC, MR KRUM, MATT THE HAT and BOBBY BOUCHER who organise the VINYL VETERANS nights for their hospitality and of course to all those who braved the sub zero temperatures to attend. And what's up also to DJ FOLEY too for making an appearance, also to STEVE SECK, DANI & CHARLIE, and all those who plied us with Tuaca shots throughout the night. I'm sure not to sabotage the skills more as a "welcome to Brighton" from the locals. We both thoroughly enjoyed our sets and the atmosphere in the FULL MOON. For me personally it was some of the best music I have heard/played in years, and good to see real vinyl skills being displayed on the turntables ALL NIGHT LONG (cue Mary Jane Girls!) by the VV crew. Here's some pics taken on the night....

BEAT DETECTIVE drops the funk on 'em

No Trouble Here Guv!


This one's for YOU!

MATT THE HAT dropped the illest funky soundtrack set!

Ram Jam by midnight

Great TOO SHORT tee


DAILY DIGGERS duo do damage!

Good times!! Thanks to MAC for the photos and for being such a great host to the DAILY DIGGERS duo - we look forward to a return, we knew B'TOWN ALWAYS ROCKS!

Kid Dyno