Saturday 31 July 2010

Red Beans & Rice DVD - Darrell D

For those who like the trailer of RED BEANS & RICE documentary abour record digging (3 or 4 posts below this one) make sure you hit DARRELL D up for more info on how to get your hands on your copy. DARRELL is down to earth and happy to talk, but don't disturb him whilst he's digging cuz this brother got it bad. You can tell that by the size of his milk crate record racks in the film. Here's what DARRELL had to say about the inspiration behind making the film...

"Thanks for all the kind words Dyno! What I pursued most on this video was to capture stories that you never really get to hear from diggers. I have seen a lot of vinyl videos over the years and everyone pretty much says the same thing. And you never hear the "BIG" name diggers get very deep with their vinyl finds or stories. I made this video because of a lack of what I saw on other videos. On this video you get a lot more than usual. I am by no means a video professional in any way but I think it came out pretty well. ORGANIC, who appears on the video, produced all the music on the video.
Yeah, my collection is pretty nice (if I do say so myself) but the crazy thing is... all of my vinyl buddies (including you guys over there) all have nice size collections yet we all have tons of records that the others don't. So believe me when I say that I would be all over your collection like you would mine!

As far as myself, I'm just a vinyl junkie like everyone else. It really seems like a sickness (how can someone love vinyl so much???!!!!). I've been a dj since 1986 and a collector since 1992. I did a TV show about DJs on public access television in milwaukee,wi from 1996-1998 which featured many local and well known DJs. I moved to phoenix,az in 1998 which is still my home today.

(Photo below of DARRELL and GRANDMASTER CAZ). Red beans and rice came about like this......
I love watching videos about digging on the internet. Sites like youtube, cratekings,etc. the problem was that all the videos were only a few minutes long and i always wanted to see a lot more. So I decided to do my own video and make it an hour long so people could really sit back and enjoy it( while maybe eating some popcorn!) I knew I would be traveling all around the United States last summer so I took my camera along and started filming. I wanted diggers to tell me about the first record they bought,interesting digging stories(good or bad) and cool finds. I wanted collectors to dig into their collections and share some personal thoughts and feelings.
Thanks for your interest in red beans and rice!"

Thanks to DARRELL D

Thursday 29 July 2010

End To End Burner

I know my man DRASAR from HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is, like myself, a sucker for anything graffiti related. (DRAS you could NEVER be a sucker but you know what I'm spraying!) When I see a burner on steel it feels like I've just took a line of cocaine. My heart races, beads of sweat form on my forehead, I talk gibberish for a second, then I go into a zombie like state for a moment whilst soaking up the fresh outlines and mixtures of pastel colours. Not forgetting those cracks and shines! Holy dope man, there's nuthin' fresher than paint on steel. So for you DRASAR here's a little European end to end action. Simply click on the image to enlarge.

Hot Dig of the Day

The journey on London Underground was a hot and sweaty one in this heat today, but when you're a vinyl addict like I am then nothing gets in the way of you and your next fix of dusty records. Although I do admit it was very much a hit and run operation - all I wanted to do was grab some wax, catch a KFC and then get out of town before the rush started. The record pickings were by no means plentiful however, but one find in particular made the journey worthwhile. It was a blind purchase based on the cover, the artist and mainly due to the fact that it is on the EMBRYO label which always seems to turn up trumps for me. So, here's the Hot Dig of the Day! I hope you love it like I do. No heavyweight breaks in this one, but some seriously good music....

Kid Dyno

Monday 26 July 2010

Three Times Dope

Yep, we're overdosing on funky hip hop this week. I've been serving up breaks by the pound lately, so now's the time to reminisce on a few funky raps from the bygone era. THREE TIMES DOPE is a very apt name for the crew that brought us bangers like "Greatest Man Alive", "Original Stylin'" and "Straight Up". Here's some rare footage of EST getting busy accapella with LARRY LARR also making an appearance.

MC Freshco - Goal Achievement Expert

Keep it locked to BREAKS FOR DAYS for our forthcoming interview with FRESHCO - the winner of the New Musical Seminar MC battle for world supremacy in 1989. Anyone who knows anything about dope MCs knows that FRESHCO was in a league of his own back then, tearing strips of MC SERGE in the final.
FRESHCO, aka SHAWN CONRAD is somewhat of an achiever to say the least, succeeding in everything in life he turns his hand to. You can find out more in the forthcoming interview, but to keep you busy for the moment here is the final NMS battle itself, followed by FRESHCO & MIZ live on MTV RAPS doing their thing with ED LOVER and DRE.

Stay tuned y'all.....

Sunday 25 July 2010

Red Beans & Rice - Diggin' DVD

Now with this digital age we live in, it's good to see people document hip hop and it's elements without the pressures of having to please the mass audience. If you wanna hear bullshit beats and cornball raps then you have the mainstream, MTV etc to feed your needs. However if your hip hop needs are more traditional, we are now lucky enough that current technology and communication have allowed us to create our own product, promote it and share it online with like-minded others at the push of a button.

Amateur film makers have produced some great beat digging documentaries over the last few years, and I've enjoyed every one of them. It's great to hear from legendary producers and beatheads, but what I also wanted to see was some regular digging addicts like myself getting busy in the crates.
Luckily for me RED BEANS & RICE fills that gap. RED BEANS & RICE "a collection of perspectives", is a 1hr film which tells of the world of record collecting through the eyes of collectors themselves.

Here's a quick peep....

More details to come on where you can get your copy.... Thanks and mad props to DARRELL D.

Kid Dyno

Monday 19 July 2010

Tools Of War - Crotona Park Jams 2010

POPMASTER FABEL and TOOLS OF WAR present the 2010
CROTONA PARK JAM this Thursday 22nd July in Crotona Park BX with an amazing line up of DJs from the hip hop community. This event is happening every Thursday in July, so if you live in NYC or the surrounding area then it would be a crime for you to miss this. Just check out the line up of familiar faces for the 22nd.


FREE! All Ages! 5-9pm @ Crotona Park East and Charlotte St. Bronx NYC. Try for best MTA directions. or just take the 2 or 5 to 174th. Host: GrandMaster Caz. Legends and Pioneers everywhere! Tools of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams Series info: . Only $25 to vend per night contact

Presented by The Friends of Crotona Park and Tools of War grassroots Hip Hop in assoc. with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr and NYC Council member Joel Rivera!

Read more here

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Breaks for Days Radio

Once again I'm back with another DAILY DIGGERS vinyl throwdown - this time I'm just raiding the record crates as we go. Just a little selection to celebrate 3 years of BREAKS FOR DAYS & BEATS FOR WEEKS. Thanks to all those who have checked in and contributed over the last 3 years, it is very much appreciated. The love for real hip hop is DEFINITELY still out there, and for me personally it's been a pleasure all the way! No set playlist tonight, I'm just gonna drop whatever wax is close to hand, when I feel like it. But as you should know by now, there's guaranteed some ill breaks, and only the crunchiest hip hop treats this time from the late 90s and early 00s. I hope you all enjoy the selection, including tracks by....

Ernie Hawks, Ohio Players, James Brown, Sister Goose & The Ducklings, Marvin Holmes, The Meters, SessoMatto, In Search Of Orchestra, Babe Ruth, Prince Paul, Chubb Rock, 45 King with Lati, Rakim & Canibus, INI, The Council, Prodigy (from Mobb Deep) plus more.


Kid Dyno

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Steve Gadd - US Army Band

Check out early footage of the legendary drummer STEVE GADD while he was in the US Army Band. Dope break y'all!

Monday 12 July 2010

Beats & Laces

Beats & Laces - both Hip Hop essentials YO!
ADIDAS and DEF JAM are once again collaborating on some fresh garments, it's just a shame DEF JAM as a record label ain't what it used to be.

Pat Lundy - Work Song

I'm a sucker for a classic breakbeat, but more so I'm a super sucker for a disco break on 12" vinyl. I love the fact that many disco records from the 70s featured extended versions of songs and very often with an additional breakdown compared to the album or 7" single version. Although it can be confusing sometimes as to which version you need to hunt down to obtain the break part, but in the majority o0f cases it is the 12" version you need to find. Very often these were promotional only records handed out to disc jocks, and were not available commercially. Hence these can be a bitch to find, and despite the fact that I'm out diggin' on the regular, there are few of these disco bangers that have eluded me for years. In instances like this, I have to accept that the only way I'm gonna find these gems is on the internet, with my hand deep in my pocket. Not the way I like to do things, as I like to get my hands dirty and find these for cheap. But realistically I know I ain't gonna find some of these in the bargain bins.
One such example is PAT LUNDY's "Work Song" - a stonker of a old school break which appears on PYRAMID RECORDS. Last week I finally struck an online deal with someone in Brooklyn who shall remain anonymous, but I have to give thanks as he hooked me up with a nice copy at an even nicer price, and sent it across the pond pronto. You know who you are, so a big thanks for making an old school fool very happy. Now let's bang "work song" and see if you can keep your feet still....

Holdin' Court - 12hr Event

Sunday 4 July 2010

All Music Lovers - Break DJ Leacy & Nucleus

Summer has finally got a grip here in the UK, right now it's scorching hot and I've been lying on the beach eating ice cream and watching the girls bounce by. Nah - I wish ... seriously though, I have been on a 10 day solid stretch at work in this heat and it's finally beginning to take it's toll on me. I have never been a sun worshipper - I'm more a member of the vinyl congregation, so I'll be happy to get some time off and get out and about in London town to do some serious record digging. Maybe I can find some heat in this heat!
To keep me going through this hot and sweaty week, I have been bumping one of the best b-boy mixes on the planet rock. Put together by my good friend and fellow beathead who sadly is no longer with us BREAK DJ LEACY, together with NUCLEUS (what's up Simms from KD!). Now this mix is almost 10 years old so you may have caught it already, but it's well worth sharing with those who don't already have it.
I do intend to share with you my feelings about losing DJ LEACY in 2004 in a accident, although even now 5 plus years later I find it too hard to think about him without feeling distressed. So maybe in the near future I will pull myself together and drop a few LEACY stories. He will always be remembered globally for being a bad-ass break jock, but he was also a prankster and great friend to have. Plus he rocked the one's and two's like it was no thing but a chicken wing!

So I hope you all enjoy this 2 -sided mix, one side in the capable hands of LEACY, and the other rocked by NUCLEUS. Love and respect to Jim Leacy - rest in peace bro I dedicate this whole website to you.





Kid Dyno