Thursday 29 July 2010

Hot Dig of the Day

The journey on London Underground was a hot and sweaty one in this heat today, but when you're a vinyl addict like I am then nothing gets in the way of you and your next fix of dusty records. Although I do admit it was very much a hit and run operation - all I wanted to do was grab some wax, catch a KFC and then get out of town before the rush started. The record pickings were by no means plentiful however, but one find in particular made the journey worthwhile. It was a blind purchase based on the cover, the artist and mainly due to the fact that it is on the EMBRYO label which always seems to turn up trumps for me. So, here's the Hot Dig of the Day! I hope you love it like I do. No heavyweight breaks in this one, but some seriously good music....

Kid Dyno

1 comment:

Agent Finch said...

That track is wicked DynO, got me buggin` out as i type! Kinda reminds me of some Bobbie Humphrey shit!!