Sunday, 31 October 2010

Cazal Couture

Hip hoppers always have the knack for being the first to be "up" on things - fashion included. If you look back in history many garments and accessories have become synonymous with hip hop music for example KANGOL hats, DOUBLE GOOSE jackets, ADIDAS SUPERSTARS or "shelltoes", namebelts etc.. But if you wanted to look fresher than fresh back in the mid 80s then you needed to be sporting some CAZAL EYEWEAR, sunny or not!CAZAL sunglasses were and still are the utmost in style. Created by eyewear designer CARI ZALLONI: designed at his home in Austria and sold through the GERMANY-based company. His CAZAL sunglasses
(a name derived by combining the first syllables of his first and last names) were a high class product and in the 80s the prices stretched up to $500 depending on style and collection. This made them a must have hip hop accessory despite being out of most people's price range.
ZALLONI travels around the world in search of inspiration for his unique designs, and soaks up the many regional and international influences to help him create his collections. He has become famous as one of the few true globally-known eyewear designers, focusing on quality yet never afraid to experiment with designs and traditions (for example his CAZAL 821 glasses with assymmetrical lens sizes - see photo.) He realised early on that the discerning customer wanted more from their shades, not just protection from the sun. They want their choice of glasses to say something about themself, hence ZALLONI could freely experiment knowing their choice in eyewear should reflect the consumers' fashion tastes at that time.
The CAZAL 607 seemed to be the choice of most rap fans, as sported by the likes of DARRYL McDANIELS (DMC); the chunky black frames and wide lenses look great tucked underneath a KANGOL Bermuda hat. But in the late 80s the 951 and 955 models were introduced and became the choice of the next generation of both East Coast and West Coast rappers. STEADY B, RODNEY O and JOE COOLEY all sporting the more opulent designs at one time or another.
The unaffordability of CAZAL frames never affected their popularity within the hip hop community. Hip Hop kids would save up for weeks just to afford a pair, possibly only to have them stolen weeks later as was often the case in New York, Philly and other states. Those who couldn't afford a pair found it much to become stick-up kids and snatch a pair from someone else instead. At this time in New York in particular it was dangerous to be out in the tri-borough neighborhood looking fresher than the average man. Stories of being stuck up for your CAZALS or Goose Jacket were not out of the ordinary. It was so prevalent in Philly that a group called "CAZAL BOYS" even dropped a 12" release entitled "Snatching Cazals" on TEMPRE RECORDS in 1985.

CAZAL BOYS - "Snatchin' Cazals" 1985

Hip Hoppers and B-Boys alike will always have a soft spot for CAZALS. You cannot deny how dope they look as part of an outfit. Although I cannot confess to owning a pair myself despite my seeing them as hip hop essentials, so maybe I will change that. Also big props to my good friend DJH who is a sucker for a pair of CAZALS - thanks for letting me indulge in nostalgia with you. Also you ALL must check out this excellent CAZAL tribute website created by BACK Q & MAZE called WWW.DOPECAZAL.COM - lots of CAZAL history, press articles and much more. It's super fresh!!

Thanks and respects to the cool cats over at DOPECAZAL.COM and to JAMEL SHABAZZ for the "sheepskins, three stripes & cazals" photo and for the snap of the b-boys peeping the eyewear in the shop window.

Kid Dyno

Friday, 29 October 2010

Breaks for Days Radio

Yes I know it's well overdue, but I'm back in effect with another hour of rummaging through the DAILY DIGGERS crates in order to bring you some sho'nuff funky breaks and hardcore hip hop beats to bust out your speakers! I hope I have managed to satisfy your cravings this week with a vinyl selection from artists such as ROBIN KENYATTA, CERRONE, MACEO PARKER, KLAUS DOLDINGER, III MOST WANTED, SPECIAL ED, TUFF CREW, ULTIMATE FORCE, HOT DAY, POETRY to name just a few. It's just over an hour long as usual, but just enough to start your weekend off with some bounce. I hope you enjoy the music.


Kid Dyno

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Big City Records NYC

Recently I mentioned some of my NYC diggin' stories from back in the 90s, and I dropped a few names of places I knew to hit back when records were the choice format in the Big Apple. Nowadays with many of these vinyl shops either gone already, or struggling to survive, it is important that us record heads support our local stores and in particular the specialist shops that keep the nostalgia for good music strong. Look at the recent sad closing of the FAT BEATS record store in NY. I personally can't imagine a world without record shops, and I hope I never live to see the day.
Fortunately if you search hard enough there are some spots still alive and kicking, and delivering the goods better than ever before. One such spot is BIG CITY RECORDS, located in East Village Manhattan just north of Tompkins Square Park at 521 East 12th Street. Behind the graffiti covered shutters and somewhat small shopfront lurks some of choicest beats in downtown New York, so don't be fooled by it's diminutive appearance. This place is a favourite spot for many record fiends and producers alike, as BIG CITY's stock stretches from the late 1960s through to the 1990s and is mostly out-of-print rare albums from the hip-hop, soul, funk, and disco genres. We're not talking trash records here that see everywhere. The store relies upon contacts in the Northeast as well as private collectors from as far away as Tokyo for its steady flow of hard-to-find wax, which is fastidiously organized in the store for easy access to the digger. Even the much larger disco, soul, and hip-hop crates contain names not widely known plus the more obscure material from popular artists. A lot of record store owners could learn a lesson or two from BIG CITY.
JARED JBX is the main man behind BIG CITY RECORD's counter, and many of you will know him already through him working at TSL for several years before BIG CITY (my one regret is never getting to visit ther now defunkt SOUND LIBRARY during it's prime ... but I've heard all the stories). Jared was also involved in the release and distribution of OXYGEN's limited 45 single "Gone Diggin'" so he is also a man who recognises the real deal when it comes to new music. You may even have spotted him in this video of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST's Q-TIP discussing his musical influences. Incidentally ATCQ's "Jazz" 12" was JARED's first vinyl purchase at 16 when he chose to collect records to compliment his cassette collection.

From 1997 JARED worked at A1 RECORDS with Rob and Steve with whom he would later team up with to open THE SOUND LIBRARY in 97. As JARED tells it "A1 in 1997 was like no place I had ever seen and I have yet to ever see again. It was such an amazing store. That was before they remodeled it. It was falling apart, there was a hole in the floor, but it was just amazing. With all the people that were coming through, all the records they had there, it was a place in time when the interest in vinyl was really peaking so I just wanted to stay there everyday. And I did. I did until they gave me a job!"
Rob and Steve had tried to buy into A1 itself but the owner's reluctance lead them all to bring to the frame their own brand of record store and TSL was born a year later. TSL had a reputation for unearthing gem after gem and making it all available in one spot, perfect for the beat diggers! Stories like the DJ PREMIER "Step To The Arena INST" and "Cop Hell" promos springs to mind - we're talking grails here.
JARED and STEVE left THE SOUND LIBRARY and went on to start BIG CITY in 2007, TSL finally closing its doors a few years later.
JARED remembers well the pinnacle of the record buying game that came and went in the late 90s when money flowed freely. He admits that he see a different side of record culture now in 2010. Back then it was a frenzy of collectors buying rare records from all sides, where today more and more DJs are looking to sell up their records in favour of other pursuits and sometimes replacing with Serrato. But he philosophises well in that he often spends time putting people onto good music, only to later buy it back from them and pass onto the next avid listener. Life definitely goes in cycles.
What's your favourite part of the business?
"It took me a long time to realize this but after buying and selling records for 10 years at three different stores it’s the people. It used to be about the records and amassing a great collection. At the stage I’m at now it’s really just the interaction with people and all the flavours of New York and then just going through the motions of how that has changed. It definitely puts you on the pulse or the current of how your community has changed being in a record store and talking to people."

You see JARED is also a super nice chap as us Brits would say, and very very knowledgable when it comes to good music for the soul. If you are searching for something in particular (however unobtainable) you could do much worse than give BIG CITY a call, or drop JARED an email. They know their records.

Well known BIG CITY RECORDS customers include the likes of DJ Premier, Madlib, Large Pro, Q-Tip, Lord Finesse, Spinna, Just Blaze, Showbiz, Easy Mo Bee plus too many to mention.
I asked JARED what sort of wax a hardcore records fiend can expect to find whilst hitting the crates or perusing the wall in the shop...
"Pieces are kind of you name it we've had it ... Original Beat Bop on Tartown w/ Basquiat cover, Sweety G "At The Place To Be" original, Rappin with Mr Magic OG, East of Underground, Minority Band, lots of goodies!"



JARED JBX Hip Hop mix


Other JARED JBX mixes

Boundless Radio Presents: Big City Records - JBX from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

And yet there's more.... here's an exclusive download for us here at BREAKS FOR DAYS courtesy of JARED JBX himself. He knows how we get down with our beats, so he has laced us with this super dope selection taken from one of his Tuesday night parties a couple of years back where the guest was none other than EASY MO BEE (10.14.2008). Check it out ...

Get yourself down to BIG CITY when you are in NY and cop yourself some quality rare vinyl.

Kid Dyno

(Note: Some of Jared's quotes come courtesy of - thank you)

Monday, 25 October 2010

Hip Hop Battlefield vs Daily Diggers AF1 Kick-Off

Well it's about that time for the NIKE AF1 (friendly) battle with HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD, where Drasar has been showing off some of his fly footwear of late, and believe me he's no slouch when it comes pushing sole with soul. Plus DRASAR, like myself, ain't one for these Limited Edition kicks that cost the earth and then some. Instead we're both purveyors of the freshest colourways whatever the cost, and in fact many of my AF1 selections have been purchases made from the bargain bin cuz no-one else wants them. Too many times I paid full money for kicks only to see them cheaper in the summer sales for instance. But in my opinion many of the Quickstrike/Hyperstrike or "limited edition designed by this designer" pairs are straight up wack and make no impact on the real hip hop heads who make the AF1 part of hip hop culture. My favourite pairs of late have always been regular issue and released at the normal (sensible) price of £55 here in the UK for lows, and maybe £65 for mids or high tops. You can keep your £100+ Quickstrikes.

Now let's get busy with the kick-off!

NIKE AF1 Wheat and Mocha with Gum Sole: Strictly special occasion kicks for the height of summer only. I ain't risking ruining these beauties.

NIKE AF1 Green Tweed, leather midsole and Bubblegum swoosh: Hmmm you can almost taste those laces.

NIKE AF1 Carolina Blue Canvas: Simple yet effective, who needs to be flash when you can be fresh!

NIKE AF1 Morinho Wool with leather midsole, waxoiled laces and Chocolate Swoosh: Chunky shits for the winter. Look dope with denim.

NIKE AF1 Baroque suede with brown leather and Carolina Swoosh: Great colour combo, and in fact so nice I bought 'em twice and put one on ice.

NIKE AF1 ACG Mowabb orange, blue and cream with granite sole: I copped these cheap at £25 at the NIKE outlet. Summer bangers for sure.

Kapowww - yes I know that's 6 pairs and not 5 as written in the rules, but hey I'm a rule-bender! To be perfectly honest I got carried away all with this talk of fly footwear!

Much love to DRASAR at HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD, his choice of AF1s is no less than fresh as I would expect, take a peep.

Kid Dyno

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dan Delta's 40th

Music from 4 decades in one night - where else can you get that?

Friday, 22 October 2010

Hip Hop Battlefield vs Daily Diggers AF1 Kick-Off

A hip hopper ain't a true hip hopper without a fresh pair of kicks on his/her feet. Since hip hop began sneaker culture has always been an integral part of the uniform/fashion whatever you wanna call it. I even used to carry a toothbrush around with me as a kid to keep my Nike's nice and my Adidas still dazzling. My Pumas were perfect and my British Knight's were tight. You get what I'm saying...?
Recently I spotted that my man my mellow DRASAR MONUMENTAL over at HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD was gonna post up his top 5 NIKE AIR FORCE 1s. AF1s are THE hip hop sneaker of choice, and it has outsold most other NIKE branded shoes with the exception of possibly the AIR MAX range.
Personally the AF1 has been a consistent choice for my sneaker closet over the last 15 years or more, and I don't even recall how many pairs I've got in total but let's just say it's a lot. Some are still boxfresh and some are worn to near death. But I'm not a fan of these limited edition blah blah blah pairs but more a lover of simple fresh colourways.
So it was only right to take part in a "kick-off" with DRASAR as we both pull out our top 5 pairs of NIKE AIR FORCE ONEs and go head to head. All in the name of freshness.

Hip Hop Battlefield vs Daily Diggers AF1 kick-off
Monday 25th October
For all you sneaker heads!

So I'm gonna unlock sneaker storage facility #1, turn off the ice machine, and bring out the big guns ready for a joint post next Monday. Don't miss it.

Kid Dyno

99 and Counting...

I just realised that we are close to 100 official "followers" here at BREAKS FOR DAYS BEATS FOR WEEKS, and that figure doesn't include all you under-cover cats who sneak in for your weekly dose of beats & breaks on the downlow. I never thought this site would attract as many readers as it currently does, so after 3 years of steady hip hopping it's good to see so many of you still enjoy our content. Trust me we got plenty more to come, so stay tuned.

I wanna shout out our 99th "follower", namely FUNKYROB24/7 for getting us closer to the magic 100. And Rob, I NEED that damn record in your profile photo!!

But THANK YOU to ALL our regulars, especially those who have dropped comments, have sent in mixes, or got in touch simply to talk records. I appreciate you all for the support.

...oh and another BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO SHOW coming soon. Watch this space.

And now, a word from our sponsor....

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Brighton Rocks

It seems as if BRIGHTON is the place to be this weekend. In fact BRIGHTON's music scene has always been super dope - many times I have chosen to see my favourite Hip Hop acts perform in BRIGHTON rather than the big smoke, as the "good times" vibe always seems to be much stronger on the south coast. So big up to BRIGHTON for always being a fun place to be and for giving LONDON a run for it's money.
This weekend the seaside town
sees not only KRS ONE and SUPERNATURAL performing at the CONCORDE II night club on Friday, but also a slamming instalment of the VINYL VETERANS night on Saturday, this time featuring DJ FORMAT. Now BRIGHTON is his home town, so you know FORMAT will be on home ground and rocking shit lovely, and he plans to drop a set of rap 45s similar to the CLASSIC MATERIAL night in East London. But with the added bonus of MR KRUM, MAC MCRAW, BOBBY BOUCHER, MATT THE HAT, SCRATCHY MUFFIN and ROB LIFE on deck duties. If you missed the FORMAT gig in LONDON then there is no excuse to miss this one.

Here's some BLASTMASTER KRS to get you in the mood...

Monday, 18 October 2010

Olde English 1970

I just wanna say a massive happy birthday to my man my mellow DANNY DELTA who reached the ripe old age of 40 on Sunday 17th October. DANNY DELTA is one of the HEADSHELL crew who
I first met up with at Spitalfields Record Fair back in 2000 ish. And the likely lad from Sheffield is one of the nicest dudes you could wanna meet on the DJ circuit in London.
In fact I spun at a few venues for him following our meeting, but now I consider him a very good friend. Recently he became a dad for the first time (congrats to him and Mags) and has taken a back seat in terms of spinning records lately. But I'm more than happy to say he is having a 40th bash in Dalston this coming weeekend, and I have the pleasure of dropping some nostalgic hip hop beats to help him remember his 40 years of rocking this planet.
Danny have a great day and here's to another 40 years of hip hop music. 3 cheers!
The party is invite only but I wanted to share the flyer with you just for kicks.
Here's one of DANNY's mixes from early 2000 - THE HEADSHELL MIX.

This also reminds me of my own 40th born day this coming March 2011, I feel a celebratory throwdown coming this space.

Kid Dyno

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Witness the Fitness - DJ Format

CLASSIC MATERIAL kicked off with a boom last night in East London courtesy of hard-working duo CHRIS READ and DJ NICKNAME. The C.A.M.P. is a funky venue right on top of Old Street tube station, and despite a quiet start it was great to see some real heads in the place as the night progressed.
I wanna say some shouts to STICKERED STEVE, BEATTROOPER, MR THING, JOHNNY CUBA, OLLIE TEEBA, BEN MATFIELD, DAN DELTA, JAY KICKMOUTH and of course DJ FORMAT for making an appearance. Good to see you all fellas. This was the first instalment of what plans to be a must-not-miss night out in East London over the coming months. If you're a hip hopper then this is the place you need to be checking out, as the crew take a journey through the history of rap music all the way from '79 to present day. Forthcoming DJs include MR THING, HARRY LOVE, ANDY SMITH, DJ VADIM, MATMAN & DAREDEVIL, DJ POGO, DJ FOOD, DJ WOODY, DJ IQ and more to be announced. And holy smoke!!! DJ FORMAT's 45s set last night was in one word - unforgettable! Over the years I have witnessed many of the world's most proficient DJs throw down on the wheels of steel, and there are several DJ sets that are ingrained in my memory forever (see below).
When you see something special it makes up for all those boring sets and sub-standard DJs that you waited hours for at other venues on other nights.From the moment I saw the tracklist for FORMAT's set I knew this was gonna be one to remember. Firstly, I was astonished by some of the hip hop 45s he had listed - lots of classics I hadn't even considered may be out there on 45rpm. Secondly, this man has a reputation for being a perfectionist when it comes to both his DJ sets and his own productions, so I was eager to say the least.

"Format is, put simply, a one of a kind DJ and the owner of a record collection that will bring most serious collectors to tears…"

And I wasn't disappointed, FORMAT pulled out the gems and rocked the 45s like I have never witnessed before. Supertight mixing and highly adept scratches kept the whole set in one neat and compact sequence, as he effortlessly rocked the wheels and motivated the crowd. You could hear the "ooh"s and "aah"s as he dropped classic after classic on 45, and FORMAT himself was
blatantly getting as much pleasure out of it as we were. Good to see a DJ who so obviously loves his music and what he does as much as FORMAT - nice work Matt! At one point all the record heads bumrushed the DJ booth simply to clarify that what we could hear was in fact a 7" version of JAZZY JAY "It's a Def Jam" on DEF JAM burgundy label. Damn - where did he find THAT? I don't think any of us could believe what we were seeing/hearing. I hope someone managed to get some quality video footage of this set, as the sound levels on mine are terribly distorted. Even if not, this set will remain in my brain for years. Very inspiring and defintely one to beat for others in the future.
Just check out some of these 45rpm rarities he dropped.....

b-boys-rock the house
boogie down productions-poetry
captain rock-cosmic blast
davy dmx-one for the treble
doug e fresh-the original human beatbox
dr jekyll & mr hyde-fast life
hashim-al naayfish
jazzy jay-def jam
ll cool j-rock the bells
mantronix-needle to the groove
mixmaster gee & the turntable orchestra-the manipulator
mr x & mr z-kick it wicked
pumpkin & profile allstars-king of the beat
roxanne shante-have a nice day
schoolly d-saturday night
stetsasonic-just say stet
t la rock-breakin' bells
tricky tee-johnny the fox
word of mouth-coast to coast

Here's a few flicks taken on the night, if I get any audio to share with you then you will be the first to know. I'm looking forward to the next CLASSIC MATERIAL with music from the late 80s early 90s. It's gonna be a sureshot!

Kid Dyno & Ollie Teeba gettin' down with the goosedown

Kid Dyno, Mr Thing & Beat Detective

Chris Read in action

Beat Detective & Stickered Steve

CLASSIC MATERIAL box set including mix CD, Tee Shirt, artwork, flyers and stickers. To get yours click on the link at the top of this post or pick one up at the next event.

Some of the other memorable DJ sets that I have been lucky enough to witness...

This was memorable for one reason. DJ DAVID was very much an underdog when he appeared at the DMC finals that year, and people were sleeping on the fact that Germany's hip hop scene was just as hardcore as any scene in the US, or UK. So when this European DJ took to the stage at London's Wembley Arena, the 10,000+ strong crowd heckled and booed him just at the lack of creativity in his stagename. Now, if you have never seen or heard of a DJ before, it's always best to check 'em out before passing judgement. Suffice to say DJ DAVID took the whole competition up another level with his advanced set and scratching that stood out as miles better than any other opponent. DAVID killed it, the crowd went wild, the rest is history!

DJ BABU - ROCKERS REVENGE @ The Blue Note Hoxton Square circa 1996
Anyone who knows of DJ BABU (BEAT JUNKIES) will no doubt be aware of his phenomenal routine using doubles of "Blind Alley" by THE EMOTIONS. I personally think the beat juggle he created using that record is the best I have heard to date. No-one has juggled a better routine IMO (please feel free to update me if you think I'm wrong). To see him drop that live at THE BLUE NOTE in Hoxton in the mid-90s was a spine tingling experience to say the least. After seeing it, I thought DJing could get no better than that, and I'm still happy to be convinced otherwise. Shame the performance was marred by a certain DJ PRIME CUTS telling the crowd to "fuck off" as they moved closer and closer to get a glimpse of BABU after the set. Remember who put you there PRIME CUTS!

INVISIBLE SKRATCH PICKLZ vs X-MEN - July 1996 Manhattan Centre New York
The battle that ended all battles. At the time these 2 crews were just hitting the top of their games, and the "friendly" yet frenzied battle that took place at the Manhattan centre that afternoon was the stuff of legend. Even the way the turntables were laid out on stage was done to evoke the battling spirit between the rivals; two banks of decks almost alongside each other so each DJ could face-off and witness every move of their opponents. I'm still to this day trying to work out who officially won that match. Maybe the synchronised stab cuts at the end of the PICKLZ set won it for me, it sure tore the roof off that muthf#cka! DJ ROC RAIDA rest in peace.

Kid Dyno

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Classic Material Mixtape #1

To get you in the party mood for this Saturday's CLASSIC MATERIAL night at THE CAMP, here's the first in a series of mixtapes to celebrate 30 years of rap music recordings. Expertly put together by CHRIS READ, and available to listen to NOW on MIXCLOUD here. Check it out.

...and here's part 2 below.

If you like what you hear, get yourselves down to THE C.A.M.P. in City Road this SATURDAY 16th Oct. DJ FORMAT's 45s set is gonna go down in history trust me!

Kid Dyno

Saturday, 9 October 2010

IBE London 2010

Just a few flicks taken at the SONY ERICSSON B-BOY event at the O2 ISLINGTON ACADEMY this afternoon. The heat was most definitely in the IBE room, so I pity those who stayed in the main room.Big ups to my boys (and DJs for the day) AIDAN LEACY and SKEME RICHARDS RSC. It's always good to hook up with my boys who make noise. Both dudes are keeping the true traditions going no doubt. I hope everyone enjoyed the floor rock like I did. B-boys, b-girls, lockers and poppers were everywhere! ISLINGTON ain't always like that I assure you.
Plus, me being the vinyl addict that I am, I took an hour out to hit FLASHBACK RECORDS which is only 5 mins walk from the venue. And yep I got lucky and scooped some beats on 45 while the circles were still warm. All in all it was a GOOD day!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Classic Material

I gave you a heads up a few weeks ago so there's no excuses to miss the fun in East London next weekend. Next Saturday the 16th October at THE CAMP (City Arts & Music Project) 70-74 City Road London EC1Y 2BJ from 9pm til 4am (nearest tube OLD STREET). Playing nothing but rap records from 1979 to 1987. Myself KID DYNO will be warming up the wheels of steel for none other than DJ FORMAT playing a 45s set, along with super-tight deck action from CHRIS READ & DJ NICKNAME - don't miss out..!!

Crate Invaders All Across The Globe

The photo shows OXYGEN talking records with BEAT DETECTIVE at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ September 2010. OX repping for LONG ISLAND (JVC Force & TOO POETIC) while BD got the Euro/Afro breaks in full effect (ASSAGAI and GUNTHER FISCHER). A CRATE INVADERS crew meeting of minds.

Drum Breaks on 45

Now you all should know by now that I got a real soft spot for drum breaks recorded on the 45rpm format, or as I like to call 'em ... "45s". They're small and neat and they fit in your pocket (well not quite), and so much easier to carry home than LPs or 12"s. Hence sometimes I go out on "45s only" missions simply looking for a crispy nugget on 7" of plastic.
45rpm versions of some records can fetch ridiculously high prices, particularly in the funk and northern soul genres. Plenty of records are out there that are well over the £100 barrier, and I ain't even going there! But, and I'm not sure what other beatheads will say to this, I often find that 45s are actually easier to track down "in the field" than LPs of similar rarity. I'm often surprised by what little gems I can unearth in some of London Town's dusty record shops. My trusty portable record player is a must for 45s, as some can be battered and play terrible. Although I have found battered ones that still sound beautiful. It all depends on what substance they are pressed on. Shellac & styrene = shitty sound quality!

Let's dive into the Dynocrates and pull out some beats....

WARNING: these beats are not your average weak kick & snare affair. Adjust the treble and bass accordingly. And you might wanna hold on to your hat!

JAKE WADE - "Searching For Soul" MUTT RECORDS
WOW! These drums are HARD! In fact I defy you to find a crunchy drum loop that slaps your eardrums quite like this one. Perfect for sampling into your MPC/SP and chopping, or just left as a straight loop. Either way it's dope and if it ain't broke don't try and fix it I always say! I forget right now which mix features JAKE WADE but I'm sure someone will remind us. The record features part 1 on the A-side and part 2 on the flipside, with the added luxury of a breakdown on both. Can't say fairer than that.
I must be honest this record is not so easy to track down, and cost me more than I usually like to pay for any record. But I hit the spots hard and I know when I ain't gonna stumble upon a particular record in the bargain bin. Get real Dyno - open your wallet! (thanks to DJ Skye for hooking me up with this copy)

RIPPLE - "Willie Pass The Water" GRC RECORDS 1973
Now I'm a big RIPPLE fan so it's more than likely that I would buy ANY record by the group whilst I'm on a mission. For example "A Funky Song" is an absolute scorcher of a tune, and superb for dropping at a b-boy throwdown. But today I'm gonna drop another RIPPLE 45 on GRC Records from 1973. This was an absolute steal at only a couple of pounds, and I've seen several copies since then and I regret not picking them up too.
The staccato drums on this are very "Zulu" and hence this is another dope track to play for a b-boy cypher. The wah wah guitars add to the flavour throughout, and the lyrics depict a day of working hard in the sunshine without the chance to quench with water - now that sounds like one of my record missions.

Another record I have seen a few copies of lately. And they always seem to be minty fresh so I reckon some scrupulous digger has unearthed a box of these little babies somewhere. If you know any more details please get in touch and let me know.
I know nothing about BENNY SHARP or his SHARPIES so I am all up for being educated on this record. The only thing I noted was that it was produced by OLIVER SAIN, and I know there are some dope SAIN records out there. Needless to say I copped this and wasn't disappointed by any means. In fact I bought 2 copies on the same day and unfortunately and accidentaly snapped one of them in two after a hectic doubles session.
The drums are most definitely ripe on this baby, and when looped up make for some real headnod material (try it for yourself). The moody horns in the intro set the scene for BENNY to do his thing, and as he tells us "I been singing this song a long long time, trying to get the message to you!"

45s all the way YO!

Kid Dyno