Saturday 31 March 2012

What's In A Name?

The name DAILY DIGGERS should be self explanatory - let's just say we dig a LOT. The title itself was given to myself and (my partner in beats) BEAT DETECTIVE in the late 90s early 00s after a friend played us a superb 45rpm single "I Can Dig It" by THE DALEY DIGGERS on MARMADUKE RECORDS. Not only did we all nod our heads unforgivingly for two and half minutes to this groovy track, but all three of us were also struck by how apt the name was to describe our own favourite pastime. Hence we switched a few vowels here and there and the name was born.
Now please remember this was back before the internet was alive and overflowing with rare records and warehouse finds, so the only way we could get our fix of vinyl goodness was to hit the road as many times a week as we possibly could taking in all record shops, charity shops, boot sales, antique markets and record fairs that we came across all over the South East of England (and sometimes further afield if time would allow). Any spare moment was a record buying opportunity and I remember BEAT DETECTIVE would call me up on his mobile out of the blue and all excited from whichever charity shop he had just plundered (BEAT DETECTIVE if you are reading this do ya remember the 25p RENEE COSTY LP you found with "scrabble" on it?) It even got to the point where we were crossing places off the map that we had already visited and pillaged Unfortunately the combination of the demise of the humble record shop several years later and the fact that we were getting older and much busier with our lives meant that what was a daily operation was soon becoming less frequent. And as soon as I realised that I could track down dope records on the internet I was all over it like a rash I must be honest (and I'm sure any music addict would whole heartedly agree). But, and it's a big BUT, I still don't get the same kick out buying online like I do buying "in the flesh". No amount of pressing buttons, searching websites, and Paypal bashing could ever replace the thrill of a real dig. The musty smell of old cardboard sleeves and the compulsive obsessive nature of record shop owners will always be the draw for me. The thought of a nugget hiding in some dusty shop corner simply waiting for the right collector with the right knowledge to say "hey what's this?". The long journeys across town and counties in search of some new record spot with fresh bounty. The journey home with a clutch of wax and the anticipation of what you may have in your stash. And even the disappointment of a long journey that bares no fruit. It's all part of the fun. And it's fun that no computer can ever replicate.
So the moral of my little story is this - you can buy records online all day to your hearts content and cop some rare ish in the process. But if you want some real fun, take that encyclopedia of musical knowledge that is your head, grab a portable and head out into your neighbouring area in search of likely targets. Remember it's a numbers game and the harder you search the more you will find.

It goes without saying that I went all out across London town this week in the beautiful sunshine in search of the perfect beat. And yep I found a few bargain records like I always do, have a look at the photo below. All these for less than fifty quid, and yes that is an OG INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND LP and a promo DEF JAM 45 of "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos". Switch off your computer and get out there!

DAILY DIGGERS - always dusty never rusty

Monday 26 March 2012

One Two One Two

Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for a DAILY DIGGERS and VINYL VETERANS beat project which is scheduled to drop on vinyl later this year. It's all a bit hush hush for the moment but the tracks are already completed and I will announce all as soon as the release is finalised. For the time being, here's a vintage DAILY DIGGERS beat from the shoe box full of disks to keep your head nodding until I can give you more news. Stay tuned!

The Flock

You know Spring is here when the sun is shining and the Geese fly south in search of warmer climates. Although in this case my flock of Geese are back into storage until next winter. A part of me kinda hopes we have a few cold days in between.

Sunday 25 March 2012

P&O Spaghetti Loops

My good friends DJ PRECISE and DJ OLSON are always deep in the crates searching for the next funky nugget to loop, chop or simply cut up over. Both of these dudes are former members of THE PLAIGAWRISTS turntable crew who competed in the DMC Team Championships in the late 90s, back when records were the choice format so they know how to manipulate a turntable and drop an unsuspecting bomb on you. Although these days you are more likely to find them in the studio working on cinematic beats or tinkering with vintage sound equipment, but digging for drum beats is still a hard habit to break. Here's volume 3 of their P&O Nuggets & Gems mix series ... "Spaghetti Loops" which is, as the name suggest, a selection of tasty loops and dirty grooves with a light dusting of cuts, scratches and the odd acapella thrown into the mix here and there. Pull up a chair, turn up the bass level, roll back your sleeves and get stuck in...

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Gensu Dean & Extra P

At last an official video for this track by my "Gone Diggin'" homey and beatmaker extraordinaire GENSU DEAN. Oh and you may have heard of the MC on this joint, some dude called LARGE PROFESSOR. Pedigree cats right here, soak up the vibe and enjoy! This sends a chill down my spine when I watch it.

Soundsci Live

Here's a date for your diary - Thursday 5th April sees a very special VINYL VETERANS event. SOUNDSCI will be performing material from their debut LP plus tracks from their "Dig For Victory" EP at the Black Dove in Brighton on the UK's south coast. Former MASS INFLUENCE member and now SOUNDSCI emcee AUDESSEY is making the transatlantic trip to joint partners JOHNNY CUBA and OLLIE TEEBA for their very first live show right here in the UK. With their incredibly dope (you can quote me on that) LP just about to drop on CRATE ESCAPE RECORDS the trio will be previewing the new tracks to a hungry Brighton crowd. And it's the Thursday night before the bank holiday Friday so what a great start to an extended weekend. And the cost of this event - absolutely free! Just like a dope pusher gives you a free sample to get you hooked, well if you attend this event you will no doubt find yourself fiending for their LP to get yourself another fix of SOUNDSCI dope.

..and here's a little taste of what you can expect. I've already posted this "Illness" video before but both the video and the track are so damn dope I'm gonna drop it again anyway. SOUNDSCI - the science of sound.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

SIR IBU - Underground Legend

My fellow hip hop enthusiast KEVIN BEACHAM has really hit the bullseye dead centre with his latest post over on FIFTH ELEMENT ONLINE. I gotta say his blog and radio shows are some of the finest material available online if you have the urge to brush up on your hip hop knowledge and learn about the real deal rappers from the golden era. This week KEVIN has given some well deserved shine to a Brooklyn MC who rarely gets discussed in hip hop circles, even though many serious hip hop fans know the deal with his records and consider them classics. The MC in question here is SIR IBU from DIVINE FORCE who most notably dropped "Holy War (Live)" on YAMAK-KA RECORDS back in 1987. Slightly harder to find was SIR IBU's solo release a couple of years later "IBU Gets Lyrical" b/w "The Peacemaker", but both records are incredible production and both as raw as sushi. Check out KEVIN's superb review HERE.

Saturday 17 March 2012

Another 45mins of 45s

Here's another 45 minutes of funky 45s to enjoy on a lazy Sunday. Although I warn you in advance I have included a real mixture of breaks, samples, funk floor fillers, and even the odd disco joint and northern soul beat. It may be an eclectic selection but it is guaranteed to perk you up and put some pep in your step for the day.

Dumpin' Em All

BUMPY KNUCKS is one MC that deserves an award for his long standing contribution to hip hop music. Whether in his previous guise as FREDDIE FOXXX or as one member of SUPREME FORCE, you cannot deny BUMPY packs a punch with his lyrics. My favourite tracks tend to be those produced by PREMO, but this NU-MARK produced smasher has really grown on me already. Plus there's a great blaxploitation video to accompany the track. Peep this....and watch carefully.

Friday 16 March 2012

Buy Records Make Beats

MR BROWN in conjunction with DEPHECT have just dropped this video encouraging you all to get out there, buy records and make beats with what you find.

Buy Records. from Dephect on Vimeo.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Slice Of Format

SLICE-OF-SPICE are planning to release some exclusive 10" releases from DJ FORMAT's new "Statement of Intent" LP including instrumentals of the excellent "Terror" and "Spaceship Earth" joints. But the one I'm real excited about is the beatbox version of "Remember" which will blow your socks off when you hear it. Once again my fellow VINYL VETERAN member MR KRUM has excelled all standards with his double A side cover art for the 10" release. Take a peep below and then get yourself over to the SLICE-OF-SPICE website to sign up for updates on this co-ordinated project with PROJECT BLUE BOOK RECORDS and DJ FORMAT.

Vinyl Veterans

Thanks to KAREN "INCH HIGH" for this photo of MAC MCRAW, myself and the ever elusive BEAT DETECTIVE at the recent DJ FORMAT show at the JAZZ CAFE in Camden Town.

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Return of the Funkyman

Unless you have been living on the moon or hibernating over the winter you will have no doubt seen or heard about the welcome return of the original funkyman LORD FINESSE back on wax with some more of his legendary production and inimitable rhyme skills. Ever since the good folks at VINYL ADDICTS put out on vinyl FINESSE's demo material several years ago, fans of the Bronx legend have been foaming at the mouth waiting for more unreleased FINESSE gems from the archive to drop on the much preferred wax format.
RICHARD from SLICE-OF-SPICE RECORDS is the man responsible for making this happen and he has announced a series of forthcoming projects with LORD FINESSE including different mixes and remixes of known tracks as well as instrumentals and exclusive joints. RICHARD is an ex-pat Brit currently residing with his family in New York, and he has carried with him over the Atlantic his deep love for hip hop and put it to very good use in the home of hip hop itself. I met RICHARD many years ago through his NODFACTOR RECORDS venture when he was still living in London, in fact he was the one who blessed me with my OG promo copy of DIAMOND D's "Stunts Blunts & Hip Hop" LP (thanks Rich I never forget where it came from). SLICE-OF-SPICE RECORDS have already dropped vinyl projects from GRAP LUVA, DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK, LL COOL J, K-DEF, PAUL NICE and THE DIABOLICAL BIZ so with FINESSE added to the roster you know SLICE-OF-SPICE are only getting hotter this year! And it ain't even summer yet. Also DJ FORMAT is soon to be added to that artist roster - so if you snooze then you definitely lose.
Peep SLICE-OF-SPICE website right HERE.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Dope! D-Dope Dope Dope

KENNY DOPE has just dropped a killer 45 mix - check it out this is one for both the funk fans and you rap cats!
Kenny Dope Friday Hip Hop & Funk 45's Mix March 2012 by Kenny Dope

Friday 9 March 2012

World Piece Book

Practice makes perfect.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Mo Rock & Insane Macbeth

While we are on the topic of UK hip hop producers, check out this photo of London legends MO ROCK and INSANE MACBETH - two men who between them were responsible for several gritty underground London beats in the late 80s and early 90s. But this is no vintage photo, it was actually taken just this week at the mastering of BODY SNATCHERS "Genocide" 12" at BLUE PRO AUDIO studio. Great to know both of these characters are still involved in producing and releasing hip hop records in the twenty dozen: MO is holding INSANE's recent KINETIC EFFECT 10" release, and INSANE has a copy of the "COARSE SELECTORS" EP by FRESH SKI & MO ROCK which dropped on the DWG label a year or so ago. UK history is deep when it comes to hip hop music, so if you are not from these shores and want to know more then you should get your Google on, look up these two dudes individually and check out their pedigree.

DJ Format Album Launch

From what I have heard DJ FORMAT and SIMONSOUND tore the roof off the muthaf#cker at THE CONCORDE in Brighton at last Friday's album launch for "Satement of Intent". When was the last time you heard someone rocking the vocoder live on stage and producing synchronised audio and visuals throughout the night? Mature B-boy DJ FORMAT certainly has come of age in respect of both his music and his physical presence on stage.
Those who missed the Brighton gig can catch more of the same this Friday at the JAZZ CAFE in Camden Town, show begins early at 7PM so get there early to avoid disappointment. Myself and BEAT DETECTIVE shall be there along with our VINYL VETERANS crew members and of course the other heads that are likely to turn up.
Plus you can read the second part of DJ FORMAT's interview on DIGGERS WITH GRATITUDE (peep it here) as he and SURESHOT LA ROCK discuss the making of "Statement of Intent" album track by track. And here's some trivia for you - the lyrics to the track "A QUICK EGO TRIP" on the album was originally penned by SURESHOT over a vintage DAILY DIGGERS beat that he spotted on our Myspace page some years back. FORMAT loved the lyrics, flipped a new beat for the track and after polishing until bright the slamming joint "A Quick Ego Trip" was born - thanks for the credit fellas!

Friday 2 March 2012

Break DJ Leacy Cuttin' It Up

A lot of people I've met over the years ask me what the late great BREAK DJ LEACY was like both as a person, and whilst on the wheels of steel. Well to sum it up in a nutshell, as a friend he was an constant joker, leg puller and a real inspiring character who could always leave a smile on your face. But when it came to beats he took his art seriously. Anyone who saw or heard him spin was left with a musical impression on their mind for a very long time. From the earliest days of our friendship circa 1990 I remember even way back then he would carry a list of break records he was looking for hand written on a piece of white paper, with the apt title of "Looking for the Perfect Beat" scrawled at the top in Jim's inimitable handstyle.
And as for his skills on the 1s and 2s .... well here's BREAK DJ LEACY live on the wheels of steel from back in 2003 at THE MIGHTY FOUR jam. KEN SWIFT on the mic.

Thursday 1 March 2012

Funky Drummer Gets Funkier

Check out how FRESH KILS chops up and re-creates the legendary "funky drummer" breakbeat. I never thought this iconic drum break could get any funkier, but it seems I was mistaken. I guarantee you will watch this more than once!