Saturday 31 March 2012

What's In A Name?

The name DAILY DIGGERS should be self explanatory - let's just say we dig a LOT. The title itself was given to myself and (my partner in beats) BEAT DETECTIVE in the late 90s early 00s after a friend played us a superb 45rpm single "I Can Dig It" by THE DALEY DIGGERS on MARMADUKE RECORDS. Not only did we all nod our heads unforgivingly for two and half minutes to this groovy track, but all three of us were also struck by how apt the name was to describe our own favourite pastime. Hence we switched a few vowels here and there and the name was born.
Now please remember this was back before the internet was alive and overflowing with rare records and warehouse finds, so the only way we could get our fix of vinyl goodness was to hit the road as many times a week as we possibly could taking in all record shops, charity shops, boot sales, antique markets and record fairs that we came across all over the South East of England (and sometimes further afield if time would allow). Any spare moment was a record buying opportunity and I remember BEAT DETECTIVE would call me up on his mobile out of the blue and all excited from whichever charity shop he had just plundered (BEAT DETECTIVE if you are reading this do ya remember the 25p RENEE COSTY LP you found with "scrabble" on it?) It even got to the point where we were crossing places off the map that we had already visited and pillaged Unfortunately the combination of the demise of the humble record shop several years later and the fact that we were getting older and much busier with our lives meant that what was a daily operation was soon becoming less frequent. And as soon as I realised that I could track down dope records on the internet I was all over it like a rash I must be honest (and I'm sure any music addict would whole heartedly agree). But, and it's a big BUT, I still don't get the same kick out buying online like I do buying "in the flesh". No amount of pressing buttons, searching websites, and Paypal bashing could ever replace the thrill of a real dig. The musty smell of old cardboard sleeves and the compulsive obsessive nature of record shop owners will always be the draw for me. The thought of a nugget hiding in some dusty shop corner simply waiting for the right collector with the right knowledge to say "hey what's this?". The long journeys across town and counties in search of some new record spot with fresh bounty. The journey home with a clutch of wax and the anticipation of what you may have in your stash. And even the disappointment of a long journey that bares no fruit. It's all part of the fun. And it's fun that no computer can ever replicate.
So the moral of my little story is this - you can buy records online all day to your hearts content and cop some rare ish in the process. But if you want some real fun, take that encyclopedia of musical knowledge that is your head, grab a portable and head out into your neighbouring area in search of likely targets. Remember it's a numbers game and the harder you search the more you will find.

It goes without saying that I went all out across London town this week in the beautiful sunshine in search of the perfect beat. And yep I found a few bargain records like I always do, have a look at the photo below. All these for less than fifty quid, and yes that is an OG INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND LP and a promo DEF JAM 45 of "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos". Switch off your computer and get out there!

DAILY DIGGERS - always dusty never rusty

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