Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Goose Fever

The winter may be almost over but I'm not taking any chances - strictly big jackets and warm hats are the attire of the moment. And just in case planet earth does completely freeze over in an unexpected ice age, I thought I had better cop this vintage GOOSE COUNTRY leather jacket in pristine condition (yes, another one!). I got this for an absolute bargain price on ebay so to all those sleeping on these original superdope jackets this winter - you'd better hope it's a good summer!

Monday, 27 February 2012

CC vs F5 again!

What do you make of this...? COLDCRUSH BROTHERS versus the FANTASTIC FIVE in 2012? I need to find out more...

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Breaks on 45

If you're a regular visitor to DAILY DIGGERS then you will no doubt know that I'm an absolute fiend for a crispy beat that revolves at 45 revolutions per minute. "Little" records always seem to be that much sweeter to find out in the digging field, although the condition of 45s can be anything from unplayed to completely battered; the latter being the more frequent. Hence I always try not to get too hyped up about finding a 7" record out on a mission until I've checked the playing condition. Record collectors - PLEASE take more care of your 45s! The sight of a pile of 45s without any sleeves protecting them whatsoever makes my skin crawl ad infinitum. That's where the portable turntable is worth it's weight in gold.
Hence I have unearthed a lotta dope 45s over the years but not bought them due to the state of the playing surface. If it means I have to wait and find three or four copies until I am satisfied then so be it. I know some people are happy with 45s as long as they don't jump or skip, but I don't want it to sound like someone's frying an egg in the background. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of dust and static as it adds to the vintage music listening experience, but cue burn and crackles are a big NO in my book. As usual I have been hunting 'em down lately both around London town's record spots, and while trawling the usual internet sites for a bargain. Here's just a few of 45s I have copped lately with a crispy break of one kind or another...

Now I never expected to find this record while on a physical dig. I always expected that I would have to secure one of these little beauties on the internet whilst waving a large amount of cash in the air! But one weekend last year I got lucky at Olympia Record Fair in West London and found a copy just before I was going to leave the fair. Picture this, an undercover fair the size of a football pitch and covered with nothing but record and CD stalls plus the usual music paraphernalia. I had already been there rummaging through the various stalls for over 5 hours and had a bag full of quality stuff, but nothing amazing. As the digging headache set in and my fellow beatdiggers were ready to call it a day, I stumbled into a stall run by an American couple and they had some great little boxes of funk 45s. While checking these out the stall holder offered a box of rarer items for my perusal, and this is where I discovered this BOBBY DAY joint. So why was I so damned eager to find this 45?? Just take a listen to the drum intro and this will answer your question.
This copy actually came from the man himself BOBBY DAY - the last of his remaining personal stash. This is one record that fetches mad loot on the web. And a quick shout out to SOUL SAFARI - the fact that you have this little gem made we want one more!

Now everyone will recognise the drum sample on this one even if the name COALKITCHEN means nothing to them. In fact people who have very little or no knowledge of hip hop or the breaks will still possibly recognise this catchy little break. Although I am not a fan of the "obvious" sampling use of this record, but I have a couple of old school tapes where this beat is doubled up for the emcees and that is what made me want it. Those cheeky horns that follow the drum intro are insane too (I think on the old school tape the DJ cuts this up including the horn part). I have been searching for the hard to find COALKITCHEN LP with this track on it but I have only ever seen one in a record shop and it was ridiculously priced. At the time I wasn't even aware of a pressing on 45rpm, which I would rather own anyway. And this copy right here is almost unplayed - just how I like them!

I forget when and where I bought this record, or where I heard about it first. In fact it may have been one of those off-the-cuff blind purchases so it wouldn't have cost me more than a couple of quid. I have often spotted ROBERT PARKER 45s in the funk crates whilst out shopping, and as far as I know there is a nice LP by him entitled "Barefootin'" on NOLA RECORDS but I have yet to see one. The same track is on both sides with a mono version and stereo version on the flip. In this instance the mono version is much louder and the drums sound fatter in the mix. It's more of a funky loop than an all out drum break, but it's laid back and so funky like a tramps footwear. Check out the soundclip and if you like what you hear there are several cheap copies of this 45 on DISCOGS at present.

BUARI- "Karam Bani" RCA RECORDS 1975
Now this is some serious afro funk from BUARI, a singer, dancer, percussionist and composer from Ghana. I can tell you very little about this man and his music, other than that this track "Karam Bani" was most notably used by CHIEF GROOVY LOO & THE CHOSEN TRIBE on their 1992 release "I Love New York" which happens to be one of my favourite 12" releases from that year. They only sampled the first half a bar or so - me personally I would have flipped the whole beat. If you know of any other hip hop tracks that sample this record please drop me a line and let me know.

I have this track on LARRY CORRYEL's self titled album from 1969, but again this another instance where I didn't realise there was a 45rpm version out there, admittedly this time it's only on a French pressing and it is hidden away as the b-side to "Sex". This joint is an absolute killer from start to finish as CORRYEL goes off on a mad jam session with some superb drums throughout. The little riff changes are suggestive and ever changing throughout whilst the drums continue to shuffle throughout whilst sometimes increasing in volume to emphasise the manic mood of this track. The legendary and hugely diabolical BIZ MARKIE flipped this CORRYEL joint on his "I Need a Haircut" LP, more specifically the track entitled "On and On". Dope shit!

Keep digging for those 45s!

Kid Dyno

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bankrupt Europeans

BANKRUPT EUROPEANS - what a very apt name for a crew at this financial time, so what better reason to lend your support to this next 12" vinyl project which features Mr Golden Era himself, PHILL MOST CHILL on vocal duties.
From what I understand this release has been "in the making" for quite a while but due to the usual stick in the spokes of the music biz it has been delayed somewhat. But credit where it is due DJ SNAFU and FRASER SYME have pulled out all the stops to ensure the vinyl materialised and it is now available for you to scoop with the quickness.
PHILL MOST CHILL is certainly a in demand emcee right about now (and with good reason) as he appears on the current and soon to be classic DJ FORMAT LP. He is also one half of the FABREEZE BROTHERS duo with PAUL NICE dropping a 12" this month, and I know of a few other projects he features on but cannot unveil at the moment.
The FAST RAP EP features 4 tracks with BANKRUPT EUROPEANS on production, and has the essential instrumental versions on the flip. Check out the soundclips above for snippets of just two of the four tracks on the vinyl. The cost is £12 each and can be purchased by contacting DJ SNAFU at bankrupteuropeans@hotmail.com.
1st class Signed For: £3.50
For each additional record please add 75p
Standard: £4.25 for first record, £1 for each additional record.
For international signed for delivery add £4.95 to total.
Canada / USA / Japan / Australia :
Standard: £6.75 for first record, £2 for each additional.
For international signed for delivery add £4.95 to total.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Breaking the Divide - South Bronx to Tokyo

Directors cut of a short film for Red Bull tracing the birth of international Hip Hop through the eyes of the cult 1983 film "Wild Style". Featuring the original cast from Wild Style: Fab 5 Freddy, Busy Bee, Rodney Cee and Wild Style's director Charlie Ahearn.

Anjuna Bijoux

Daily Diggers Radio

Here's a bumper 90 minute session of beats, breaks and boom bap classics to start your weekend off right. You should know the format by now - all original vinyl and no sleazy mp3 joints thrown in the mix. Enjoy.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

DWG x TDS x Jorun Bombay

Take one legendary underground BOSTON crew from the golden era, mix with a little JORUN BOMBAY beat action and then simmer in the DIGGERS WITH GRATITUDE oven for several hours and this is what you can expect.....

DWG once again bringing some serious beats for the vinyl addicted, and as I have said numerous times lately JORUN BOMBAY can do nothing wrong right about now. Remember the name - you will definitely see more from him soon! Big shout to the DWG crew - the TDS MOB remix project is soon about to drop on plastic (including this banger from JORUN).

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fifth Element interviews Vandy C

Some of my long term readers will be aware of my quest a few years back to find out more about a certain radio personality and hip hop producer by the name of VANDY C. Now all you hardcore hip hoppers who know your history won't need any introduction to VANDY C's work because back in the 1980s he was a busy man who at one time or another held it down as a DJ, Producer, Radio Show Host, Show Promoter, as well as an Indie Label Executive. And hence the name of his long running radio show GET BUSY OR GET LOST which aired on 91.5FM.
At the time I began my quest I could not understand why this man was not receiving more props from the hip hop community, and why there was zero information online about him. Suffice to say that this man also regularly worked behind the desk alongside the late great PAUL C McKASTY in the late 80s, so I'm sure you understand what level he was on from a production point of view. And for me personally records like the FREAK L joints on URBAN ROCK RECORDS, "Jus Feel It" by VANDY C himself with BILL BLAST, and TRAY BAG MC's "At A Jam" are some of my absolute favourite records from that era. VANDY was responsible for all of these.

PHOTO: TRUE PATRICK, RUN, JAY, BILL BLAST and VANDY C during the filming of KRUSH GROOVE. Shortly after my post in June 2009, I received a message from VANDY's daughter thanking me for my post and pointing me in the right direction where I could contact her father and updating me on his current role as PASTOR Vandy Colter. It seems he is still rocking crowds with a microphone and the skills he learned through his years in hip hop were still relevant for him today. With his daughter's help I was lucky enough to contact VANDY himself and found him to be an interesting and exuberant character who was more than willing to share some stories. The few things he told me at the time were like nuggets of gold info-wise, and I was keen to interview VANDY at some point to put an end to the lack of biography about him on the web.
This week I am very happy to tell you that despite my interview with VANDY C not reaching fruition, I am pleased to find out that that hard working dude KEVIN BEACHAM from FIFTH ELEMENT ONLINE has just conducted a full length video interview with VANDY C and it is live on the web for all to see as I write this. I must admit KEVIN has done a much better job of the interview than I could ever have done, but that's to be expected from KEVIN he truly is a positive force within the hip hop community.

So ... CLASS IS NOW IN SESSION! You NEED to sit back relax and pay attention to what this man has to say as he is an unsung hero of hip hop who was deejaying before the days of Grandmaster Flash and left his mark on the culture in his own inimitable way. Check out the full length interview including bonus footage over at FIFTH ELEMENT ONLINE. Massive respect and props go out to KEVIN BEACHAM, VANDY C, VANDY's daughter, BILL BLAST, TRAY BAG MC and FREAK L.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Stay Fresh with DJ Clark Kent

DJ CLARK KENT has to be the biggest Nike Air Force One collector out there. But for him (and myself) it ain't about how many pairs you got. Or even how limited those pairs are. It's all about having fresh colours on your feet ... and most importantly colours that stay FRESH! Here's a few sneaker tips from the man himself. So if you are fed up of the toe box creasing on your crispy AF1s then you need to listen up Duke!


Rapmania Concert New 1 by kikachannel

Friday, 17 February 2012

DJ FORMAT's Statement of Intent

To celebrate the release of his STATEMENT OF INTENT album DJ FORMAT will be presenting an audio visual show on Friday 2nd March at the CONCORDE2 in BRIGHTON, to be followed by various shows across the country. My fellow VINYL VETERAN DJ FORMAT will be rocking cuts from his new LP along with THE SIMONSOUND and support on the wheels of steel from MAC MCRAW (VINYL VETERANS) and TOM YUM & NOMARK. I believe there is a JAZZ CAFE gig in LONDON soon to be announced so be prepared to grab your ticket quickly as they always sell out fast for this intimate little venue right in the centre of Camden Town. Hope to see you there.

K9 Rawthentizm

K9 killing it over a PETE ROCK beat! Thanks to BIG TED for the heads up on this one.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Knuckle Up

Here's some footage of the b-boys at KNUCKLE UP battle in Tucson Arizona last month. Watch out for some great floor action from GRAVITY and the other DYNAMIC ROCKERS. The funky sounds courtesy of DJs BLES ONE, LINGOS and LEAN ROCK.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Walk Thru Hell

One hip hop record that I have always wanted to own is "Walk Thru Hell" by MADMAN SHAWN which appeared on the "EAST COMING THRU" 12" EP on EAST NEW YORK RECORDS. I remember hearing this serious headnodder on a few (but not many) US radio shows, although it never seemed to get the hype that it deserved amongst my peers. The title alone was enough to make me wanna buy it, but from the moment I heard MADMAN SHAWN was spitting over IKE TURNER's "Cussin' Cryin' & Carryin' On" drum break I made it my mission to find this release. It wasn't until a few years later that I finally saw a copy and that unfortunately was being auctioned on eBay and made a crazy amount of dollars! And more than I could afford. It was at that moment I realised I wasn't the only one who had been searching for this dope little indie joint from 94, and I knew it wasn't an easy pick up either cuz I hadn't seen even one copy in any record shops during ten years of looking. Come to think of it, I don't even know a person who does have a copy! So when I spotted that ROOTS FORWARD RECORDS have decided to re-release this banger on a 45rpm seven inch format, and with the blessing and involvement of MADMAN SHAWN himself. Suffice to say I was a happy man despite the fact that I am normally a fiend for the ORIGINAL release - sometimes you gotta accept that you are just not gonna find an OG copy however much searching you do. So at the measly price of fifteen bucks I will be scooping up one of these little gems with the quickness. May I also suggest you do the same in order to prevent weeping once they're all gone. Have a listen below and tell me this ain't a stomper.... Get yourself over to www.rootsforward.com to secure your copy - orders begin tomorrow Monday 13th February. Price is $15 for black and red vinyl copies or a signed test press for $30 if you feel that way inclined.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Cash Money & Marv

Some good news for the twenty dozen is that DJ legend DJ CASH MONEY has once again teamed up with MC MARVELOUS and the duo are re-forming, recording new material and planning to perform once again. The dope duo from Philly certainly took the hip hop world by storm as CASH won the 1988 DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS and then released an album of classic material showcasing CASH MONEY's eloquent turntable skills. Anyone who has witnessed CASH MONEY rock a pair of TECHNICS turntables and a mixer knows he is no joke on the 1s and 2s, and that he has never turned his back on hip hop since their album release back in the 1980s (and has been active in the community solidly ever since). And remember, MARV was no slouch on the microphone either so expect some hotness very soon from these mighty hard rockers from Philadelphia.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Uptown Saturday Nite

Those of you in the east of England can enjoy some serious sounds this Saturday evening at THE SWAN in IPSWICH. PALMA STALLINGS is running thangs for the night along with ALEX WILLIAMS and GOGGS also on deck duties. You can expect some heavy rare groove, funk, jazz, latin and hip hop beats at the first installment of UPTOWN SATURDAY NITE.

The Get Down Part

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Here Comes the Meter Man...

Proper Hip Hop

Here's a little mix from my homeboy DJ JU-E featuring some underground mid 80s hip hop joints. Press play and get yourself your daily dose of proper Hip Hop. Big shout to JU-E for dropping some gems on 'em. Also a nod to DJ JUST ONE, DJ TAGS, CHROME , ILL BILL and the NORWICH crew.