Friday 28 August 2009

Breaks For Days Radio

ooooOOOWWWEEEEeeee! It's BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO time again - another hour of essential beats & breaks to help you
relax with pep over the weekend! By now I hope you know what to expect - no weak or wack shit, just 100% crispy dope biscuits from the DAILY DIGGERS crates. Get your DL swerve on below...
I'm gonna find time for a diggin' mission this weekend, as always I'm fiending for some new records. Although I must admit I have enough beats right here to keep me busy right now. But it's about time to start the new DAILY DIGGERS mix CD ... so I will be searching for some fresh but obscure beats to add to the pot - stay tuned for more details.



Kid Dyno

Tuesday 25 August 2009

New York Subway Graffiti - Tod Lange

As a hip hop kid living through the 1980's and 90's, I was (and still am) addicted to each of the 4 elements of hip hop culture. I remember early records released by artists like Grandmaster Flash and Sugarhill Gang hitting the UK charts in the early 80s, but it wasn't until a couple of years later that I realised that Hip Hop was much more than just the music.
I can't recall the exact moment, but the breakin' scene was the first hip hop element that beckoned me, then followed by my sheer amazement at seeing a deejay scratch up doubles of a record. At that time I changed from wanting to be a b-boy, to wanting to be a deejay. But anyone into Hip Hop at that time, tried their hand at all elements in order to see where their talents lay.
And of course the same applied to me, although my dancing was limited to locking and popping, and my can control was terrible at first. So I guess a deejay was the natural course for me to take, but I never fell out of love with the other forms of expression.
Graffiti has always deeply affected me - whenever I see some I find myself transfixed until I can read it and absorb the style and colours. And I can stand and look for hours.
As a kid, I had to endure maybe 20 years of enjoying graffiti with only four points of reference - the 2 films "Style Wars" and "Elevated Stations", and the 2 books "Subway Art" and "Spraycan Art". Other than that I had to hunt down the burners and take my own photos. But luckily, in the last few years, there has been an explosion of quality Graffiti books on the market documenting both the birth of graffiti, and it's different writers. The SUBWAY ART 25th ANNIVERSARY edition is an excellent example, updating the old book by HENRY CHALFANT (mine is well thumbed) with coffee table size hardback editions, pull-out photos, and additional never before seen photos of 80s NY transit. Other great books include ...


I find myself addicted to buying these books, and spending hours submerged in vivid colours and dope styles. One such release that I have been looking forward to has just landed on my doorstep, hence the reason for this post - NY SUBWAY GRAFFITI by Tod Lange. There's some never seen before NY TRANSIT action, so check it out in your local bookshop or online.

Kid Dyno

B-Boy Action: Battle of the Year

Thursday 20 August 2009

Just Rockin' A Beat

There's nothing I like more than to flip a home made beat and rock some cuts & scratches - that's pure enjoyment! Hip Hop keeps me out of trouble for sure ;o)

"Ah shit beat"

Kid Dyno

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Aug 22nd @ DRAGON BAR Shoreditch

If you're in London Town on Saturday 22nd August, myself and DANNY DELTA will be spinning b-boy funk and Hip Hop beats at HEADSHELL at the DRAGONBAR in SHOREDITCH EAST LONDON from 9pm until the early hours. I hope to see you homeboys and flygirls there. Consider it a warm up for the big carnival next weekend.

Here are directions to the DRAGON BAR

Kid Dyno

Sunday 16 August 2009

Guest Mix courtesy of FISH

Here's a guest mix courtesy of FISH, entitled MARCH OF THE PESCATONS.
Originally put together as a promotional CD for a club night, but as I've been playing this regularly, I thought it's time to share.
FISH is a beatmaker, graffiti fiend and record head from Manchester in the UK, and as you may already know a regular here at BREAKS FOR DAYS. As you might guess he knows his onions! Here he has squeezed as much hip hop and funk goodness into half an hour as is humanly possible. I hope you are prepared for this.

FISH - March Of The Pescatons

Kid Dyno

Saturday 15 August 2009

Summer Diggin'

There's a very good reason for the lack of recent posts. Despite the rain during the last few weeks in July, the weather has improved for August and so it was time to cram in some diggin' missions before the summer faded away for another year. But I gotta be completely honest, I'm having to work much harder and hit even more record spots these days to quench my thirst for beats. More often than not, I find myself making a mad dash across the city to reach as many places in one day as humanly possible. And if I have no joy at one location, then I save my cash and head for another spot.
Persistence always overcomes resistance, so suffice to say my hard work has been generously rewarded ... so let's share a few of my finds over the last two weeks...

If you want heavy drum breaks then this record will rock and shock your mind! The last song on side B is an absolute KILLER version of BOBBY GENTRY's 1967 song "Ode to Billy Joe" as recorded live by trumpeter HARRY EDISON in 1973 in Los Angeles. However this European pressing of the live performance did not arise until 1980, and despite searching I have yet to find or identify a US pressing.
Anyway, let's get down to the crunch - have you ever heard a drum break that lasted over a minute and a half long? I thought not. And don't be fooled by the dope drum break at the introduction, that is only a taster of what is to come later on in the track.
Now normally I would not share a relatively unknown break with y'all without first dropping it here and there first and keeping it exclusive. But hey I'm feeling generous right now, and plus I already got my two copies so you got some catching up to do first LOL. Although many break heads do like to keep shit like this on the downlow, we here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ like to spread a little break knowledge for the real beat fanatics. And as for our reward? Well I'm just happy to see good music go global yaknowhatimsaying? Yo peep this and remember WHERE you heard it first!!
HARRY EDISON - "Ode to Billy Joe"

Now it has taken me a few years to eventually find a decent condition copy of this classic disco break by the legendary percussionist behind the bongo drums in "APACHE". This record first came to my attention as it contains the track "Well Have a Nice Day" as sampled by ROXANNE SHANTE on her hit of the same name, and I have also heard deejays cut up two copies on an old school tape. You will surely recognise the bells in the intro, but it's the long breakdown half way through that steals the show for me. Pulsing disco drums keep the pace, whilst the bells, other percussive noises and drum rolls provide the funk before the bongo drums finally lay down the groove. This is 24 carat b-boy funk right here! Spin this in a club and watch the dancefloor fill.
This track also contains the "say what" sample as used in many hip hop tunes - see if you can spot it!
KING ERRISSON - "Well Have a Nice Day"

I always find it hard to buy OSCAR PETERSON LPs as they can be straight up Jazz sometimes, and not necessarily my bag. But recordings by the OSCAR PETERSON QUARTET (namely PETERSON, JOE PASS, LOUIS BELLSON, and NIELS PEDERSEN)and in particular the "Night Child" LP are exceptions to that. The track entitled "Teenager" is a favourite of mine not just because of the uptempo drum break intro, but because the whole track is a headnodder throughout. A great tune to play out - the sparse but potent drums lead into a Chameleon-esque bassline that HERBIE HANCOCK would be proud of, with guitar licks courtesy of JOE PASS and cheeky piano riffs from PETERSON himself. LOUIS BELLSON certainly proved his worth on the drums by keeping it uptempo throughout without losing the punch of the intro. Another recent purchase and again a welcome break "double" to add to the collection.

TWIN HYPE - "Double Barrell" PROFILE RECORDS 1991 EP

TWIN HYPE are best known for their "Do It To The Crowd" 12" release from 1989 - a club-friendly hip hop joint that crossed over in a BIG way. Unfortunately this hit set the tone of what we expected from TWIN HYPE (twins Glennis and Lennis Brown with King Shameek aka Jose Matos) although the trio were capable of some serious hardcore beats n rhymes (check out LYRICAL RUNDOWN as featured on BREAKS FOR DAYS here). They followed their 89 debut with "For Those Who Like To Groove" - another club friendly record bordering on House music. But these first two releases were obviously aimed at commercial success (as were many hip-house tracks released by hip hop artists), and after these records TWIN HYPE then went on to lay down some serious hip hop aimed at the hardcore fans. I have to admit I also slept on this EP when it was released as I was expecting more of the same from them. How wrong could I be? The DOUBLE BARRELL EP is proof that dope uptempo hip hop from the late 80s / early 90s does NOT have to cost the earth, in fact this copy cost me a mere two pounds! Pick it up if you don't already own a copy.
TWIN HYPE - "Something Like Venom"
TWIN HYPE - "Double Barrell"

KING BEE feat KOOL KEITH & CED GEE - "Cold Slammin'" TORSO RECORDS 12" 1991
Just when I thought I had everything ULTRAMAGNETIC I stumbled on this KING BEE 12" in the second-hand book shop in DALSTON East London. On the rear of the cover it says "featuring KOOL KEITH & CED GEE from ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S" so I simply had to cop it. The bookshop has a turntable to check out records, but at this price I wasn't about to worry, not with ULTRAMAGNETIC credentials at least!
When I got back to the crib I wasn't disappointed, especially considering CED GEE and KOOL KEITH appear so much on this track, it may as well be ULTRAS ft KING BEE.
But don't expect this track to be as hype as KING BEE's previous release "Back By Dope Demand", which became something of an anthem in hip hop circles. Strangely enough this was another big crossover track if I remember correctly.
KING BEE actually hailed from Holland and this record is released on the Dutch TORSO DANCE RECORDS - but trust me this track is certainly no weak sauce. Produced by ALL STAR FRESH and remixed by ALL STAR FRESH and BC BOY. For you break heads, there is great use of classic breaks including ESTHER WILLIAMS's "Last Night Changed It All" 45rpm version, and also JACKIE ROBINSON's "Pussyfooter" during the scratch chorus. Dope shit!
KING BEE ft ULTRAMAGNETIC MC's - "Cold Slammin'"

AHMAD - "Who Can?" MOTOWN RECORDS 12" 1993
This is the dope debut release (as far as I am aware) by AHMAD, and the 12" is a promo release from the film soundtrack of the MGM film "METEOR MAN". AHMAD is possibly better known for his later record entitled "Back In The Day" which enjoyed great success a couple of years later in 1995. But for me this earlier track is the sort of Hip Hop I wanna hear. The beat is funky as hell and AHMAD has a nasal twang vocal thang going on, but overall the track hits you in the face from the word go.
The drum programs are very proficient for the year, and a rumbling bassline taken from "Tyme Cube" (by Tim Weisberg) keeps the groove throughout. Eerie atmospheric noises and echoing horns are then laced over the top for dramatic effect. I also love the flute loop thrown into the mix in the middle of the track. I hope you enjoy this track as much as I do. I guess I must be biased, as I also love the joint "Come Widdit" by AHMAD, RASS KASS and SAAFIR which also featured on a film soundtrack.
Unless I am mistaken the drum samples are taken from "Synthetic Substitution" by MELVIN BLISS. Produced by KENDAL.
AHMAD - "Who Can?"

Kid Dyno

Sunday 2 August 2009

On The Wheels Of Steel...

You can catch myself on the wheels of steel together with my homeboy DANNY DELTA (see photo) at THE DRAGON BAR in SHOREDITCH, EAST LONDON on Saturday 22nd August 2009, spinning only the very best Hip Hop and funk breaks until the early hours. This all takes place at the new DRAGON BAR venue situated at 138-139 SHOREDITCH HIGH STREET (following it's move from the LEONARD STREET premises). Props to DANNY and CHRIS READ for putting THE DAILY DIGGERS on the bill - it's always a pleasure to rock a party with DANNY and the crew (remember the FOUNDRY guys?)
DANNY and CHRIS put in a lot of work both on the circuit and on the mixtape steez so come down on SATURDAY 22nd and show your support. You are guaranteed some scorching turntable action.
The nearest TUBE station to the DRAGON BAR is OLD STREET, and it's also only a short walk from LONDON's LIVERPOOL STREET TRAIN STATION. It's gonna be a roadblock so arrive early to avoid disappointment, and dress old school to get you in the mood. Kangols, Cazals, Goosedowns, and namebelts are a must!

SAT AUGUST 22nd 2009


138-139 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6JE

See you there...

Kid Dyno