Sunday 16 August 2009

Guest Mix courtesy of FISH

Here's a guest mix courtesy of FISH, entitled MARCH OF THE PESCATONS.
Originally put together as a promotional CD for a club night, but as I've been playing this regularly, I thought it's time to share.
FISH is a beatmaker, graffiti fiend and record head from Manchester in the UK, and as you may already know a regular here at BREAKS FOR DAYS. As you might guess he knows his onions! Here he has squeezed as much hip hop and funk goodness into half an hour as is humanly possible. I hope you are prepared for this.

FISH - March Of The Pescatons

Kid Dyno


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

This mix sounds tight, and im only like 4 mins in!!.

Nice up Dj Fish!, thanks for sharing gov'ner.

Disc_Eater said...

Fantastic selection entertaining from start to finish!