Saturday 29 September 2012

Favela B-Boy Funk

There are so many new funk 45s out there that are simply too good not to pick up, and I'm loving the fact that many new funk outfits are conscious of featuring a drum break in their joints for the beatheads amongst us. I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda slow to pick up on these "new" funky 45s - a few of years ago I was so deeply concerned with my search for vintage vinyl that I had written off buying any new releases. But now I'm making up for my slackness by keeping an eye on what's new and funky out there ... especially if it revolves at 45 revs per minute.
One such release which only dropped last Tuesday 25th September has had me busy on the turntables ever since I got my hands on two copies. "Favela B-boy Funk" by FREQNIK & WDRE is straight up drum crazy! Having already been a massive success as a Soundcloud download, New York production duo FREQNIK and WDRE decided to put this battle ready rocket out on 45rpm vinyl through BORO RECORDS. Snapping drums (you'll recognise the beat I'm sure) and raw horns (slightly more difficult to spot this sample unless your a real vinyl junkie) make this track a perfect uptempo floor filler, and the Afro Latin vibe means it is top-rock ready for you b-boys and b-girls out there! So here you go ...... two videos for "Favela B-boy Funk" - the unofficial one with myself cutting it up and then the official version. Once you've enjoyed both get your search on and grab yourself doubles!!

via HERE, HERE or HERE. If you are in Japan try HERE.

Thursday 27 September 2012

Joe Conzo

The name should be instantly familiar with anyone who is in touch with the origins of Hip Hop culture. JOE CONZO was the man (behind the lens) who documented the early years of Hip Hop through his impressive photography.
His ability to capture not just the visual but also the spiritual makes him a legend in hip hop history. Along with the likes of MARTHA COOPER, HENRY CHALFANT and JAMES PRIGOFF he helped keep a record of a history that would become so valuable in later years to those who love the culture. We all like to chill with our old school peers and reminisce about "back in the days", but stories are just that, stories! With the work of these aforementioned photographers we can view the past as it was and re-live the effect it had on us back then.
Growing up in the South Bronx and attending the same school as the COLD CRUSH BROTHERS meant that JOE was never too far from the earliest Hip Hop action. In fact he teamed up with flyer legend BUDDY ESQUIRE to produce some of the most memorable old school party flyers incorporating JOE's intimate photographs. He was right in the thick of it and was the best man to keep a visual record of what was going down in the Bronx through the late 70s and early 80s.
JOE CONZO thankfully shared his wealth of photographs in 2007 by publishing his book BORN IN THE BRONX which in my opinion is one of the most important Hip Hop books you can get your hands on. If you don't own a copy then you really are missing out on an amazing record of hip hop history. Have a look online and pick yourself up a copy cheap ... you won't regret it. Or better still, if you live in the Netherlands you can even visit his exhibition of incredible Bronx photographs taking place at GALERIE BEDDEKOETSJE in HELMOND (just East of Eindhoven). GRAND WIZARD THEODORE is also accompanying JOE CONZO and will be appearing at the exhibition. This runs from September 23rd until 14th October. Remember back in the days!

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Phill Most Chill - Most Of My Heroes...

PHILL MOST CHILL fans will be pleased to hear he has a new mix up on MIXCLOUD called "Most Of My Heroes Don't Appear On No Stamp". Whatever PHILL touches seems to ooze class, whether that be MC appearances, artwork skills, vinyl collecting, and of course on production duties. This mix is no different - there are no half servings here, just material that has been certified dope by the relevant authorities.

I will let PHILL break it down for you....

"When my album "All Cuts Recorded Raw" (unreleased songs from the late 80's) was put out on DWG Records in 2011, one of the questions I was asked was "wow, so why didn't you 'make it' back then?" This mix is pretty much the answer. The emcees you hear on this mix are some of the greatest in Hip Hop history- KRS One, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Slick Rick, Biz Markie, LL Cool J, Run DMC. They were so incredible that I didn't want to even release any of my songs unless I felt I could do as good or better than them. They showed me what a dope Hip Hop record is supposed to sound like. But my biggest inspirations were the pioneers of Hip Hop, represented on this mix by the Cold Crush Bros, and GM Flash & The Furious 5. Directly or indirectly, crews like them are the ULTIMATE inspiration and influence for every person that is a part of Hip Hop music. This mix features some of the rarest and / or most underappreciated joints by my Hip Hop heroes. Thanks to Jorun Bombay for the ill remixes!"

Leacy Brothers

OK I've had plenty of correct entries so far in the competition to win a pair of LEACYBROTHERS Park Jam slipmats, but it's not too late if you still want to enter. Simply download the photo of the "DJ slipmat" to your computer, zoom in on the detail and let me know 2 of the 5 records that are visible in the design (kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com). Someone has named four of the five but I've yet to receive a "full house". That last record is not easy to spot so I'm keen to find out if any of you can do it.

The slipmats have been designed by fine illustrator and concept artist DAN DUCE and have been produced to celebrate the history of the New York City park jams of the 70s and 80s AND the legacy of BREAK DJ LEACY who unfortunately passed away in 2004.

Get yourself over to LEACYBROTHERS new website where you can read about JAMES LEACY's legacy, download his mix tapes, and get your hands on the PARK JAM SLIPMATS and some seriously fresh and high quality BREAK DJ LEACY tee shirts also featuring DUCE's artwork. If you don't know a lot about this game-changing break DJ then now there's no excuse - class is in session!

Rest in beats BREAK DJ LEACY (1971 - 2004)

I met JAMES LEACY in 1991 through our mutual love of hip hop culture. A mutual friend had introduced us to each other knowing a firm friendship would develop between the two us. We were both born in 1971, both crazy about Hip Hop music, DJing, Hip Hop fashion (particularly sneakers) and most importantly the traditions of hip hop itself. Even at this early time in Hip Hop JIM would school me on such aspects as THE BREAKS, and he was the first person I knew met who avidly collected cassette tapes of early Hip Hop performances and jams. I'm not gonna lie, at the time I was more concerned with the new artists making noise on the scene, but JIM's enthusiasm for the origins was bound to rub off on me.

I clearly remember my earliest visit to JIM LEACY's parents house just north of London in a sleepy town called BISHOPS STORTFORD. This would have been around Summer of 1991. It was a quiet unassuming town and seemed a strange place for a hardcore Hip Hopper to be living, but my friend DARREN Z assured me this kid was the real deal. Darren had met JIM whilst working as a Tape Op in LIVINGSTON RECORDING STUDIOS in North London where JIM was working for Dance Music duo COLDCUT. We arranged to pick JIM up at his local train station as he returned from work, and then go back to his parents house. I still visualise the moment JIM jumped into our car and said "alright fellas" as if he had know me for years already. But that's how our friendship was, as if we had been mates for years. Leading up to his death BREAK DJ LEACY had built up a reputation as the DJ of choice for all b-boys and b-girls. Despite being from the UK he made the biggest impression over in the United States and was the regular break DJ for competitions such as the MIAMI PRO-AM CHAMPS, and this popularity took him across the States and Europe to bless the wheels of steel with his unique brand of beast doubles. His work ethic and determination took him from unknown beathead to break DJ extraordinaire in only a matter of a few years. Back in the mid 1990s we had regularly made journeys to NYC for the ROCK STEADY CREW yearly celebrations, and this is where JIM did his networking and began to formulate his assault on the 1s and 2s. B-Boy culture was beginning to come back into the limelight, and BREAK DJ LEACY wanted a part of it - a BIG part of it. He made it clear to me very early on that this was his chance to stamp his name on things. Again I must be honest and reveal I couldn't quite understand his plan, or how he was gonna carry it out. So many well known DJs were already out there, and I couldn't see what JIM could do to bunny-hop the pecking order.
However, JIM was already becoming a master of the breaks before anyone agreed to put him on. In 91 I remember seeing INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND LPs on his wall and asking "who the fuck are those dudes about to kill that sheep on the train tracks??". LOL I was naive to the origins of APACHE back then! Another early memory is of him cutting up doubles of "Hot Wheels" on his red flight-cased Technics 1200s. I admit I was jealous that this dude had skills, and it was definitely the catalyst for a change in my own Hip Hop persona.

By the late 90s he had made enough contacts both home and abroad to kick start his plan of action. At that time the breaks scene was ... for want of a better word ... stagnant! Don't get me wrong, no-one was complaining at that time because tunes like "It's Just Begun", "Assembly Line", and "Funky Music Is The Thing" will always be stone cold classics and rock ANY dancefloor. But let's go back to the essence of DJing in the parks in the 70s and 80s - back then DJs were trying to outdo each other with both their CHOICE of record, and how they dropped it. And most importantly by having a killer break that you don't have! This was what was gonna make you stand out from the crowd, and JIM LEACY knew this better than most. In fact he not only knew this, but he studied it. I had been at his house in the UK chillin' with his brother AIDAN whilst he was on the telephone calling JAZZY JAY in the BX and pestering him for names of certain forgotten old school breaks. He was hungry to learn as much as he possibly could and he explored every avenue "in search of the perfect beat". At one time he had a record list of desirable break LPs with this very phrase as the title, and he was ticking them off as he went. None of the titles meant anything to me at the time - I was out of my league.

JIM also kept alive that old school tradition of saying no names - with his quest in mind he had a lot to lose. So he even kept the names secret, even from his closest friends. And he would NEVER play you a dope break unless he had already found two copies and could extend that break part until we as listeners would burst with excitement and marvel at how he could go back and forth so smoothly with his "big Irish hands". JIM was a builder by day, and break DJ by night. Our joke was to call him DJ Shovel Hands but the name didn't stick strangely enough.
This kinda dedication was only going to lead one way - and soon JIM had earned his respect amongst those in the b-boy scene and was beginning to play at transatlantic b-boy jams in the early 2000s and soon after the calls from Europe came insisting on the break DJ of choice. His reputation for spinning unknown breaks and forgotten classics did nothing short of rocket him to the forefront of his game. Dudes playing "Apache" and all those other UBB joints soon got left in the background. Once again the art of DJing was alive and kicking and this kid from the UK was pulling no punches. And this was no stroke of luck for JIM, he had done all of his homework in advance (and took the disses for it) and knew what he had to do make his name stand out. Throughout the early 2000s I began to see JIM less and less - he was busy with BATTLE OF THE YEAR, MIAMI PRO-AM etc., and had so many trips abroad to DJ I would lose track of where he was. But whenever he returned I always got a visit or a lengthy phone call to share his exploits and laugh about this person or that person. Speak to anyone about JIM LEACY and they will tell you what a character he was - a joker, a piss taker, and at the same time deadly serious about his art and how to do things. He had his critics, and he took all that on the chin also. In fact one article that appeared in BIG DADDY magazine was downright disrespectful to both him and his brother AIDEN LEACY. They weren't too pleased but took it lightly - it was me that called up BIG DADDY magazine on the telephone and demanded to speak to the writer of the article which accused the LEACY BROTHERS of being rich kids into hip hop. Far from it, I knew for a fact JIM had run up credit card debts just in order to fund his DJ thing cross continent. Still to this day if I meet the writer of that article I will not be held liable for my actions. And yeah ... you got that in print!
You see, me and JIM were tight! He was my brother too. Once LEACY had broken his VESTAX mixer right before he was due to fly out and spin for a B-Boy comp (I forget where now) so he came to me to see if I could lend him mine. If you know me then you will be aware that my Technics turntables are simply an extension of my arms, and there's no way I can live without them, but I agreed to lend JIM my mixer for the trip so he could do his thing. OK so the crossfader was a little bent up when I got it back, but I knew JIM had rocked the jam and that was all I needed to hear. No sooner than he had landed and he was off again to another jam elsewhere on the planet, and I found it hard to comprehend exactly how big BREAK DJ LEACY actually becoming. Unfortunately it took his untimely death in October 2004 for me to realise just how much of an effect he had on the scene. Even now I hear people describe certain records as a "LEACY break", and he certainly brought many lost b-boy beats back to the forefront and encouraged the art of break spinning amongst many of his friends and fans. And in my opinion he had yet to reach the pinnacle of his career. JAMES LEACY - I miss you so much, you made me laugh so much, you taught me so much, and I owe you so much. I dedicate this entire website to you. Thank you.

(please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors in this piece, but it's been very emotional for me to write this and I find it so hard to read back through - Kid Dyno)

Thanks to AIDAN ORANGE LEACY and the whole LEACY family, NEIL FLYNN, DAVE NUCLEUS SIMS, DAN DUCE, TUF TIM TWIST, DJ TRAILS, SPEEDY LEGS, DJ SKAMROK, FORREST GETEM GUMP and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing JAMES and seeing him rock the tables. Special shout to anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of JAMES's off key humour!

(please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors in this piece, but it's been very emotional for me to write this and I find it so hard to read back through - Kid Dyno)

Monday 24 September 2012

Da Beatminerz

If you love the boom bap sound of DA BEATMINERZ (EVIL DEE & MR WALT) then you must stop at nothing to get your hands on this dope "little record" which has just dropped on ILL ADRENALINE RECORDS. For your money you get a healthy dose of crunchy BEATMINERZ production, plus better-than-your average vocal appearances from TASH, RAH DIGGA, MOS DEF and TALIB KWELI. "Smoke Sumthin'" is straight up hardcore trooper music, and the flipside is the best version of "Another World" I've heard, but I expect nothing less from these seasoned producers from the much loved and dearly missed D&D studios stable.
ILL ADRENALINE have also just released a nice ROC MARCIANO joint on 45rpm produced by UK beatsmith THE PURIST, and they have some very interesting projects lined up for the very near future including a long player from MAIN SOURCE affiliate NEEK THE EXOTIC. Get yourself over to their website and check out what you're missing. Get into it ... and get involved.

Park Jam Slipmats Competition

OK people it's time to give away a pair of these super dope "park jam" slipmats courtesy of and DAN DUCE. So if you like to cut up your funk doubles Bronx style, and you wanna get your hands on a pair of these high quality slips for nothing then this is what you have to do...
Simply click on the image below, save it to your desktop so you can zoom in on the detail. There are six records shown in the picture which can be identified (three of them are fairly easy and the other three will test your grey matter somewhat more). All I need you to do is name TWO of the records depicted and send an email to kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com. I will throw all the correct entries into a Kangol hat and pick out a winner next weekend. Remember, this is a park jam so this should help you identify the records in the DJs crates. There's no special prize if you can name all six records, although you will be awarded maximum props from the DAILY DIGGERS crew and maybe get your name in lights! You know what to do......good luck to everyone.

More details from me this evening about - a site dedicated to the legacy of my dear departed good friend BREAK DJ LEACY and the continuing exploits of his brother AIDAN ORANGE LEACY. If you know and love your breakbeat history then check back later for the scoop.

DJ Tony Tone, Break DJ Leacy, Kool Herc, Charlie Chase @ Rock Steady Park circa mid 90s.

Saturday 22 September 2012

Blaak The 9th Man Interview

A few months ago a fellow beat junkie friend of mine put me up on a podcast outta Philadelphia that was so damn funky and packed full of joints sampled in hip hop. There is nothing particularly peculiar about that, as I'm often sent CDs, mixes and recordings of radio shows by friends and also some of you readers here on DAILY DIGGERS. But the difference this time was that I was completely bugging out over many of the joints this dude was dropping. And not only was he dropping jewels on me, but he was doubling 'em up too. If you wanna get my attention then that's a pretty good way to start. A week or so later I caught up with this DJ's next podcast ... and sure enough he did it again! What is the deal with all these dope DJs hailing from Philadelphia - do they grow them over there?
The man I'm talking about here is Philly's BLAAK THE 9TH MAN aka B.NINE - a veteran record collector and producer with over 30 years of record digging experience under his belt. Experience that originated from his Father's own love for vinyl. This summer he played alongside BREAKBEAT LOU, DJ MURO, TOBY FRESH and his good friend DJ CA$H MONEY at the TOOLS OF WAR jams in NYC and brought his Philly styles to the Big Apple. It seems I'm not the only one recognises this man's wealth of musical knowledge.
Let's find out more about Philadelphia's best kept DJ secret as I throw a few questions at him to find out what makes him tick. And while you are reading the interview why not have a listen to BLAAK's "Straight From The Ville" podcast from last month. It's one for the sample spotters.

Interview with BLAAK THE 9TH MAN aka B.NINE

KID DYNO: First and foremost, thanks for getting involved and taking the time to participate in this interview. Please tell me "Who you be and what you do"?
B9: It's my pleasure good brother. For those who know I'm BLAAK THE 9TH MAN aka B.NINE: "The Resident Funky President of "Soulville" (The Human Google Search, The Guru of Groovy Thangs, Deep Crate Diplomat, Inch High B Fly.....LOL!) from Philadelphia. I'm a father before anything of 5 incredible children, I've been spinning since I was 9yrs old (I did my first job for $50 in 1979).I've been collecting records since I was 5 yrs old (my first pieces were an ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS LP, JOHN COLTRANE's "My Favorite Things" LP, THE SPINNERS "Mighty Love" LP, THE STYLISTICS "Rock & Roll Baby" 45 and two very rare ART BLAKEY 45s (and I still have them..LOL). I also produce with my manz FATNICE (THE BEATSMIFS). I've had the pleasure to work with BAHAMADIA, MECCA STARR, DJ CA$H MONEY (who I also toured with) along with a few others but I am a serious junkie when it comes to collecting records!!

KID DYNO: How comes Philly always breeds such incredible DJs?? Do you guys grow 'em over there or something?
B9: No disrespect to other cities but you can tell a Philly DJ from any other DJ in the world simply we are like producers when it comes to this..we take a simple scratch and turn that shit into something amazing. Plus we are big on "rocking the party". If you notice every single show has an intro of some sort..that's some Philly shit! Blends, style and timing are very important to us. There are so many great DJs who are unsung and it kind of bothers me that we still don't get the props we deserve. When DVDs come out we are never mentioned or it's real brief!

KID DYNO: What made you decide to collect records, and what were your first acquisitions?
B9: Like I said I looked up to my Dad so whatever he did..I wanted to do! We would go record shopping(i.e Diggin' every Saturday and Sunday. We would hit a least 5 or six posts in one day ,go to Fat Jacks for comic books and go home. Whenever I had money I bought records (I was buying records at the age of 6 or 7 and the stuff I was buying wasn't the radio! My first job was at a record store (King James Records) and I don't think I was even 11 yet..LOL! I would get a few dollars and some records for sweeping the store..LOL!

KID DYNO: How does your collection look right now? Please break down the genres you have? You can reveal quantity if you feel inclined to tell.
B9: My collection is pretty big (I have records pretty much everywhere). It's not as big as it used to be (a lot of records have been stolen, sold, damaged due to 3 floods etc..) My collection would be one of the greatest if I had my father's entire collection (My dad had a few storage units full of sealed joints, rare grooves, funk, latin, jazz 45s by the tons)never released pieces of everything..DJ CA$H MONEY can vouch for this. He was the only young at the time who my Dad would let go thru his collection) but his best friend stole everything the day after his funeral. I left out of town and he was supposed to bring the LPs to my mom and grandmother's house but he sold a whole of the stuff, kept what he wanted and moved. I haven't seen or heard from dude in about 17yrs. The last I heard he's somewhere in Cali. I still have a sick collection but I have no idea how many records I have! LOL!

KID DYNO: What are you most prized pieces of vinyl, and please elaborate on why each is such a special record?
B9: That's a tough!!
Let's see...
1) My promo copies of MAGNUM "Fully Loaded" (When it came out my Dad gave everybody in my family promo copies of that LP!) I still have original copy he gave me and his also.
2)KOOL & THE GANG Self Titled LP(It was the first record I bought with my own money.
3)My father's promo copy of JOHN COLTRANE's "My Favorite Things"
4)KOOL & THE GANG "Light of Worlds" (I buy that record every time I see it!!
5)BWANA (It's just an incredible LP. My dad played this a lot)
6)RAMP "Come into Knowledge" (It's just a flawless LP!)
7) GARY BARTZ "I've Known Rivers" (It just reminds me of my childhood. This was played all the time!!)
8) * WAYNE MCGHIE & THE SOUNDS OF JOY (It belonged to my dad also and is very rare.)
9) GATO BARBIERI "Fenix"( I used to love this LP as a kid!)
10) * WAYNE SHORTER "Speak no Evil"( I play this everyday!)
11) My ART BLAKEY and other Blue Note 45s
12) My 12inch copies of I Can't Stop, Pussy Footer, Funky President, Apache, Bongo Rock, Chinese Chicken, Impeach the President etc.(I bought these at the world famous record spot Funk-O-Mart when I was about 13. Shout out to UNCLE CHINO!!!

KID DYNO: I know you attended and played at the NY Tools of War jams this summer. How did that go down for you, and describe the vibe at those jams?
B9: That was crazy because I was just going to chill with my man DJ CA$H MONEY (that's like my big bro. I've known him since I was 15.) and he called me a half an hour before he was coming to get me and said Yo! Are you ready to do this Soulville shit? I'm like yeah..let's make it happen. He goes good..pack a're spinning today. WHAT???? NO THE FUCK I'm NOT!!(EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE DYNO LOL!) He was like, Stop trippin' and pack a bag ,you're going on after me! Needless to say..I WAS SHOOK!! MURO, BREAKBEAT LOU, TOBY FRESH and CA$H??? Man it was like sink or swim for a cat,on top of everything nobody knew who I was or that I was spinning. I just zoned out and did what I do best..Drop joints! I was nervous the whole time but once CAZ shouted me out, FABEL was rockin' on top of the speaker,the diggin' cats were giving the head nod and the crowd was open..I was good! The vibe that was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. For LOU, DAN THE BEAT MANN, GM CAZ, MURO and so many others to show my love was a big deal for me. I'm still riding high from that day. The vibe was nuts not only did I meet a bunch of legends but I met a whole lot of my Facebook fam that day for the first time. That was a great day for me. CA$H was real proud of a cat!

KID DYNO: Name one record that you play which always gets a big crowd reaction? And which gets the best reception from other deejays?
B9: "Doin' It" by THE MINX, "Patch it up" by ROY LEE JOHNSON and the VILLAGERS, any of the various versions of "I Want You Back", "Pistol" by RON DANIELS (that bugs out the DJs). Anything off of THE INVADERS LP, my 12inch version of "Make it Good to Yourself" by JAMES BROWN just to name a few. THIRD GUITAR "Baby Don't Cry", CREATIVE FUNK "Funk Power", BILLY GARDNER "I got some" etc..

KID DYNO: What has been your best ever bargain dig?
B9: My copies of EDDIE RUSS "Fresh Out", TOM SCOTT "Honeysuckle Breeze", RAMP, THE AMBASSADORS, My promo copies of SKULLS SNAPS and real rare funk 45s. I will never tell what I spent on those. I almost forgot a few more favorite LPs SIR JOE QUARTERMAIN and THE FREE SOUL ( My parents took me to see them when he first came out with the LP), LAFAYETTE AFRO ROCK BAND (2 copies that belong to my dad) and my entire Black Jazz & Strata East Collection.

KID DYNO: You have continually impressed me with many of the records you play during your "Straight from The Ville" podcast. And then KAPOWWWW you then hit me with doubles of that shit! It's obvious you love to share your wealthy knowledge of music, so please tell me your take on that, and how it feels to educate others on some dope shit that they didn't know about?
B9: It feels great that people love the show and "get it" you know. I was never one to be put in a box and just play one type of music. With so many DJs playing the same thing I have to be different but at the same time educate the uneducated. But my crew stays on about pushin' the envelope. That's why the show is received so well I guess plus we have fun and the entire show as far as the music (it's one great big freestyle..I never know what I'm going to play.) I don't go..I'm gonna play these records tonight...I just play whatever hits me at that time. It's all about fun for me and educating and entertaining people fam!

KID DYNO: What B.NINE projects can we look forward to in the future?
B9: Let's see..
Welcome to Soulville V2(I did volume 1 in 2004 which is available now.) The BEATSMIFS "The Brothers Darkness Project" (which showcases myself and FATNICE's production)
FATNICE "It's Nice to meet You"
...and a bunch of soulful boom bap treats coming out of Soulville!

KID DYNO: While we are here, what one record would you give a week's wages for without even blinking or thinking?

KID DYNO: Any shouts you wanna give?
B9: First I'd like to shout you out DYNO for even considering me for an interview (I'm just a regular guy with some records fam...LOL!) MY Pop (PHIL COFIELD SR.) for everything (I know he's proud). My Mom (RITA COFIELD) who has been my biggest supporter, fan and inspiration for 41 yrs. My children (who are my reason to keep going), my baby TISEE, ILLVIBE COLLECTIVE, DJ CA$H MONEY, RECORD BREAKING, DJ JAZZY JEFF, DJ RANDY FLASH (R.I.P.), FLEX DOC, DJ GROOVEDAMOST (a true Philly Legend), SKEME RICHARDS, everybody who was involved with the TOOLS OF WAR event(too many to name) all of my cousins and my AUNT ROSALIE & AUNT INEZ (R.I.P.) the CRATERAIDERZ CREW, P.O.G., My DEEPER THAN ATLANTIS Fam, The brothaz from the Ville (FATNICE, SAMMY COOK, DJ CUT PRECISE, LINX, TYSKE, TONY TANN, RAY PREME & KENCUT). My entire Facebook fam (who I truly appreciate more than they know!) DJ MERCURY, OXYGEN, ILL MILL, BRIZZO, BROTHA RON, JASHED, INFINITO 2017, BIG RICH MEDINA and THE MILKCRATE CAFE, all of those who have been supporting the "Straight from the Ville" podcast and the entire Soulville Movement and last but not least all diggers collectors, DJs, producers, emcees, singers, b-boys & b-girls and lovers of music worldwide!!!!! SOULVILLE IS NOT A PLACE...IT'S AN EXPERIENCE!!! SHOUT OUT TO LONDON!! MR. JERKS IS MY FAVORITE SPOT TO EAT..LOL!
Peace and Blessings..The Most High Makes All Things Possible!
BLAAK THA 9TH MAN. Philly all day...Everyday!

KID DYNO: Thanks a million BLAAK for getting involved. But before you go BLAAK, how DID you meet up and become firm friends with DMC Champ and Philly legend DJ CASH MONEY?
B9: Real Quick: CASH and I had a mutual friend who was a rapper. We met on the phone and he started throwing out titles with the wrong artist on purpose.I was like "Yo...that's wrong homie."(LOL) he was like you sure, I'm like yeah, I'm looking right at it (mind you we are on the phone). So I started playing shit and he's like are those your records? How old are you and where do you live? How do you know about these records? The next day..he came to my house, chilled with my mom, saw my collection and was blown away and made me official, got cool with my dad and we have been fam ever since!!! I got mad love for that cat!!

Check out more of B.NINE's "Straight From The Ville" podcasts right HERE.

Friday 21 September 2012

Live and Direct with DJ Format & The Simonsound

Now sit down and get yourself comfortable because this right here is a an incredible audio and visual experience I have lined up for you .... in fact I would go as far as saying this is gonna be the dopest thing you've seen on screen this year.

Unless, of course, you made it to one of the many DJ FORMAT & THE SIMONSOUND shows performed around the Europe this year. Only then will you have witnessed the turntable fitness and technological trickery that these two Sound Generals create on a stage surrounded by vintage records, ancient moogs, vocoders, gadget boxes and rare accapellas, not forgetting the on point visuals and a posse of eager fans in attendance. The clever way they merge their sounds and mix up their tracks to create what I can only describe as a "live mixtape" right in front of your eyes is nothing short of breathtaking. Even the sharpest of hip hop trainspotters will find themselves bemused and constantly asking "what the f#ck did he just play??". I've never seen another show like it, but as of today you too can enjoy the same experience from the comfort of your own home and through your own speakers. Sit back relax and listen to some hip hop......

Thursday 20 September 2012

J Force - Cadillac Respect

This ain't nothing new, but it IS something extremely dope. Indie beatmaker J.FORCE takes no shorts with his CADILLAC RESPECT compilation. Solid beats throughout (SP1200), some seriously sinister samples and including a handful of clever J.FORCE remixes make this essential listening from start to finish. Something to pump in your Caddy Daddy!

Monday 17 September 2012

Ya Slippin'

Take an exclusive peep at these soon-to-be-available turntable slipmats celebrating the history of the New York park jams and b-boy circles of the 70s and 80s. All I can tell you for now is that these slippery bad boys have been designed by DAN DUCE and will be available very soon at a website near you. Do not fear, I shall give you the immediate scoop on where to get YOUR pair as soon as they are available (along with some other dope DJ merchandise). The slipmats are of a very high quality, fade resistant and more importantly they glide beautifully on the 1200s when going back to back on your favourite doubles. Stay tuned right here for more details, and don't get caught slippin'!

Missing In Action

My apologies for the lack of recent posts. I've gone diggin' and am presumed missing by everyone that knows me. I'll re-surface, with some ill treats tucked under my arm and in need of a good bath. Now you can call off the search party!

(Peep the cover of the new OXYGEN 10" release of "Gone Diggin Remix" on SLICE-OF-SPICE RECORDS. Design by the legendary MR KRUM. Beats by GENUS DEAN. 24k dope lyrics supplied by OXYGEN the ARHCITECT. MORE DETAILS ON THIS RELEASE VERY SOON.)

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Mobile Mondays

Congratulations to the MOBILE MONDAYS crew in NYC on celebrating the first anniversary of the Monday night 45rpm extravaganza that is MM. They will be celebrating hard with the likes of CHAIRMAN MAO, BOOGIE BLIND, ROCKIN' ROB, LARGE PROFESSOR, DJ SCRATCH, THE UNDERCOVER BROTHER blessing the ones and twos. Get involved with the most talked about Monday nights in the Big Apple over at their Facebook page.

Monday 10 September 2012

DJ Format x Oxygen

A long awaited pairing between Brighton beatsmith DJ FORMAT and Strong Island MC extraordinaire OXYGEN has finally been confirmed. I've already given you a taster of GENSU DEAN's "Diggin By Law" remix soon to drop on SLICE-OF-SPICE RECORDS, and to accompany GENSU's retake on the 10" release is DJ FORMAT's "Gone Diggin (Fisher Price Remix)". FORMAT takes the original version and gives it some fizz like only DJ FORMAT can do. Good to see two of my VINYL VETERANS companions co-signing on the SLICE-OF-SPICE dotted line. Check ... this ...out!!

Sunday 9 September 2012

Shirt King Phade

Following on from my comment in my post below about MILK & GIZMO busting SHIRT KING PHADE tee shirts, peep this mini documentary about the man himself.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Hip Hop on 45rpm (Little Records)

Every which way I look these days I see a healthy interest in 45rpm seven inch singles. Although these little records have never been the format of choice for Hip Hop record buyers (12" was always the preferred version throughout the 80s, 90s and early 00s) it has always been so for Funk, Soul and Northern Soul enthusiasts. In fact me and my fellow VINYL VETERANS members are all partial to rocking out with 45s, as are my fellow beatheads DJ FORMAT and MR THING (let's do some trades soon fellas!). And in NYC you have the MOBILE MONDAYS strictly 45s night which has seen guests like DJ MURO, DJ SCRATCH, FORREST GETEMGUMP, MAC MCRAW and BOOGIE BLIND dropping little records alongside OPERATOR EMZ, NATASHA DIGGS and JOEY C. I'm sure you have also seen DJ MARK 45 KING rocking little records on his two portable VESTAX record players. So if you've been thinking this 45rpm buzz at the moment is simply a current trend: it ain't ... us collectors have many habits not necessarily shared with the outside world. I think it's just the case that we have all together realised that we are on the same collecting buzz.
Personally I've always been very fond of 45s, whether that be funk, or breaks but especially the unusual Hip Hop ones that I have come across whilst diggin' over the years. Hence I've always had a crateful (and more) Hip Hop 45s and I still seek out the ones that I know I'm missing. I've also noticed a huge amount of current Hip Hop releases have been dropping on the 7" format in the last few years, and I think the high cost of producing vinyl these days has contributed to that. But I'm still happy 'cuz these little records are easy to carry home, easy to take and play out, have fantastic sound quality (styrene not included in this) and in many cases are a cute promotional only item so were not widely available.
In fact the very first post I did here on DAILY DIGGERS was a list of five funky Hip Hop 45s. You can reminisce on that very first post HERE, and when you've finished reading that here is another fine selection of little hip hop records.

PUBLIC ENEMY - "You're Gonna Get Yours" 1987 DEF JAM RECORDS

It was 1987 when PUBLIC ENEMY unleashed the beast that was their "YO! Bum Rush The Show" LP on our unsuspecting eardrums. My first encounter was hearing "Timebomb" played on RADIO 1's JOHN PEEL SHOW - a show that would maybe play two or three rap joints if you were lucky on a weekday evening. JOHN PEEL was no slouch when it came to picking up on quality early Hip Hop music. In fact I think it was him that also introduced me to the Beastie Boys.
PUBLIC ENEMY were sonically groundbreaking - remember this is 1987 when some artists were only just mastering funky drum patterns on drum machines, and heavy sampling was still yet to be the norm in the music. What ERIC B and RAKIM brought to the forefront musically was taken like a baton by PE and THE BOMB SQUAD and they created their familiar wall of sound using classic breakbeats with much harder drums, and it was a sound we had never heard before, especially with CHUCK's powerful lyrics and FLAVOR's incredibly wild persona.
"You're Gonna Get Yours" is one of my favourite PE joints to this day. That superb blend of DENNIS COFFEY's "Getting It On" loop, CAPTAIN SKY "Super Sporm" sound effects coupled with the military sounding drums and of course the "car skids" cut up by TERMINATOR X (oops I meant JOHNNY JUICE). CHUCK D's lyrical content confused me on first hearing this track - I didn't know what an OLDSMOBILE was in 1987. The flipside of this 45 is "Miuzi Weighs A Ton". Two of the best PE tracks on one 45 so it's well worth hunting one down.

TWILIGHT 22 - "Electric Kingdom" 1983 VANGUARD RECORDS

I'm taking it back to 1983 with this Electro monster that I first heard on buying my copy of "CRUCIAL ELECTRO" compilation LP from the ELECTRO series on the STREET SOUNDS label. To find a 12" version in decent condition took me some years to finally find, and then a few years later I found several stock copies of the promo 7" single in one stash. Suffice to say I copped them all!
This is one sinister sounding Electro record, from the jungle drum intro to the vocoder hook and Egyptian sounding melodies. The drum programming on this record is incredible, and in my opinion it features some of the best rap vocals recorded in 1983. Production credit according to the label go to GORDON BAHARY and RAY "PINKY" VELASQUEZ. On the flipside is the Kingdom Version without the vocals which gets as much play as the vocal version.


TUFF CITY has always been one of my top choice labels when it comes to Hip Hop records, and I must have over 100 releases just on this label. Although for many years one record has eluded me as it never seems to show up on one of my numerous record buying missions. Nor have I seen a cheapish copy online or during trading sessions with my peers. So at this current moment in time I don't own the 12" version of "Dedication", however I recently scooped a promo 45rpm single with the radio edit on both sides on a little white label 7" (catalogue number TUF450001 which makes me think this is the first 45 release on the AARON FUCH's TUFF CITY label.)
I have a general rule in hip hop music - if it has singing anywhere in the song then I won't like it full stop. There are a few exceptions, for instance anything with TJ SWAN, but on the whole I can't abide singing along with MCing. However this FEARLESS FOUR joint is so good I am happy to make an exception to the rule. The bassline is crazy dope, although the beats are far from mindblowing. But THE GREAT PESO, DEVASTATING TITO, MIGHTY MIKE C and DLB's lyrics are so dope this record could be an anthem for 1985 Hip Hop as they string their vocals together so proficiently. The group who started on BOBBY ROBINSON's ENJOY label were still sounding good when they signed to TUFF CITY. This 45rpm version is tough to find, so dig hard and ask around if you need a copy.


SPOONIN GEE or SPOONIE GEE, whatever, this record is so f#cking dope. Unlike many of the Disco Rap records of the period this one has a live funk band who actually play some serious funk as a backing track similar to the sounds of the early park jams. So many records of this era were poor imitations or simply Melody Raps with wack melody grooves and choruses. I wasn't feeling that sound and it took rap music many years to finally get back on track with the breaks. However this SPOONIE G joint is a certified winner from the catchy vocal intro and the sleazy bassline to the super confident vocals from SPOONIE (nephew of the late great BOBBY ROBINSON). I got so bored with hearing "Rappers Delight" by the SUGARHILL GANG (probably because those dudes weren't even real rappers) whereas this "Spoonin Rap" record has stood the test of time so very well. It's 33 years since it was recorded and it still sounds so damn good.


Always a sucker for any vinyl release on FIRST PRIORITY, this 45rpm 7" version of POS K's classic joint was not a particularly expensive purchase, but rarely crops up on 45rpm single. Nor do the other earlier MC LYTE and AUDIO TWO releases on the same label. Once again I'm sure these were promotional only records and as such never got to see the record shops at the time of release. They do crop up here and there, but many are in particularly bad condition.

POSITIVE K couldn't be more vocally laid back even if he tried. He always sounded so smooth and definitely had his very own "smooth brother both on the mic and under the sheets" type of style and demeanour. I imagined he got mad ladies whilst MILK and GIZMO were just chillin' drinking milk and wearing customised tee shirts by SHIRT KING PHADE. He's definitely super confident with the ladies, as his lyrics tell - "...I fuck the perm out ya hair!"

Thursday 6 September 2012

Fresh Fest 85

Thanks to DJ D-LITE for putting me up on this extra long version of the FRESH FEST 85 footage. I always love to see the GRANDMASTER FLASH section where he cuts up the "Ultimate Ultimate" sample back to back with some drums, and hence I forgive him for the leather cowboy suit he is sporting behind the wheels of steel! RUN DMC also tear it up at the pre-show conference alongside WHODINI - check it out.

Thank You Baby Chris

I wanna say a heartfelt thank you to BABY CHRIS (aka CHRIS LIGHTY) of THE VIOLATORS - a man who devoted much of his short life to making good things happen within Hip Hop music. Although he worked behind the scenes for many years as security to RED ALERT and BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS, he rose up through the ranks to become a hip hop mogul in his own right, and was considered the "can do" man in the industry. 50 CENT reportedly earned $100 million through the vitamin water deal CHRIS brokered for him. Not only was he powerful within the industry but he was also greatly loved by artists and peers alike. And who could forget his time as mentor to A TRIBE CALLED QUEST? Or his help in getting COOL J back in harmony with his hardcore fans. What about his verse on "Pass the 40" on the first BLACK SHEEP LP? Or the fact that he demonstrated to MOBB DEEP that they could diversify with their single releases. I could go on for days. I choose not to dwell on the circumstances surrounding his passing, but I prefer to remember his contributions (there are so many) to Hip Hop. THE VIOLATORS will live on forever.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Jam-Fu TBB "Can You Dig It?"

How would you like a healthy dose of drum beats and DJ doubles? Of course you would ... or you wouldn't be right here on DAILY DIGGERS (we are your one-stop shop for quality breaks and beats).
Today I caught a new mix from the THE BRONX BOYS ROCKING CREW extended family. I'm really impressed with this dope new mix from UK TBB member JAM-FU. All I hear is good things about him and his partner in beats KHAN-FU. To hear the younger generation are rocking breaks on 45s rather than laptops and mp3s is always a pleasant surprise! So I have to give them my utmost respect along with all TBB family. Plus JAM-FU drops my favourite OSIBISA joint in this mix so it gets my recommendation immediately. A special shout goes out to DJ SKAMROK and DANNY DAN THE BEAT MANN. Check out these fire beats from JAM-FU..... and look out for JAM-FU & KHAN-FU on the wheels of steel.

Sing Along with Kool G Rap

KOOL G RAP is a lyrical legend - here's the proof!

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Last Shop Standing

I've said it before and I'll say it again, please SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT RECORD SHOPS. In the 80s there were 2200 independent shops selling vinyl in the UK, but by 2009 that number had dropped dramatically to a mere 269 across the WHOLE country. This week, rather than shell out your hard earned wages on vinyl online, get yourself out and about, find a record shop you haven't visited in a while. There's no better feeling than finding a piece of vinyl that you never knew you wanted. And who knows, you might even unearth a lost gem covered in dust in the bargain bin! Now that ain't gonna happen on the internet now is it? Take a peep at this forthcoming documentary about the rise and fall of the humble record shop.

Monday 3 September 2012

Silver Black - DJ Green Giant

I'm still enjoying this excellent DJ GREEN GIANT mix even though I've had it for a year or so on heavy rotation. That's always a good sign if I'm not getting bored with it despite the amount of plays. If I remember correctly it was the killer artwork on the cover that got my attention in the first instance (which I believe is by Swiss graff writer and ZULU NATION activist SERVAL). The mix was constructed all live on two turntables and with plenty of doubles action, and GREEN GIANT shows he is no corny DJ (excuse the pun). Press play on your system and crank the volume as high as it goes. You KNOW we always bring you the good stuff...

Sunday 2 September 2012

Gone Diggin' (Diggin By Law Remix)

"Crate invaders all across the globe - stand up and be counted!"
The man with the golden mic OXYGEN has teamed up once again with beatmaker extraordinaire GENUS DEAN to remix his already classic "Gone Diggin'" track from 2010. This time GENSU gives the beat a whole new purpose and a touch of bounce. And the good news is ... this is being released on 10" vinyl through SLICE-OF-SPICE RECORDS in early November. Oh and I almost forgot ... keep your eyes peeled for the official video for "Gone Diggin'" which will appear on your PC screens very soon. Stay tuned right here for the official heads up.

Dust & Grooves meets the Funkyman

LORD FINESSE fans should have plenty to be pleased with right about now. Not only have SLICE-OF-SPICE RECORDS been releasing plenty of must-have FUNKYMAN material over this last year, but DUST & GROOVES head honch EILON PAZ has also caught up with FINESSE and conducted one of his usually excellent photographical interviews. Nowhere before have you seen LORD FINESSE in front of his record collection pulling out gems. The full interview is not live yet on DUST & GROOVES but here's a taster of what EILON has to come. And while you are pondering, order yourself a copy of the FUNKY TECHNICIAN INSTRUMENTALS LP through the SOS website (links below).




Saturday 1 September 2012

AOK at 57th Street Layup

Check out this super rare 80s footage of the ALL OUT KINGS, namely MESH, REAS and VEN, bombing the 57th Street lay-up in New York City around 1989. This Super 8 film footage and soundtrack (all courtesy of MESH himself) includes the trains arriving, the heavily tagged insides, and scenes from the platforms. Here's a few words from MESH....

"I'm MESH. That's me up in there (allegedly) and that's my man Smog up in there too in the video.

That crazy looking abstract squiggly car that shows in the first half of the video was from a previous night with my musical partner, Flasha TR Nation. We're joined at the hip even onto today. Right, bro? We just bugged and played with the absurd (even like you see in that S of the mini Mesh piece at the end of the other car) in those letters. It reads: Mesh Flasha. This is after I had done burners if anyone wants to know. Just wanted to be absurd that night and push the limit of what's acceptable, what's predictable and even expected within graffiti. I think it took 20 more years for people to go against the grain like that and poke fun at the very act of what you're doing, while still making something that's just complete looking and right - dope.

You can see my current work as well as many vintage flicks of train cars etc. on my website: Drop me a line there and say what's up.

That's a track of mine playing in the background titled: Mesh Rock. You can download it from iTunes here. I hope you enjoy this extremely rare bombing footage from the heyday of graffiti. Peace....MESH"