Friday 21 September 2012

Live and Direct with DJ Format & The Simonsound

Now sit down and get yourself comfortable because this right here is a an incredible audio and visual experience I have lined up for you .... in fact I would go as far as saying this is gonna be the dopest thing you've seen on screen this year.

Unless, of course, you made it to one of the many DJ FORMAT & THE SIMONSOUND shows performed around the Europe this year. Only then will you have witnessed the turntable fitness and technological trickery that these two Sound Generals create on a stage surrounded by vintage records, ancient moogs, vocoders, gadget boxes and rare accapellas, not forgetting the on point visuals and a posse of eager fans in attendance. The clever way they merge their sounds and mix up their tracks to create what I can only describe as a "live mixtape" right in front of your eyes is nothing short of breathtaking. Even the sharpest of hip hop trainspotters will find themselves bemused and constantly asking "what the f#ck did he just play??". I've never seen another show like it, but as of today you too can enjoy the same experience from the comfort of your own home and through your own speakers. Sit back relax and listen to some hip hop......

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