Sunday 26 July 2009

Primo Rockin' Beats

I copped two records this week whilst in my "break to the beat" mode. Recently I heard someone play a copy of LLOYD PRICE's "They Get Down" track from 1973 on GSF records and realised
that it was the horn loop used by DJ PREMIER on BIG SHUG's track "The Jig Is Up". Still with me? Well, suffice to say that I didn't own either record and felt I needed to correct that. That's unusual for me not to have a PRIMO joint if it's a banger. But that was only a short term problem until this week when I finally found BOTH the "JIG IS UP" bootleg(?) 12" and the LLOYD PRICE on a GSF 45rpm single. And as a funk track goes the LLOYD PRICE is tough, but there's no doubt it's those funky horns which PRIMO flipped that catch your ears every time. Once again the former GANG STARR beatmaker takes something simple and makes it extra-dope using his trusty formula. He certainly has an ear for that hip hop sound. Check out both the soundclips below...



Kid Dyno

Thursday 23 July 2009

Paul C Lives Volume 2

WOW! Check out another heavy PAUL C inspired mix from KID GREBO of BLAK PLANIT, featuring some killer PAUL C joints you know,and some you may not. Plus a few you would just love to own on vinyl, if they weren't so impossible to find or damn expensive to buy! Since I downloaded this mix it has been on heavy rotation here at DAILY DIGGERS headquarters, so I thought it only fair to share the dope shit with y'all. You can never have enough of PAUL C's funky stuff in my humble opinion. His ear for a sample, his techniques, and the wall of sound he created will remain hip hop folklore forever. If his life had not ended so prematurely, I can only imagine where his production skills would have taken him. I'm guessing to the T-O-P.

Huge props to KID GREBO.

01. Intro
02. M.C. Outloud- I'll Put A Hurten'
03. Phase & Rhythm- Hyperactive
04. Eric B & Rakim - Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
05. Ultramagnetic MC's- A Chorus Line
06. M.C. Tatiana- Mission To Rock (Scratches done by Paul C!)
07. G. Dane - Coolest Of The Cool
08. Phase & Rhythm- Brainfood
09. Sport G & Mastermind- live
10. Marauder & The Fury- Get Loose Mother Goose
11. Two Shades Of Black- Surrender
12. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud-Do The James
13. Main Source- Think
14. Queen Latifah & The 45 King- A King And Queen Creation
15. Stezo- Girl Trouble
16. Disco Twins & Star Child- There It Is
17. Grand Master Caz- Casanova's Rap
18. The Rangers- Jacks On Crack
19. Double Dose- Envious
20. Interlude
21. The Heartbeat Brothers- Bring In The Bassline
22. Mic Profesah- Cry For Freedom
23. Double Delight & DJ Slice Nice- Party Jump
24. Rappers On A Mission- S.O.L.O.
25. Princess Ivori- CrackPipe (changed it all)
26. Ultimate Choice- You Can't Front (We Will Rock you)
27. Live N Effect Posse- I'm Getting Physical
28. Outro

There might even be a bonus track or two...



Kid Dyno

Monday 13 July 2009

My Adidas - Chris Read & Danny Delta

I love the fact that major brands such as ADIDAS are now hip to what's hip (if you dig what I'm saying?) Not only are they putting out the freshest kicks that we have been screaming out for for years, and begun to whip NIKE's arse I might add, but they also seem to love the use of real hip hop in their web presence, TV adverts and advertising.

A few years ago, you would not catch me without a pair of NIKE AF1s on my feet, and ADIDAS weren't to be seen, other than the odd airing of some PRO-MODELS or classic SHELLS. But right now it's all about the CONCORDS, CAMPUS and TOP TENS that ADIDAS are throwing at me. Plus the AMERICANAS and FORUMS in the freshest colourways!

Two of East London's finest purveyors of the hip hop game, CHRIS READ and DANNY DELTA, have got together with the mighty ADIDAS who asked them to produce a summer mix to promote their new range with the theme "GAME ON!". The results are superbootytuff! Including a rocksteady remix version of "My Adidas" by RUN DMC. Dope work fellas (as usual). You NEED to check this out people!

ADIDAS ORIGINALS MIX - Chris Read & Danny Delta

It's "GAME ON!"

YO! Danny and Chris - nice to see you guys are keepin' it fresh as ever! Let's do RECORD CLUB reeeal soon.

Kid Dyno

Saturday 11 July 2009

The God Rakim

When it comes to catching my attention lyrically, there are few emcees that have the same effect on me as RAKIM. I'm not sure if transfixed or mesmerised are the best adjectives to use, but I'm pretty much in a hypnotic state when RAKIM is on the mic. I have yet to hear another emcee impress me as much as he did in July '86 when "Eric B for President" dropped on ZAKIA. I played it so much that summer I practically wore the damn grooves off the vinyl! To this day it is still one of my favourite pieces of plastic.
As many of you will know, that track was destined for a certain FREDDIE FOXXX, who couldn't make the recording session, which left the mic honours to RA. I'm sure that if FREDDIE had made that session, RAKIM would still have come to our attention through other means. An emcee with skills like his would never have been left undiscovered. But thanks to FREDDIE's busy schedule (or whatever excuse he had) our ears were truly blessed that summer. There has been many sound-a-likes of RA but there have been very few who came close. His rhyme patterns and style of delivery are unquantifiable in words, and that's why he is every emcee's favourite emcee. You only have to watch "A GREAT DAY IN HIP HOP" to know that. Do you recall MOS DEF being lost for words whilst in the presence of the GOD and a certain SLICK RICK? (incidentally the RICKSTER is my 2nd favourite man on the microphone).
Peep these videos of the man himself. If you know a better emcee then please lemme know (although you won't change my mind).

Thanks and props to NORMSKI for the photo.

Kid Dyno

Friday 10 July 2009

A Splash of Colour

Here's a little train action, plus a couple of walls. Just for the hell of it. It's always good to see expression in the visual form as well as audio. I ride the train not just to get from A to B, but also I enjoy seeing who "up" in LONDON town right now. Plus I'm amazed at some of the quality of the pieces I see. If I was trackside gone midnight, I doubt I could even write my own name straight.

Here's some random trains, most from London. Plus a vintage CRASH burner, an IZ THE WIZ dedication on steel, and a huge ROUGH wall ... click on the photos to enlarge.

Breaks For Days Radio

Here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ we aim to give you just what you need. You DEMAND high quality beats, and we SUPPLY.
Of course we like to tickle your tastebuds with a few underground records here and there, but our main aim is to provide 100% quality music for the hungry hip hoppers, and maybe while we're at it split your domepiece with a few killer breaks along the way. And I sincerely hope we achieve that high level of listener satisfaction. If we do, please drop a comment. If we don't, please do the same. If you have any requests then please hit us up also.
Tonight I've spent just over an hour in the DYNO kitchen cooking up some treats, and I've prepared a hip hop sandwich for you readers and listeners to devour over the weekend. Firstly on the outside we have some crispy breaks, with a freshly remixed hip hop filling, and finally topped with some funky nuggets on 45. Mmmmm sounds tasty. Get stuck in!

Ingredients: Bette Midler, Ralph MacDonald, James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, The Mighty Tom Cats, The Alkaholiks, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Rakim, Positive K, Barry White, WAR, Ramsey Lewis and more. This product does not contain nuts.


Kid Dyno

Thursday 9 July 2009

The Super B-Beat Show

Check out DJ MANE, SAKE and THE SON OF JAREL, namely the SEDGWICK AVE 1520 DJs. They spin a weekly show of b-boy funk, and there ain't no half stepping! Superdope guest mixes and all of that.
In 1997, SAKE and MANE formed the group 1520 SEDGWICK AVE DJs. Sake wanted to play the music that the father of Hip Hop DJ KOOL HERC was playing back in the 70 and early 80s. 1520 DJs is a tribute to Herc and to other DJs that were playing breaks, the original music of Hip Hop. If you like to get down and dirty on the dancefloor, then these podcasts are for YOU! Rocking the doubles like it should be done.


Kid Dyno

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Stacks of Wax - good or bad?

Record collecting can lead to obsessive behaviour. There ... I've said it now, and it's certainly true of many in the diggin' game. I never set out to be a collector, and have never considered myself a "collector" per se. I just fell in love with hip hop music at an early age (when 12" singles were the format of choice), and I wanted all the dope records AND to become the baddest deejay on the wheels of steel. OK so the latter part never happened, but as far as dope beats are concerned, I got big guns and lots of ammo! The good thing about having lots of records, is that every so often you will stumble upon a record deep in the racks that you forgot you even owned. It happens to me regularly, usually when I have the time to drop an LP, and leisurely peruse my racks (right now I got a Polish funk LP rocking in the background) I will spot something I may have forgotten about. Plus me being a fairly orderly person, I like my wax to be in the right place when I need it. I don't like to see piles of wax on the floor (like in the photo above) or records out of sleeves either. So shortly after buying stuff, I tend to clean them and rack them so I know it won't get lost or misplaced. Plus they're at arm's reach when I need them, but because of this habit I can sometimes forget what I have bought recently - hence a few remain there without being re-discovered until months or even years later. It's nice though when it happens.
But having lots of records also brings it downfalls. Here's a few obvious and some not so obvious...

NO ROOM - If it weren't for the Expedit shelving units from IKEA my place would just be a sea of records. It's amazing how racking them can free up your space (until you buy even more records and then have the same problem once again)

NO RENT MONEY - "Man, the bills can wait this month. So much you want for that promo only rarity?"

COMPULSIVE BUYING - You own a group's first 3 releases, so then feel compelled to track down their others, the LP and then all the promo 12"s and so on.

SUNKEN FLOORBOARDS - I currently live in a first floor flat, but if I buy any more records it may become the ground floor!

SLEEVE ODOUR - Due to the fact that old records are often stored in damp environments, hoarding second hand vinyl doesn't do a lot of good for the freshness of your home. Sometimes I come home to be greeted with a smell that I can only liken to the smell of my old school library. I guess it's all the damp and dusty paper sleeves. I don't mind the smell in small doses, but that's different to living with it.

MOVING HOUSE - Forget about it! A major muscle / transport / safety nightmare will only ensue.

PEOPLE GIVE YOU MORE RECORDS - I don't know why, but when
people know that you own lots of records, they always come to you saying "hey, my friend gave me some records that you can have" and then I'm confronted with two smelly old boxes of scratched 45rpm singles from the 80's pop scene. Do they honestly think that I collect ANY old records just for the sake of it? I'm not a vinyl graveyard! Then I have to politely explain that actually, I'm quite particular about what genre of records I care to own.

COLLECTION SIZE - Like any other testosterone filled male, once you have realised the size is getting big, you begin to thrive on it and do your best to stimulate more growth.

CATALOGUING NIGHTMARES - Keeping a track of what records you do own and don't own can become misty at times. It may sound like vagueness to others, but if your crates do run deep, then sometimes it takes time to locate stuff. In the past I have tried to keep a paper list, but within a week or two it was outdated. So what was the use of that?

But there are plenty more positives to be experienced than negatives. The joy of being able to lay my hands on this or that track from musical history has always been enough reward for me. To be able to play a friend, colleague, or fellow beatdigger any dope hip hop or funk track that I choose to. Forget bragging writes - that's for suckers. I always say that "it ain't what you got, it's HOW YOU ROCK IT!" anyway.
So given the choice, I wouldn't change a damn thing. I love my music and my obsessions whatever size the record collection gets to. It's part of who I am and I will gladly live amongst it, or on top of it if I have to.

Below is a soundclip of my lucky find in the racks for today. I love this LP but had forgotten entirely about how dope one of the joints was. I've added a clue in the link, but this time I'm giving no names.

straight from planet rock


Monday 6 July 2009

Breaks on 45

Yes it's that time again where we take an excursion through the 45 crates in search of some bad ass beats. Those who know me will tell you I'm a sucker for a funk 45, especially if there is some drum break action going on in between them grooves.
Right now is the best time to pick up some funky 45s, in terms of cost they are always much cheaper to find, and let's face it ... how many times have you bought an LP simply for one or two tracks only? And for some reason, I find record dealers and record shops seem to be "up" on LP prices these days, but few keep a check on 45s so often I can find an rare or expensive piece for just a few pounds. I like it like that! Right, let's kick some ballisitics....

This first little beauty is one of the first drum breaks I ever bought, but on the "THRUST" LP. It wasn't until later on I became the 45 fiend that you see now. But only recently did I find this bargain 45 in a cheapie pile with the track "Palm Grease" on it, and I was sure it was the track with the break. It seems this copy came from NENE VALLEY RADIO RECORD LIBRARY - see the sticker.
There are some nice choppable drum samples on the intro, followed by spontaneous key licks from Herbie, then an ill break loop with cowbells. Typical b-boy shit right here, as you would expect from the HEADHUNTERS ringleader. A funky bassline and horn punctuations set the tone, with Herbie's trademark funky keys and futuristic sound making the melody.
Born in Chicago in 1940, Herbie was a child piano prodigy who performed a Mozart piano concerto with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the tender age of 11. He began playing jazz in high school, initially influenced by Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. Also at this time, an additional passion for electronic science began to develop. In 1960, at age 20, Herbie was discovered by trumpeter Donald Byrd, who asked him to join his group. Byrd also introduced Herbie to Alfred Lion of BLUE NOTE RECORDS, and after two years of session work with the likes of Phil Woods and Oliver Nelson, he signed to the legendary label as a solo artist.
It's not just classic breaks like "God Made Me Funky" and "If You've Got It, You'll Get it" that make HANCOCK appeal to the hip hop masses, almost ALL of his music makes for funky listening. My simple advice - never walk past a HERBIE HANCOCK record in the bargain bin!

I can only describe this record as beautiful. It took me many years to track a copy down of this release, and it appeared on a few break comps so I knew finding one would not be an easy task. Most of BOHANNON's music doesn't really appeal to me, but on this killer track he and his band really hit the mark. The quiet guitar licks and organ stabs present a suspense-laden intro to this record, and then a quick build up to the headnodic groove. In the background the band hum the melody oh so softly, before the vocals come in. But it's the lazy horn solo that gets me ... soft and seductive but still as funky as hell.
Once you have listened to this track you are left feeling spiritually enlightened, as if you have been on a deep journey through your own consciousness.
The outro is just as hypnotic as the intro. I hope you love this record as much as I do!
Sampled by many and always sounds dope. Perhaps my favourite use of this record is "F**K YOU MAN" by KOOL G RAP. Warning! ... G RAP's lyrics are kinda triple X rated on this one. Only KOOL G RAP could take this smooth groove and turn it into a porn-influenced shagfest!
"Look at the size of my dick, and you'll adopt the muthafucka!"
Produced by TRAKMASTERZ.

MAIN SOURCE fans and break heads alike will dig this next record. I know very little about JESSE ANDERSON himself other than to tell you this was produced by the late great CURTIS MAYFIELD at the start of the 70s. Maybe you can tell me more?
A very short track indeed (only 2 minutes 20 seconds), but it's quality here that counts as opposed to quantity. On the dopemeter this records scores an easy 10 out of ten, and as soon as those 2:20 are up I find myself bringing the stylus back to the big drum roll start.
Laid back and funky are the key descriptives here, but the flute on this record does all the hard work, and then introduces us to the drum break itself. No wonder LARGE PRO and MAIN SOURCE used such a large sample of this track on their LP banger "Snake Eyes" (incidentally one of my favourite MAIN SOURCE joints.)

Probably better known to the b-boys and b-girls amongst you (I like to think the ladies are also tuning in to BREAKS FOR DAYS), as I don't think this has ever been sampled in hip hop (but if you know different please let me know). From the get go this record makes you wanna dance your ass off. The punchy handclap drum intro and guitar stabs are perfect for the breakin' circle. I know for a fact this gets regular spins at "real" b-boy events, and was very much a BREAK DJ LEACY trademark record. If you've heard him spin then no doubt you asked "what the fuck is this?"
Being from 1978, this is much later than I would usually tend to check for, but since my disco break obsession from a few years back, I now find myself checking the late 70's releases. This track "Ever Ready" can also be found on the LP of the same name also on COLUMBIA. Don't front, I know this gets you open!

SOUL EXCITERS - "Shoot The Monkey" 1-2-3 RECORDS
Nice little promo 45 this, I especially like the label logo of the bird playing the groove with it's beak! Crazy!
This track also gets my soul excited - the cheeky guitar licks and uber fast drums makes me wanna get down like JAMES BROWN, sliding across the floor. But surely these drums are far too fast to break down? Oh yes, you won't be disappointed as the mischievous guitar licks lead to a feint horn stab which brings the drums in.
The vocals refer to the funky monkey, so only God knows why they also insist we shoot the monkey. I say "let the monkey live!" Here's a copy being offered for sale by CRAIG MOERER.


Sunday 5 July 2009

Today's Bargains

Not much fruit on the digging trees today, but what I did find made me happy. I realised that despite all the records I DO have here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ, I didn't possess an original copy of "APACHE" by the INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND. Before you all begin to shout at your PC screen "What the EFF? But that's the godfather of all drum breaks, surely there is an OG copy in there somewhere?" I'm afraid not - but today I finally righted that massive wrong (believe me I haven't slept properly for years!) So all y'all beat diggers of the world please forgive my sins, I now have an original. It came cheap too without the original cover, which probably means I will end up buying yet another copy in the future, but the price was right as they say. And the vinyl is near mint so I definitely copped a bargain. Although I have a repress of this LP (did I just admit to that?) it sounded ten times better to blast the original. I don't know why, just call me stupid! And I never tire of hearing this record although it has been on constant rotation with deejays during 30 years of hip hop. Plus a funky little IKE AND TINA TURNER 45 also came home with me today - check the photo. Anyway, right now let's ALL get down to "APACHE" - king of the breaks without a "shadow" of a doubt (see what I did there?).


Check out this Apache documentary...

Kid Dyno

Saturday 4 July 2009

Larry Coryell - Morning Sickness

I recently received an email enquiring about an LP cover I had inadvertently shown in a photo on a previous post. "What's the deal with that CORYELL LP with the nude action on the cover?" I was asked. Well ... here's the dilly!
Texas-born LARRY CORYELL studied many instruments before becoming known as a guitar master. In the late 60s through to the early 70s he was one of the most in-demand guitarists in Rock, Jazz and all musical genres. During that time Larry was part of Rock's experimentation, and toured with Jack Bruce, and featured in sessions with Jimmy Webb, the 5th Dimension, Charles Mingus, Billy Cobham, Chick Corea and John McLaughlin to name a few. His vision to merge musical genres helped shape the sound of music during that period, and although his name may not be instantly familiar, no doubt you will have heard some of his music.
My first encounter with the sounds of CORYELL was through the use of his music by other artists, most notably BIZ MARKIE's use of "Morning Sickness" on his track entitled "On & On" from the "I Need a Haircut" LP. It took me a little while to find out what BIZ was rhyming over, but all the best diggers persist and eventually I dug up CORYELL's second LP release, and BINGO! Plus as a nice bonus there is also a surprise drum break in the middle of the track "No-one really knows". Thanks Larry!

BIZ MARKIE - "On & On"

LARRY CORYELL - "Morning Sickness"

LARRY CORYELL - "No-one Really Knows"

This latter track has also been sampled but I cannot recall which artist or track used it. If YOU know then holler at your boy Dyno. And next time you're out diggin', keep one eye open for Larry.

Kid Dyno

(oops it seems as if I have again inadvertently shown some other great LPs in the photo. Some serious drum breaks there - a special prize goes to anyone who can name all 9!)

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito WKCR 89TEC9

Everybody loves STRETCH & BOBBITO radio shows. Throughout the 90s their 89TEC9 radio show dropped some of the illest hip hop records that came out, some that didn't come out, demo tapes, underground exclusives, and a whole heap of freestyle sessions with your favourite rapper at that time. And remember this was at a time when HOT97 was supposedly ruling the hip hop airwaves in New York City. But not so, STRETCH ARMSTRONG AND KOOL BOB LOVE would set the roof on fire on a very late Thursday night show on WKCR, and this is what real hip hop heads listened to. (Also I gotta say that the DJ RIZ and CYPHA SOUNDS shows were dope too). HOT97 for me was too commercial, even back then. Ok so they had MARLEY, PETE ROCK and RED ALERT etc. hosting shows, but it didn't represent the underground sounds like STRETCH & BOB. Plus you have to love their sense of humour.
To this day STRETCH ARMSTRONG and BOBBITO still get a whole lotta hip hop love. And their radio shows - they've now become part of hip hop history.
Peep this show from February 26th 1998, featuring YOUNG ZEE and PACE WON feestyles, plus guest appearances from BLACK THOUGHT and COMMON right at the end. And not forgetting some dope late 90's beats. Enjoy!


...and check out BOBBITO reminiscing about the those good old days on WKCR 89.9FM. The SOURCE magazine even voted their show the best Hip Hop radio show of all time. Say word!