Friday 10 July 2009

Breaks For Days Radio

Here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ we aim to give you just what you need. You DEMAND high quality beats, and we SUPPLY.
Of course we like to tickle your tastebuds with a few underground records here and there, but our main aim is to provide 100% quality music for the hungry hip hoppers, and maybe while we're at it split your domepiece with a few killer breaks along the way. And I sincerely hope we achieve that high level of listener satisfaction. If we do, please drop a comment. If we don't, please do the same. If you have any requests then please hit us up also.
Tonight I've spent just over an hour in the DYNO kitchen cooking up some treats, and I've prepared a hip hop sandwich for you readers and listeners to devour over the weekend. Firstly on the outside we have some crispy breaks, with a freshly remixed hip hop filling, and finally topped with some funky nuggets on 45. Mmmmm sounds tasty. Get stuck in!

Ingredients: Bette Midler, Ralph MacDonald, James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, The Mighty Tom Cats, The Alkaholiks, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Rakim, Positive K, Barry White, WAR, Ramsey Lewis and more. This product does not contain nuts.


Kid Dyno


fish pws said...

Just tried to download it and got an "access denied" message from Demon instead. Hope it's not food poisoning...

Fishston Blumenthal said...

Dyno, Ignore the previous's working again. Bloody computers!

Anonymous said...

ahh, thank god we have lift off!, i too have had problems downloading...

works fine.P

Anonymous said...

I've heard music is the healing force of the universe. I agree. just listening to the podcast has made my day.Thanks 4 da shout kid dyno!

daily diggers catchin' most wreck.loved the transition from that D-nice remix(how good?)into the pete and cl 'good life'-group home mix..wicked toons, classic breaks selection mate.TOPs.

nice up to dyno, beat detective and me ol mate dj skye and all dailydiggers worldwide. pz fam. P

Daily Diggers said...

Yo fellas.

Hope the DL is working now. Seems OK from here.

FISH, did you enjoy the beats? Hey I checked your PWS page, some serious styles going on there. You KNOW I love my train action. I just wish I has the balls to come with you.

and P, many thanks man it's a real pleasure to read your comments as always.
Yeah that D-NICE "crumbs" SD50 remix is the shit! But did you like the Bette Midler break (1st record)? That's another record my homey DJ SKYE put me up on, and is always £1 to pick up. His break knowledge is out of this world!

keep rockin'....

Kid "blowing up is what I do" Dynomite

fishlington said...

Yes Dyno, a nice selection there for sure, some i know,some i don't and some i forgot i had.
Hearing that Ramsey Lewis track reminded me how long it took to find a copy of that album and to this day it remains the most expensive lp i've ever bought...£30!!
Looking forward to the next installment.
Thanks for the shout too.
Rock on...

Anonymous said...

haha Dyno, "blowin' up the spot" indeed my friend - superb. that SD50 remix rocks - big time.
Yep That Bette Midler was noted,i do have a copy of that one "daytime hustler" right? from 'divine miss m'lp who would have thought she had any beats in the first place, truely the meaning of diggin'.P

Brother Skye's knowledge is deeeep "deeper than atlantis" as Brother J once rapped..its about the beats! word up!

Can someone tell us what the Main Source 'Think' break?is that Dyno played, at least it sounded like 'Think' sounds a lot like an instrumental JB heater? am i right.