Monday 30 January 2012

All Day I Dream About Sneakers

Now this is what I call a pop-up shop! ADIDAS certainly got a bright spark working in their marketing department somewhere. This temporary store in Buenos Aires which looks like a box of kicks must be a real sight for sore eyes, especially if you love three stripes like I do.

The Concept of Biting

ALIEN NESS (MIGHTY ZULU KINGZ) and ABY (THE BRONX BOYS) discuss the concept of biting amongst b-boys. Straight up biting will always be against the law whichever element of hip hop culture you choose to practice, but if you take something and make it better - that's a whole different situation entirely! I'm all for it where someone improves on an existing technique, but remember this - you gotta have your own style.

Friday 27 January 2012

Vinyl Veterans

My fellow VINYL VETERANS crew members are playing the funky sounds tomorrow night alongside L-DOLO at ROCK & ROLLER 95 Western Road in Brighton. Expect a selection of beats, beats and more beats plus plenty of turntable trickery, and it's a strictly vinyl selection as you would expect.

Thursday 26 January 2012

Schifrin & Budd Play Shaw

SKEME RICHARDS and HOT PEAS & BUTTA are back with another installment to the SOUND OF FILM series with the current mix being dedicated to the classic 42nd Street Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films and two of the greatest composers of all time, LALO SCHIFRIN and ROY BUDD, for this cinematic adventure titled SCHIFRIN & BUDD PLAY SHAW. In true Hot Peas and Butta fashion, SKEME reworks dialogue from some of his favorite flix and rearranges them to his favorite film scores which gives it a totally new feel from both angles.
This one goes out to all the pushers, pimps, muggers, thieves, hookers and hustlers!
Hot Peas and Butta (DJ Skeme Richards) Presents - Schifrin-Budd Play Shaw Bros by hotpeasandbutta

Monday 23 January 2012

Nuggets & Gems

Here's a re-up of "NUGGETS & GEMS" mix by my good friends DJs PRECISE & OLSON. Lot's of rare funk and library beats on this one, or "nuggets" as we call them. Get diggin' for yours...

Sunday 22 January 2012

Rosy One

ROSY ONE exhibition: "Too Much Is Never Enough"

SPEERSTRA GALLERY, Bursins, Switzerland 28th Jan 25th Feb 2012

Juice Crew Live

As MARLEY MARL mentioned in the video I posted a few days ago, the JUICE CREW are due to tour Europe this Spring and have just announced the London date at the HMV FORUM (formerly the THE FORUM and before that the TOWN & COUNTRY CLUB) in Kentish Town North London. On the bill are COLD CHILLIN' RECORDS legends BIZ MARKIE, BIG DADDY KANE, ROXANNE SHANTE, MASTER ACE, MC SHAN and not forgetting CRAIG G. No mention so far of MARLEY on the flyers but according to the super producer himself he will be there. In my opinion it's a shame that KOOL G RAP isn't on the list of acts, and secondly it's a tragedy that MR MAGIC aka SIR JUICE is no longer alive to join in the fun. I just hope the recent "words" between SHAN and MARLEY doesn't affect the line up - I was at a BIZ MARKIE / BDK gig at the forum in the 90s where BIZ never showed. Despite massive disappointment at the time KANE still tore the roof off the Forum and truly made up for the lack of BIZ. It's almost 25 years since the members of the JUICE CREW had a stranglehold over the hip hop charts. I personally don't wanna miss this gig as I fear it may be the last chance we have in the UK to see all these rap legends perform under one roof. Don't delay, get your ticket today.
And to make up for KOOL G RAP not making an appearance, here is a slice of his performance from the UK COLD CHILLIN' TOUR from whaaay back in 1988. Whistle posse in the house!

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Bankrupt Europeans

No this isn't my knock at the state of the European economy right now, just a heads up to what's dope in the world of new hip hop releases. Do you like fast rap? Do you often yearn for the old and true school? If you answered a straight "yes" to both of these questions then you need to keep abreast of the forthcoming BANKRUPT EUROPEANS and PHILL MOST CHILL extended player. With track titles like "we don't play" and "nuthin' to mess with" I think I know what to expect on this one. Snooze and you lose!

New DJ Format Album

Keep 'em peeled next month as the new DJ FORMAT LP entitled "Statement of Intent" is due to drop. The LP features not only some of FORMAT's best productions to date, but also the accomplished rhyme skills of MCs like SURESHOT LA ROCK, PHILL MOST CHILL, MR LIF and EDAN. I have been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the LP and I can tell you right now that some of these joints will have tingles running down your spine. For me tracks like EGO TRIP, REMEMBER, BEYOND DISCO and LIVE AT THE PLACE TO BE stick out like sore thumbs as my favourites after my first few listens. Although as this LP gets heavy rotation at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ I find myself becoming more entwined sonically with some of the other less obvious tracks. FORMAT's production skills on this LP are exemplary to say the least, and without trying to make a pun his sound is now very mature (his debut LP was entitled "Music for the Mature B-boy"). "Statement of Intent" is an audio amalgamation of the sort of beats, b-lines, horns, stabs, percussion etc. that FORMAT himself likes and plays as a music lover. On other tracks you can expect some low down dirty fuzz guitar and even some electric guitar riffs - so widespread are FORMAT's sample choices that it will have beatdiggers scratching their heads for some time. In other words, this LP musically represents FORMAT maybe more so than his debut album did. And his collaboration with SURESHOT LA ROCK on several tracks on this project was a marriage made in heaven - as a duo you certainly wouldn't want to be standing opposite these dudes ina battle! On the whole I really like it, and I think you will too. Take a sneak peak below at the promo video, then buy the album when he drops it!

Monday 16 January 2012

Nero Inferno

Italian hits on steel.

Rest In Peace Jimmy Castor

I've just heard the sorry but unconfirmed news that JIMMY CASTOR has passed away aged 64. I'm sure in the Hip Hop community he will be remembered most for the stone cold killer joint that is "It's Just Begun". But I could list you half a dozen killer tracks by THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH that are essentials to own in your crates. I saw online recently someone referring to THE INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND's "Apache" as the National Anthem of hip hop worldwide. Well if that is the case then "It's Just Begun" would have been a very close second choice. Have a listen to JIMMY's live version below and say a prayer for the man that gave us an absolute b-boy classic.

Sunday 15 January 2012

Marley Marl Hits Back

Within hours of MC SHAN's youtube video concerning the making of "Symphony", MARLEY has dropped a response...

Hot Peas & Butta James Brown Tribute

HOT PEAS & BUTTA bring you another of their annual JAMES BROWN tribute nights with SKEME RICHARDS, CHAIRMAN MAO, MONK ONE and KAMUI on deck duties. I just wish I was in New York next weekend!

Oxygen's Strong Island Anthems

If you didn't spot this article at the end of last year over at RYAN PROCTOR's excellent OLD TO THE NEW website then I'm here to steer you in the right direction. When it comes to the boroughs of New York City, the BRONX, BROOKLYN, MANHATTAN and QUEENS always get a (well deserved) mention on hip hop records but when it came down to hardcore hip hop in the 1980s the fact of the matter is that STRONG ISLAND was absolutely killing it! Take a peep at OLD TO THE NEW where my good friend and Long Island resident OXYGEN (from SPOX PHD and formerly of SPUTNIK BROWN) listed ten of his favourite LONG ISLAND anthems from the last 30 years and dropped a little knowledge on each track. Check out some of these dope STRONG ISLAND records and also brush up on your L.I. knowledge at the same time. Check 'em out HERE.

OXYGEN & KID DYNO ... hardcore diggers for life

Normski x Classic Material

Anyone familiar with the Hip Hop scene in the UK throughout the 1980s will no doubt be aware of the contribution the photographer (and TV presenter) NORMSKI gave to Hip Hop. From the very early part of the decade NORMSKI was documenting Hip Hop culture using his natural talent behind a camera lens, and soon after he became the photographer of choice for all hip hop magazines and artists alike. There is something very special with many of the photographs NORMSKI has taken over the years, whether it be a candid shot of your favourite rapper in an unusual situation or maybe a well-timed frame of an average b-boy doing the do. NORMSKI certainly got skills. Following the success of the CLASSIC MATERIAL exhibition which featured some of NORMSKI's finest work, you can now pick up some ultra limited NORMSKI prints. Now if you are a die hard hip hopper then I suggest you take a peep because these prints would look superb framed and on your wall. Keep clicking away NORMSKI!
Big Daddy Kane photo by NORMSKI taken during the UK Cold Chillin' Tour

MC Shan's "True Stories"

MC SHAN has decided to put the record straight in regard to the reasons why he didn't appear on the JUICE CREW "Symphony" track back in '88 when MARLEY MARL was putting together the IN CONTROL VOLUME 1 album. According to MARLEY's version of events, SHAN didn't want to appear on the track even though it was on recorded the same day as the legendary JUICE CREW photo shoot that appears on the back of the LP (with all involved lounging near a private jet and MARLEY dressed as the pilot). MARLEY had always told the other JUICE CREW members that SHAN himself didn't think he needed to record a track with any "new-jack" MCs as his career had already taken off. After seeing MASTA ACE speaking on the matter SHAN has now decided to broadcast his views on how this situation went down. Who is telling the truth? I will let you decide for yourself. Either way this is interesting stuff.


To follow on from my last post, here's some more classic hits on steel (but this time from UK shores) in this video by DOCTOR ZOOTS entitled UN1950. Listen to the lyrics! Now you know.

Doctor Zoots - UN 1950 from antisocial blog on Vimeo.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Classic Hits

There are some crazy dope books about graffiti writing available to buy these days. I had to quench my thirst for graffiti for years by studying the classic SUBWAY ART and SPRAYCAN ART books cuz there were no other publications readily available to buy (with the exception of underground hand produced and often simply photocopied graffzines). So nowadays I am most pleased that I can readily pick up books with vintage train photos from the 70s 80s and 90s and by numerous artists and crews from various countries. Hence when I see a new and interesting graff book I just have to purchase a copy like it was a knee-jerk reaction, especially if it concentrates on train piecing. I have just tallied up and I am up to 50 titles so far and there is still a handful out there I would like to own. Some of the most essential titles in my opinion are SUBWAY ART 25th Anniversary "coffee table" size edition, NEW YORK CITY GRAFFITI: THE DESTINY CHILDREN, NYC SUBWAY GRAFFITI (by Tod Lange), FROM THE PLATFORM, CRACK & SHINE (incredible book featuring UK writers), WHOLECARS, and the ON THE RUN MOAS edition is fantastic also as it is crammed full of end to end burners and colourful wholecars from the mostly Danish MONSTERS OF ART crew. Over the last 10 years or so there has been an explosion of quality books from all continents of the globe featuring everything from tags, sticker bombing, train bombing, to whole cars and hall of fame productions. Now I could never complain that there isn't enough choice out there for me.

Thanks for BOB DISASTER for giving me a heads up on the soon to be released CLASSIC HITS book from old school writer ALE ONE. This is book is full of special photos and wonderful stories behind some of the earliest and most classic of New York City's train hits. Old School writers and serious train graffiti enthusiasts need to check this book out as it looks like it will be amazing from the brief promotional video. Take a look below - now this is what I'm talking about!!

Monday 9 January 2012

Nike AF1 with the Mesh

I spotted on ebay a pair of 1998 Nike Air Force 1 Highs in almost deadstock condition, just a shame they're not in my size. These white leather high tops with the mesh in the centre panel were the shit in the mid 90s. I remember V.I.M.s being the spot for these in Manhattan - they had all colours including blue, green and orange canvas high top joints. I just wish I had bought up multiple pairs back then.
If you are an AIR FORCE ONE addict like myself and you take a size US10.5 UK9.5 then you should jump on these homeboy!

Sunday 8 January 2012

Writing My Name ...

Records Records Records...

DJ ECLIPSE gives us a glimpse of his infinite record racks, his cassette collection and his beat lab. I give props to anyone who has records stacked high through the house especially when it encroaches upon the kitchen!

Lewis Parker - Shark

Don't sleep on this latest vinyl release from UK hip hop stalwart LEWIS PARKER which you can cop exclusively through the KING UNDERGROUND website. LEWIS's many years of programming the SP1200 and taking control of the mic has helped him reach new heights with his music. I think that New York vibe has rubbed off on you Lewis! Good work indeed - and keep a look out for the limited ocean blue vinyl copies with free poster.

Rockin' Fly Kicks

Hip Hoppers have always been noted for their fresh footwear, whether it be a pair of old school Adidas "shell toes" (as worn by RUN DMC) or boxfresh NIKE AIR FORCE ONEs (in one of a million different colourways). Or maybe a pair of MC SHAN's favourite shoe, the PUMA CLYDE. Whatever was on your feet they had to be kept fresh and back in the days we even carried a toothbrush for any sneaker emergencies we encountered - you gots to stay fresh YO!
I was checking out COMPLEX magazine recently and I noticed a pretty damn comprehensive rundown of all the fly kicks featured on Hip Hop album covers over the last 30 years. Some of you will have rocked some of the fifty or so listed sneakers I'm sure. Although I have to be perfectly honest I have never been and never will be a fan of NIKE AIR JORDANS, and it's surprising how many albums feature a pair of Michael Jordan's signature shoe in one of it's many incarnations.
As for all the craziness surrounding the re-launch of the 1996 Air Jordan shoe recently - I'm shocked to be honest that so many people are willing to fight, rob or steal for such an ugly looking shoe. Say word!
Here's a few of my favourite covers from the list over at COMPLEX. Take a peep at the whole article and see how many YOU got in your sneaker cupboard.

check out COMPLEX magazine

Fish - Antimix Number 2

FISH from ANTISOCIAL has dropped another ANTIMIX full of brazen beats for your domepiece, to follow up his ANTIMIX NUMBER 1 and MARCH OF THE PESCATONS mix that he dropped some years ago. Featured artists include DENNIS COFFEY, RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO, NATURAL YOGURT BAND, CCS BAND and more.
This brother from the North knows how to get down with his digging game, and he ain't no slouch when it comes to the other elements of hip hop culture; keep your eyes peeled and your ears alert to his dope tracks with DOCTOR ZOOTS over at ANTISOCIAL.

You can download ANTIMIX NUMBER 2 right HERE.

Friday 6 January 2012


All fans of paint on steel out there need to get down to East London next month as there is a showing of the German film WHOLETRAIN at 93 FEET EAST in Brick Lane on Wednesday 29th February. TRACKSIDE BURNERS crew are proudly showing the film alongside productions from the excellent GLOBAL FACTIONS crew (who interviewed OXYGEN whilst he was in the UK). I hope to see you there.

If you don't know anything about this film then take a peep HERE at the synopsis.

Monday 2 January 2012

Year of the Horse Vol.1

Year of the Horse! Vol. 1 (Kogataroo, Lean Rock, Shame, and Jus Jones) by Dj Lean Rock

Welcome to 2012! Let's get the twenty dozen off to a flying start with a doubles mix courtesy of DJ LEAN ROCK, KOGATARO, JUS JONES and DJ SHAME. There's lots of high horsepower beats you ain't heard in this nice little mix, and of course they have all been put together bronx style. No special effects or over ripe beats here, just dextrous doubles and strictly b-boy flavour.