Tuesday 10 January 2012

Classic Hits

There are some crazy dope books about graffiti writing available to buy these days. I had to quench my thirst for graffiti for years by studying the classic SUBWAY ART and SPRAYCAN ART books cuz there were no other publications readily available to buy (with the exception of underground hand produced and often simply photocopied graffzines). So nowadays I am most pleased that I can readily pick up books with vintage train photos from the 70s 80s and 90s and by numerous artists and crews from various countries. Hence when I see a new and interesting graff book I just have to purchase a copy like it was a knee-jerk reaction, especially if it concentrates on train piecing. I have just tallied up and I am up to 50 titles so far and there is still a handful out there I would like to own. Some of the most essential titles in my opinion are SUBWAY ART 25th Anniversary "coffee table" size edition, NEW YORK CITY GRAFFITI: THE DESTINY CHILDREN, NYC SUBWAY GRAFFITI (by Tod Lange), FROM THE PLATFORM, CRACK & SHINE (incredible book featuring UK writers), WHOLECARS, and the ON THE RUN MOAS edition is fantastic also as it is crammed full of end to end burners and colourful wholecars from the mostly Danish MONSTERS OF ART crew. Over the last 10 years or so there has been an explosion of quality books from all continents of the globe featuring everything from tags, sticker bombing, train bombing, to whole cars and hall of fame productions. Now I could never complain that there isn't enough choice out there for me.

Thanks for BOB DISASTER for giving me a heads up on the soon to be released CLASSIC HITS book from old school writer ALE ONE. This is book is full of special photos and wonderful stories behind some of the earliest and most classic of New York City's train hits. Old School writers and serious train graffiti enthusiasts need to check this book out as it looks like it will be amazing from the brief promotional video. Take a look below - now this is what I'm talking about!!


Repo said...

Happy New Year, Dom!

This is crazy! The amount of graf books out over the last 10 years is just incredible.
I only have a small handful and yet I can't help thinking how many more does one need before the excitement dies away - obviously from your post that'll be a while yet for yourself ;-D

I got a Waterstones gift voucher for Xmas so I'm umming and ahhhing over which book to buy. I've been reading favorable reviews for 'Early New York Subway Graffiti 1973-1975' so I might go for that.

Anonymous said...

nice alter