Thursday 22 October 2009

Breaks for Days Radio

I finally got round to recording another hour or so of our vinyl tomfoolery here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ. Sorry for the long wait ... but I've been mad busy lately . I gotta be honest though, there's no real preparation to what records we play, other than that my buddy BEAT DETECTIVE brings round a bag of his freshest wax finds, and I pull out of my racks whatever feels right at the time. Let's call it a spontaneous beatdown.
There's plenty of breaks & beats to go round this week - definitely one for the beatheads. But of course we wouldn't dare leave you without dropping a few hip hop gems. I hope you enjoy the "less talk more sounds" approach this week. Rock on!


Kid Dyno

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Double Goose

The regular readers of BREAKS FOR DAYS will remember my post a couple of years back about the legendary DOUBLE GOOSE COUNTRY leather jackets made famous by the likes of RUN DMC, RAKIM, LL COOL J, and all your other favourite rappers. That's right, anyone who was anyone in Hip Hop back in the 1980's sported a v-stitch GOOSE with fur collar. Now that shit was super fresh back in the days, and it's super fresh right now. The guys from DOUBLE GOOSE in France have opened a pop-up store in NYC and you know it's gonna be a sell out. So do not sleep, as these new DOUBLE GOOSE jackets are made to the highest quality, and in some of the freshest colours. I've even heard that to celebrate bringing the DOUBLE GOOSE jacket back to New York City, they are producing a limited number of orange v-stitch bombers. Holy smoke, I NEED one of those jackets (Thomas from DOUBLE GOOSE I hope you're reading this!). As my readers already know I'm a serious GOOSEDOWN addict, so I need to add to the 3 originals I already own. And I must say that I fully support DOUBLE GOOSE and give them massive props for bringing the real deal jackets back onto the streets. The photo on the left shows SKEME RICHARDS RSC (super rocking break deejay) and my bad self sporting my original beige v stitch bomber GOOSE (and yes I do still have the fur). Check out my earlier GOOSEDOWN post using the link below, and get your arse down to the pop-up store in NYC and keep yourself warm this winter, whilst still looking superbootytuff!

Get Down with the Goosedown


And a shout to Thomas @ DOUBLE GOOSE - please keep a bottle-green bomber with black fur on ice for your boy Kid Dynomite. Say word!

Thanks to SKEME RICHARDS for the photo (it was great to hook up at the b-boy champs homeslice!)

& props to OLLIE TEEBA for sporting his red v-stitch DOUBLE GOOSE bodywarmer at KING OF THE BEATS last that's that shit!

Kid Dyno

Monday 19 October 2009

DJ Shame Interview - Dust & Grooves

If you're a heavy record collector with an addiction to all things fonky, then you NEED to check out this dope interview with DJ SHAME by my man EILON PAZ from That's some crazy records on the wall huh? Massive props go to EILON for documenting the beatdigging and record collecting culture. If you didn't know about his Dust & Grooves website, then NOW you KNOW! And keep checking his site cuz you never know who may pop up next ... ;o)

click here to peep it.

Kid Dyno

Saturday 17 October 2009

Monday 12 October 2009

Breaks For Days Radio

...coming reeeal soon.

Calling all you beatdiggers and hip hoppers! If you got any requests, you know what to do. Stay tuned.

Kid Dyno

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships - World Finals

The World’s best breakers bring the Battle to Britain at the annual Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships World Finals this coming SATURDAY and SUNDAY in LONDON. Crews from around the world will be flying into the UK Capital with the main aim of wiping the floor with their competition and taking home the crown.

Spinning the freshest breaks and beats over the weekend will be DJs RENEGADE, SKEME RICHARDS, SHORTEE BLITZ and DJ TIMBER. And I'm hoping to be there myself to soak up the atmosphere and watch a few dope moves. Hopefully those of you in the LONDON area will be reaching either of the jams at ISLINGTON on SATURDAY, or BRIXTON on SUNDAY for the final.

Here's the press release ...

"The best dancers from around the globe will be competing for the coveted title of Sony Ericsson World Champions.
The best poppers, lockers, B-Girls and B-Boys will flaunt their best moves and tricks at the Brixton Academy on Sunday 11th October in the World’s #1 B-Boy competition. Hosted by the original and undisputed founder of B-Boy, 24-year veteran Crazy Legs, the World Final is set to be the most prestigious and high calibre break-dance event of the year.

Sony Ericsson is bringing together the best of the best from the qualifiers in US, Japan, Korea, Russia, Holland and Scandinavia. After a five-month search, staging seven international eliminations, the most impressive dancers will now take part in the ultimate B-Boy battle. Joining them will be the UK’s winning breakin’ crew, Soul Mavericks, the eight-strong team hailing from London who will represent Great Britain in this year’s team competition.

After wowing the crowds in the UK Final with their explosive freestyle interjected with slick choreographed routines and their secret weapon, B-Girl Roxy – the ‘Mavericks’ will be challenging the greatest break-dance teams from around the world for the title of Sony Ericsson World B-Boy Champions.

Over 10,000 people are set to descend into London to watch all the incredible action and contests during the two-day event.

For the first time this year, there will be a special B-Girl battle event on Saturday 10th October at Islington Academy, judged by Lady Jules, star of the movie ‘B-Girl’, due to be released on 12th October.

Channel 4 has also re-commissioned the second series on the trials and tribulations of the world’s greatest breakers, poppers & lockers in the lead-up to the Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships World Finals.

The six-part series ‘2009 Sony Ericsson World B-Boy Series’, will document the search to find the most talented break-dancers to compete at the World Finals. Plus, if you miss any action you can catch up on all the episodes with fresh updates on how each battle went down at

In keeping with the big beats, style and flair of B-Boy, winning crews will also take home the Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman™ handsets. Set the phone on its integrated stand and watch videos on the crystal clear 2.6” TFT display with powerful speakers and an in-built 3.5mm audio jack."

I'll be at the ISLINGTON KNOCKOUT JAM on SATURDAY, see you there! And make sure you dress fresh!

Kid Dyno