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Wednesday 24 August 2011

More Beats From Mr Bombay

Made using the original vinyl, live performance audio and a deep love for RUN DMC, JORUN BOMBAY is back in your face with another of his special beat bonanzas - this time on the remix tip of a RUN DMC classic. Ah yeah!!

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Put Some Boom In Your Box

Third photo courtesy of JAMEL SHABAZZ

Sunday 21 August 2011

King Of The Beats

Our readers who have even a slight interest in beat digging will no doubt have heard or seen the good work of PRITT KALSI and his KING OF THE BEATS organisation. Whether it is filming legendary beat diggers at work, organising beat battles or releasing dope beats on vinyl, PRITT has got it well and truly covered. And his attention to detail is staggering as are his connections within the real hip hop community. If you have seen his original films then you will know how PRITT rolls ..... MARLEY MARL, PSYCHO LES, CASANOVA RUD, THE CREATORS, TR LOVE, THE 4ORCE, JAZZY JAY, ARTFUL DODGER, DJ DEVASTATE, HIJACK, BEYOND THERE and many other respected names all appear in his films and give their two cents on diggin' for beats.
Now PRITT is back on top form with his KING OF THE BEATS full length HD MOVIE incorporating the "WHO'S GONNA TAKE THE CRATE" challenge, and you can watch it now at his KING OF THE BEATS site. Once again sterling work by PRITT!

Saturday 20 August 2011

Instrumentals You Never Got

JORUN BOMBAY is at it again knocking out those instrumentals you never got. The scenario is this ... you have a favourite rap record from yesteryear but there was never an INST version on the 12" release or perhaps it was an album cut. Well JORUN has been busy on the boards re-creating some of them dope beats we never got to hear in INSTRUMENTAL form. Check him out YO!

B-Boy Luigi RSC

Classic Material 1996

DJs MR SHIVER (Unsung Heroes/SDM), CHRIS READ (Music of Substance/BBE), NICKNAME (Droppin Science) and LEON (Ah Sh!t) will be playing nothing but 1996 hip hop all night long at CLASSIC MATERIAL tonight at the CITY & ARTS MUSICAL PROJECT in London. Nearest tube is OLD STREET and entry if free as always. The CLASSIC MATERIAL nights are the ultimate if you wanna reminisce musically about the boom bap sound of the mid 90s, and don't forget to visit the CLASSIC MATERIAL online shop to pick up year-related box sets, tee shirts, and copies of the legendary CLASSIC MATERIAL mixes put together by CHRIS READ.

Friday 19 August 2011

Live From Echo Base

Check out this killer LIVE FROM ECHO BASE podcast in association with DEPHECT CLOTHING. It kicks like a mule from the word go! Special guest DJ this month is CHRIS P CUTS on the wheels. Got some ill joints on there so do not snoooze - including the ROC MARCIANO "Jaws" joint and a banger from ACTION BRONSON.

Check it out at DEPHECT

Yokel Addicts

Thanks to PALMA for putting me up on this excellent video. These guys are hilarious - if you love record this!!

YOKEL ADDICTS from Roundabout Town Productions on Vimeo.

Sputnik Cypha

Here's a little SPUTNIK BROWN cypha session live on 89.9 WKCR RADIO from back in February 2006. Taken from the unreleased SEVEN TWENTY EP. Enjoy.

Cazal Eyewear

For all you CAZAL EYEWEAR fans out there you can now pick up your 607, 951 and 904 models at the new official CAZAL online spot. Protect your eyes and look uber fresh at the same time. Check em out. And if you missed our little homage to CAZAL then peep this post here.

"The CAZAL 607 has not only one but two origins. Though introduced as early as the late 1970s, this style reached full iconic status in 1984 – and has maintained it ever since.

CAZAL wanted to create a corrective eyeglasses frame made of 10-mm-strong acetate. Only very few manufacturers at the time dared use that material. Its strength allowed the designer to cut many surface facets to create an exhilarating play of light and reflection. Black, Havana, and Crystal are the preferred colours – with some transparent Smoke Grey thrown in.

This extraordinarily solid style called for a metallic counterpart, which appears as temple lining in shining and matte gold.

The CAZAL 607 or “cazzy”, as Americans lovingly call it, remains to this day the most popular CAZAL style of all times."

Thursday 18 August 2011

Across the Tracks

Monday 15 August 2011

Team Robbo

I'm sure I don't need to confirm which side of the fence the DAILY DIGGERS are on when it comes to the recent BANKSY vs KING ROBBO feud. I have nothing personal against BANKSY himself (especially as I sold my BANKSY Lady Diana ten pound note for mad loot a few years ago) but I am far from being a fan of his work, or that of any other so-called street artist. I guess my gripe is that the general public are always duped into thinking he is a graff writer. He may well have been years ago, but the moment he gave up can control for stencils was also the moment he ended his "writer" career.
I must be honest I found it highly amusing when London bomber 10FOOT made a point of ragging a few BANKSY originals around East London. However when the Bristol born artist made a point of going over a 25year old ROBBO piece he not only picked a fight with ROBBO himself but he courted disrespect from the whole writer community.
ROBBO made a point of coming out of retirement to teach him a lesson, and if you watched the excellent CHANNEL 4 documentary then you know what happened next.

I would like to wish ROBBO a very speedy and full recovery following his serious head injury received back in APRIL of this year. Details are sketchy of what exactly happened to ROBBO but he is presently in an induced coma to aid his recovery. Please get well soon. All graff heads can support the fundraiser event on Sunday 4th September 2011 at CARGO in Shoreditch East London.

The writing is on the wall for BANKSY!!

Take Five Out & Chill To This

Recently I heard from KID GREBO of the crew BLAK PLAN IT giving me a heads up on a new video they've dropped for the track "Chill". You will remember KID GREBO is that slick dude who brought us the superdope and highly acclaimed "PAUL C LIVES" mixtapes from a few years back. If you slept on those mixes then you NEED to get your google in effect cuz KID GREBO dropped more jewels than a clumsy diamond thief!
BLAK PLAN IT are back with a mellow summer jammy to keep your heads bopping before Autumn sets in. This joint kinda reminds me of some PHARCYDE / SOULS OF MISCHIEF / MOUNTAIN BROTHERS type shit. Crank up the volume and open those windows!

Super shouts to KID GREBO and BLAK PLAN IT.

..and if you missed their previous dope joint "Everything's Blak" then peep this video...

Stakes is High

If you get yourself down to BRIGHTON over the last bank holiday in AUGUST you are in for a real vinyl treat in the form of the VINYL VETERANS charity alldayer to be held on Sunday 28th. Where else can you experience a marathon 12 hour session of funk, soul, breaks and classic hip hop (vinyl only) and not pay a penny on the door? Nowhere is the answer.
It all kicks off at 2pm and carries on til the break of dawn, so put some pep in your step and get down to Brighton on the 28th. DJs on the day will be MAC McRAW, MATT the HAT, MR KRUM, BOBBY BOUCHER, DJ FOLY, OMC, TIPSTER, SCRATCHY MUFFIN, ROB LIFE, SOUTHPAW and guest deck technicians DJ MEX and yours truly KID DYNO.

I hope to see ya there - tell ya boys to bring tha noise!

Super Duty Tough

Rest in peace to the "King of Styyyyle" namely KASE 2 who sadly passed away last weekend. He will always be an inspiration to writers across the globe after his infamous appearance and memorable quotes in the film STYLE WARS. He will no doubt be remembered for burning the New York City transit system despite the fact that he only had one arm, and for being a true style innovator. Remember, once he begins to camouflage it I doubt you will even be able to read it!

Friday 5 August 2011

Groove Jitsu

I was gonna upload a brand new BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO show this week, but following my post a few days ago concerning the SKEME RICHARDS KUNG-FU post, the dude by the name of KING MEGATRIP (check him out at BooMBoX) hit me off with a link to his fantastic GROOVE JITSU mix - a collection of martial arts related tracks blended together with other fight themes and movie scores with a sprinkling of hip hop instrumentals. It's so damn good that I thought I would bless you all with this instead and come correct with another hour of DAILY DIGGERS goodness next week.
GROOVE JITSU also features the LORDS OF PERCUSSION track I mention in my previous post. Also he drops another DAILY DIGGERS favourite by MARVIN HOLMES which I have dropped on numerous occasions when I play out. This mix is quality from start to finish, so I would like to say to KING MEGATRIP "simply excellent ... you have learned well from the lessons of the past."

However I will let MEGATRIP himself introduce the mix...

"I had been saving all sorts of “fight” word samples for a couple years – so I had tons and tons left unused when the mix was done – I tried to smash them all into the final bonus track. it’s quite chaotic – but fun.
This mix – full of groove-jitsu technique… upper blocks, roundhouse kicks and some fantastic beats… plenty of fight related word samples rounding it all out. fetch your black belts and polish up the katanas… groove-jitsu!"

So now martial arts fans, are you ready to get your guts kicked out?

KING MEGATRIP - Groove Jitsu

Thursday 4 August 2011

Pimp My SP1200

Yeah Money You Guessed It

FLüD Presents: Beats Per Minute with Lord Finesse from FLuD Watches on Vimeo.

Supreme Skeme Team

Tomorrow night in Seattle sees SUPREME LA ROCK and SKEME RICHARDS on deck duties at the LO-FI GALLERY spinning nuthin' but original vinyl. With those two in charge of the wheels of steel you're guaranteed a night of funky 45 gems to make you wanna get down with your bad self.

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Avenue
9:00pm - 2:00am

Tuesday 2 August 2011

The Kung Fu

My brother from Philly and "King of Nostalgia" SKEME RICHARDS is a real fiend when it comes to collecting, and it's not limited to records. As well as being a master of the breaks SKEME also collects iconic 70s toys, blaxploitation flicks, martial arts movies, film posters, sneakers, comics etc.. Anyone familiar with SKEME knows that he is constantly continent hopping to DJ at various battle jams and b-boy events across the globe (cue the James Brown "hardest working man in show business" sample!) so how he finds time to amass all this stuff I will never know.
Today on his site SKEME dropped some of his favourite KUNG-FU related records and simultaneously asked the question "why do we all like kung fu?". It's true that many people who grew up during the 70s and 80s into hip hop also have a love for old kung fu films, although how the two fit together I'm not quite sure. I remember that CARL DOUGLAS said "everybody wants kung fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning!" - I think CARL may have hit the nail square on the head there. Both kung-fu and hip hop are about skills, technique, and understanding the history of the culture. In fact the more I think about it the more I see similarities and understand the appeal of both.

Big up to my man SKEME. Here's one of my very favourite Kung-Fu related records...