Sunday 21 August 2011

King Of The Beats

Our readers who have even a slight interest in beat digging will no doubt have heard or seen the good work of PRITT KALSI and his KING OF THE BEATS organisation. Whether it is filming legendary beat diggers at work, organising beat battles or releasing dope beats on vinyl, PRITT has got it well and truly covered. And his attention to detail is staggering as are his connections within the real hip hop community. If you have seen his original films then you will know how PRITT rolls ..... MARLEY MARL, PSYCHO LES, CASANOVA RUD, THE CREATORS, TR LOVE, THE 4ORCE, JAZZY JAY, ARTFUL DODGER, DJ DEVASTATE, HIJACK, BEYOND THERE and many other respected names all appear in his films and give their two cents on diggin' for beats.
Now PRITT is back on top form with his KING OF THE BEATS full length HD MOVIE incorporating the "WHO'S GONNA TAKE THE CRATE" challenge, and you can watch it now at his KING OF THE BEATS site. Once again sterling work by PRITT!

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p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Keep up the dope film work Pritt. Enjoyed your very insightful Paul C. documentary. Thank you.