Tuesday 28 October 2014

Guttersnypes Unreleased Pressure

The GUTTERSNYPES have some unreleased pressure (as Tim Westwood used to say) due to drop on a 45rpm 7" single in the very near future. Back in '94 the TRIALS OF LIFE EP was released and became a firm favourite here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ with both myself and the BEAT DETECTIVE. In my opinion the music on that EP was one of the most competent UK productions I had heard at that time (and possibly to date). The samples had been so carefully selected and well blended with crispy drums so eloquently that it gave the best US producers of that era a good run for their money! It is only later in life that I have come to know SIGHER himself (the man responsible for the beats) and it was only then that I realised that his skill lies mainly in the fact that he has a finely tuned ear (no pun intended) for hip hop samples and that his beats are 90% produced within his head before he even presses any pads on the drum machine. Impressive stuff.
SIGHER has now decided too bless us vinyl junkies with some unreleased material from the GUTTERSNYPES posse. CEL ONE is once again shining like a real star on the microphone and hopefully we will have some PRIME CUTS turntable action on there too. Stay tuned, I'll bring you details as soon as I have them.

Monday 27 October 2014

Danny Spice - Live At The Throwdown

DANNY SPICE'S new vinyl is ready to hit the streets and features vocals by EMSKEE, OXYGEN, SADAT X, AUDESSEY, CAPPO and 90s underground favourite FINSTA BUNDY. The caliber of the emcees on this release is matched by the punchy beats and DANNY'S trademark ASR-10 sound delivers as much boom bap as your ears can possibly handle. We were lucky enough to be treated to a little promo of the EP at a recent VINYL VETERANS jam in BRIGHTON where I shared wheels of steel duties with DANNY, and believe me when I tell you that this shit kicks! The old school artwork comes courtesy of MR KRUM, and there is even MR THING ripping the turntables to shreds on "Do It For The DJs". Well ... what are you waiting for? Get the scoop right HERE.

Saturday 25 October 2014

From BX to LDN: Jazzy Jay

Saturday October 18th 2014 was an evening I will remember for a long time. For more years than I can remember I have been rockin' original break doubles trying to emulate the sound of the deejays that helped spawn hip hop culture in the 70s and 80s. And none more so than Bronx legend JAZZY JAY. So to be on the line-up at a JAZZY JAY warehouse jam in London was a dream come true if I'm honest with you. B-BOY DOCUMENTS crew (along with the help of PRITT KALSI) had flown JAZZY in from NYC to bless the wheels of steel at another high profile B-BOY DOCUMENTS event (following on from their superb month of events back in 2013).
The event was held in a multi-storey car park (yes you read that correctly) in Belsize Park on the evening on Saturday 18th October. If you never witnessed a warehouse jam back in the 1980s then this is as close as you would ever get to that "bolt crop the padlock and wire up the system" feeling. A whole host of original UK heads were in attendance on the night, in fact more than I could possibly list in full. The B-Boys were goin' off all night long, and JAZZY JAY treated them to a no-holds-barred breakbeat set to make you wanna get down. And when they said the event would run til the break of dawn they weren't joking! Thanks to the B-BOY DOCUMENTS crew for having me spin alongside a personal hero of mine.

...and luckily they recorded the audio for the whole night, so you too can enjoy the sounds that made them all get down. Stay tuned and I will share it as soon as it is available.

The Vendetta Continues...

MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL are back on wax with part 3 of their "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM" series of real deal pull-no-punches trooper music. If you are easily offended by raw, gritty hip hop music from the trenches then this is definitely NOT for you. If however you are a serious trooper yourself then don the camo and tighten up your boot laces and hit the frontline....


Saturday 11 October 2014

Goei Trax Volume 2

And here is GOEI TRAX volume 2 for your listening pleasure. DJs MAUZ and DROPPA taking no prisoners when it comes to rocking the funky breaks and beats. They got STAX OF WAX!

Stax of Wax - Goei Trax vol2 by Staxofwax on Mixcloud

Caught You Sleepin'

Those heavy diggers from Belgium DJ DROPPA and DJ MAUZ, aka STAX OF WAX, are back with another fun-packed mix for your loudspeakers ... "CAUGHT YOU SLEEPIN'". If you don't dig this then there is something wrong with your earholes and I suggest you make a doctors appointment immediately. Also check their GOEI MIXES on their Mixcloud page as these are some of my most heavily rotated mixes right now.


Caught you sleepin' (Droppa mix) by Staxofwax on Mixcloud


Caught you sleepin' (Mauz mix) by Staxofwax on Mixcloud

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Jazzy Jay in London Oct 2014

B-BOY DOCUMENTS crew proudly present the return of JAZZY JAY to the UK for a one-off special show featuring many of the original heads from the UK hip hop scene. Check out the list of names and make sure you get to North West London on October 18th.

Thursday 2 October 2014

Diggers Dozen Live Sessions

Thanks to Max for asking me to drop a choice vinyl selection at his DIGGERS DOZEN night in DALSTON, East London on September 25th. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed the selection - if you missed it in the flesh then here is the recording from the night. Have a look on the DIGGERS DOZEN mixcloud page to see which DJs have blessed the wheels over the years at Max's events, there is too many to mention.

My selection is dedicated to FISH PWS (ANTISOCIALMUSIC), a regular here on DAILY DIGGERS who sadly passed away late last month just before this DIGGERS DOZEN event took place. Rest in paint FISH, I'll miss both our chats and your unwavering support over the years for which I thank you mate (including the dope DAILY DIGGERS graff logo that you and KELP organised).

Kid Dyno - Diggers Dozen Live Sessions (September 2014 London) by Diggers Dozen on Mixcloud