Saturday 25 October 2014

From BX to LDN: Jazzy Jay

Saturday October 18th 2014 was an evening I will remember for a long time. For more years than I can remember I have been rockin' original break doubles trying to emulate the sound of the deejays that helped spawn hip hop culture in the 70s and 80s. And none more so than Bronx legend JAZZY JAY. So to be on the line-up at a JAZZY JAY warehouse jam in London was a dream come true if I'm honest with you. B-BOY DOCUMENTS crew (along with the help of PRITT KALSI) had flown JAZZY in from NYC to bless the wheels of steel at another high profile B-BOY DOCUMENTS event (following on from their superb month of events back in 2013).
The event was held in a multi-storey car park (yes you read that correctly) in Belsize Park on the evening on Saturday 18th October. If you never witnessed a warehouse jam back in the 1980s then this is as close as you would ever get to that "bolt crop the padlock and wire up the system" feeling. A whole host of original UK heads were in attendance on the night, in fact more than I could possibly list in full. The B-Boys were goin' off all night long, and JAZZY JAY treated them to a no-holds-barred breakbeat set to make you wanna get down. And when they said the event would run til the break of dawn they weren't joking! Thanks to the B-BOY DOCUMENTS crew for having me spin alongside a personal hero of mine.

...and luckily they recorded the audio for the whole night, so you too can enjoy the sounds that made them all get down. Stay tuned and I will share it as soon as it is available.

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Unknown said...

Twas a dope night indeed