Monday, 28 February 2011

Sidewalk Science

2011 seems like it's gonna be a great year for new music. There is a buzz surrounding so many projects right now that I think it's about time for real hip hop music to make a comeback. For years we have endured the weak product that the so called rap industry has tried to feed us through radio and TV, but something tells me the frauds of the industry are about to be exposed!

One exciting new project on the way that features a host of hip hop talent is the "Sidewalk Science" LP/CD project just about to drop on ILL ADRENALINE RECORDS by Brick City resident BENEFICENCE. The name may not be instantly familiar with everyone, but BENEFICENCE has been around for some time and has dropped three full length albums already, yet kinda under the radar it would seem. But now he has teamed up with ILL ADRENALINE RECORDS and names like DIAMOND D, ROC MARCIANO, ROB-O, LORD TARIQ (MONEY BOSS PLAYERS), FRANK NITT (FRANK-N-DANK), PRESTO, PRINCE PO, THE LEGION, TRUTH ENOLA, DJ MADSOL-DESAR, EL DA SENSEI, KAZI, 12 FINGER DAN, WISE INTELLIGENT (Poor Righteous Teachers), and DJ LKB to bring us a really special LP release for 2011.
BENEFICENCE first dropped a 12" single back in 1994 entitled "Hostile Life Style" which featured his own production and cuts and co-production by a very young DJ KAOS (later of THE ARTIFACTS), although it was actually recorded three years earlier in 91 but not released due to label problems. BENEFICENCE tells us the story....

"I grew up in Jersey with a lot of older hip-hop dudes on my block. They would be rhyming , breaking, DJing ,and writing graffiti. I started out doing everything they did. But I really had a love for rhyming after hearing Run. Dmc’s “Sucka M.C’s” . That is the only song that I credit for me wanting to pick up a mic. I heard of many other artist before Run DMC, like 3 Fresh Mc’s , Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, etc. But Run Dmc was cutting edge dopeness and started a new era in hip-hop. Around age 9 I started writing with my homie Asim at lunch in school. We had 1 guy beat boxing in the corner, 2 rappers and a crowd around us. We started a rap group called Natural Born with just 2 rappers.I began battling emcees daily in Newark and sharpening my skills. I’ve never had any other style but a conscious style with extensive vocabulary. The older dudes on my block thought it was crazy that I was mad young with a scientific flow.
I met DJ Kaos our first year in High school, along with Mr. Len(Company Flow)and DJ Muhammad(Outsidaz)
Me and Kaos got cool immediately because we loved underground hip-hop. At the time there was a major beef going on with my section and kaos’s section. We had set a street rule that no one was allowed from ”up the hill” where Kaos lived. I knew Kaos wasn’t apart of it so i brought him to my block to do a 6 song demo my group Natural Born. We met up with our dusty records and looped some joints. My partner Asim got locked up shortly after our demo which forced me to go solo. Me and Kaos recorded more demos until I got a small deal with a indie label Big House records. We would meet up after school to record some joints and finally picked out a 2 song single which was “Hostile Lifestyle” and “Sucka’s Brevity.”

The label pressed about 100 copies of that single. Somehow those copies made it’s way around the world and are highly sought after today.
We would always meet up in dj and rap competitions, and get our skills up. At the time Kaos was also djing for Freddie Foxxx’s first LP on Flavor Unit. And I started doing showcases with other local groups like New Style (Naughty by Nature) and The Outsidaz. My manager and I got invited to a release party for a new rap group(Artifacts) at a club in Jersey, I believe the club was “Boagie’s” I came in there with a vinyl copy of my first single hoping to get it played. Then I noticed DJ Kaos was in the dj booth. He threw it on and checked out the response which was pretty good. My manager introduced me to EL Da Sensei and Tame One. DJ Kaos Joined the Artifacts shortly before their 2nd album."

BENEFICENCE has also teamed up with Bronx legend DIAMOND D on the LP, with a couple of production credits and one vocal appearance. BENEFICENCE first got in touch with DIAMOND D through EL DA SENSEI. EL asked BENEF to come to DIAMOND's crib before a show one day, DIAMOND liked BENEF's style, so they decided to work together, and only recently released a 12" "Heavyhitters".

Here's a preview of "With My Real People" ft LORD TARIQ and PRINCE PO

Listen to SIDEWALK SCIENCE soundclips HERE or get your copy through KING UNDERGROUND

(For more information on BENEFICENCE or for multiple orders contact Benny at ILL ADRENALINE RECORDS at illadrenalinerecords at gmail dot com)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Monday, 21 February 2011

Rap Professional AOL Throwback Remix

It's been a while since I brought you some exclusive remix steez, but this time I'm back with a dope reworking of J LOVE & LARGE PROFESSOR's "Rap Professional" from 1999. My good friend AIDAN 'ORANGE' LEACY has been hard at work producing some dope remixes just for us folks here at DAILY DIGGERS, and after hearing this one I seriously look forward to the rest of his remix beats (which we will feature over the forthcoming weeks). This late 90's remix for starters is no weak sauce by anyone's standards, and is even worthy of a vinyl release. An old school radio tuner intro uses Albert King's "Cold Feet" to bring in a solid head nodder drum beat mingled with some natural sounding horns and throwback samples (spot them classics!) and AOL perfectly recreates that mid-90s vibe. In my opinion it's miles better than the original version - there defintely ain't no half steppin' with these beats. Please let me know what y'all think!


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Classic Material 1990

Like REDMAN said "Tonight's The Night" if you wanna hear classic material from the golden era of rap music. CLASSIC MATERIAL returns to burn in LONDON tonight at the CITY ARTS & MUSIC PROJECT at OLD STREET in the East End, and playing only the best beats and samples from 1990. Guest this month is legendary deck technician MR THING so you know it's one not to miss. Chris Read tells us more...
"Edition #4 of our monthly Classic Material series pays tribute to the hip hop of 1990, a year when hip hop really spread its wings with a diverse range of new sounds breaking in all corners of the US and overseas. 1990 is probably most celebrated as being the birth of the 'afro-centric' era, with debut albums from X-Clan, Professor X, Poor Righteous Teachers, Tribe Called Quest and many others hitting the stores during the year. But 1990 was also an important year for the artists from the opposite end of the spectrum: Compton's Most Wanted, Capital Punishment Organisation and Above The Law all released debut albums proving LA had more to offer than just NWA. Aside from new developments, established artists including LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy and EPMD all dropped certified classics."

Here's CHRIS READ's 1990 minimegamix to get you in the's only just over 30 minutes long but Chris makes up for this with some super smoooooth mixes of some of your favourite 1990 sureshots. Top class stuff - enjoy.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Vinyl Veterans

DJ PRONE will be joining the VINYL VETERANS regulars down in Brighton this Saturday. The SINSTARS DJ has been going wild on the 1200s since 83, so you can expect some old school flavour and bronx breakbeats.

Silent Someone ft Oxygen

If you don't know the MC known as OXYGEN, then it's time to sit up straight and pay full attention. You can trust me when I say he is one of the very best on the mic right about now, and there's plenty more to come from the uber-experienced SPUTNIK BROWN member and Long Island NY resident. Mark my words his new project with DJ SPINNA is gonna blow the whole of hip hop wide open from what I've heard. Prepare to feel refreshed and have your faith restored in real hip hop music when the SPOX Phd project drops later this year. SPINNA's production has reached new heights in my opinion, and the pre-mastered tracks that I've been lucky enough to preview have left me wanting more. OXYGEN truly is a breath of fresh air in the industry right now (pun intended) and the wealth of experience from his 20 plus years in hip hop is plainly obvious from his eloquently delivered rhymes. This man is highly ranked amongst those in the know. And if you didn't know, NOW you know.
OXYGEN is real busy doing his thing in the studio right now, and has a few collabos still up his sleeve to be announced (I've been privvy to a few names and trust me you will WANT to hear these tracks) as well as continuing to build SPUTNIK BROWN's rep up in the New York City area and beyond. Below is the video for his recent track with SILENT SOMEONE - enjoy!

Silent Someone feat. Oxygen // Retrogression (Late Nite Remix) from Phresh Goods on Vimeo.

Record Buddies

Over the years, my love of hip hop and collecting records has lead to most (if not all) of my friends also being members of the vinyl loving community. I promise this hasn't been deliberate by any means, it's just the way it is when you're addicted to vinyl. And I don't use the word community lightly, but that is exactly what we are - a community. Who said vinyl was dead? Ha ha the joke's on you sucker!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Super Drippy

I love drippy tags - only the deliberate ones not some toy shit. The fatter the ink the fresher it looks in my opinion, so props to those who make up their own personal super wide markers. Check out the book KING SIZE when you get a chance for more writing shenanigans.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day Massacre

My West Coast hip hop compadre DRASAR MONUMENTAL has decided to blow the whole February 14th Valentine's Day thing off the map with a remix project to make your ears bleed. F'ck all that lovey dovey stuff, this is some "polish your steel" business here. DRASAR throws the flowers and chocolates out the window and instead takes MOBB DEEP and gives it the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD remix treatment. You best reach out for the volume button and put on your bulletproof vest AND your neckbrace...


Mr Krum's Podcast #6

VINYL VETERANS member MR KRUM is back in effect with another podcast. You know the drill - choice music and super tight mixing. Get your earholes around this.

MR KRUM is the man responsible for the artwork behind OXYGEN's "Gone Diggin'" 45rpm single, and more recently the design for DJ FORMAT & SURESHOT LA ROCK'S new 12" single. If you got design needs you could do much worse than speak to MR KRUM, you can contact him on his design site here. Here's a few examples of his design work....

Classic Material

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Request Line

It's almost time for another dose of vinyl goodness with our BREAKS FOR DAYS radio show, bringing you some of the finest b-boy breaks and a handful of boom bap classics. But this time I want a few of our regular listeners to drop some requests. I can't guarantee I have everything you will ask for, but you KNOW the crates run deep here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ so if you don't ask you don't get!
Hit me off with a request and I will trawl the crates and racks for that good shit that you wanna hear. And you never know, you may get yourself a shout-out during the show!

Kid Dyno

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Breaking Atoms 20th Anniversary

Yep it's 20 years since LARGE PROFESSOR, SIR SCRATCH and K-CUT known together as MAIN SOURCE dropped their classic album BREAKING ATOMS. Two decades later and the LP is still considered one of the best hip hop albums of all time, so to celebrate this anniversary the SOUND AWARENESS crew are holding a BREAKING ATOMS tribute party here in the UK playing tracks from the album, 12" mixes from the singles, and breaks used in the making of MAIN SOURCE tracks. DJs on the night will be PALMA STALLINGS, J-157 and COLD SPORTIN' MR MAC. It's all happening this Saturday night 12th February at THE SWAN in IPSWICH (UK), so if you're a hardcore MAIN SOURCE fan then you know all roads lead to EAST ANGLIA this weekend.
If you are in two minds whether to attend then you better THINK, stop LOOKING AT THE FRONT DOOR with those SNAKE EYES, and get up there to WATCH ROGER DO HIS THING cuz HE GOT SO MUCH SOUL (HE DON'T NEED NO MUSIC).

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer

Big Ted Talks Hip Hop Jams

Several months ago I spoke to BIG TED from THE CHUBBY KIDS and KISS FM, and we discussed hip hop jams throughout the years. Now TED is somewhat over a hip hop personality here in the UK, as well as a recording artist in his own right, so he has hosted some of the biggest hip hop jams London has seen - I guess that makes him more than qualified to tell us who rips it better than most. Here's what he had to say...

DYNO: So Ted, tell me your favourite jam you attended in the 80's and why?

BIG TED: WOW. It's almost impossible to pick just one jam. The 80's was dope for live events. I think I'll go with The Def Jam Tour of 87 featuring LLCoolJ, Public Enemy and Eric B n Rakim. PE were the dopest, most incredible onstage army back then. The show was so tight. Flav was a wicked hype man, unmatched to this day! LL stepped out of a giant boombox and ripped it with 2 dj's-who does that these days? He should never have tried to do 'I Need Love' though, (with the sofa on stage!) I guess he aint know about a London crowd back then. Rakim did a lil magic when appearing on stage outta nowhere and blew my mind. The whole thing was incredible. What made it extra dope was the fact that I was only 17 and I couldn't afford a ticket so I went and got a job at the venue instead and got paid to watch the show 3 nights in a row! I met PE during a soundcheck. I watched LL and dj Bobcat cleaning their gold chains. That whole event was just amazing for me on so many levels. Even Westwood coming out to stand behind Dave Pearce as he introed the night couldn't spoil things!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
I have to put the Juice Crew show at Brixton Academy in as a special mention, especially since the shockingly sad passing of Super Rocking Mr Magic. That was a dope show. Kane, G Rap, Biz, Shante, Shan, Marley, Cool V , Polo, Mr C and of course Mr magic. RIP to a hip hop Legend.

KID DYNO: What's your fave jam from the 90's, and why?

BIG TED: This one is way too hard. It's another decade of great shows. Naughty By Nature at Hammersmith. Redman at Brixton Fridge. The massive hip hop thing at the Docklands with EPMD, Master Ace and a million others. Kane solo in Brixton. Pete Rock n CL Smooth at Hammersmith. Every Gangstarr show. Nice n Smooth ft Tim Dog at Hammersmith. MC D at the Fridge when he destroyed Brand Nubians!!! Rakim at Subterrania. In fact every jam at Subterannia!!
Man, there are way too many. What have I forgotten? I can't choose.

KID DYNO: Fave jam in the noughties, and why?

BIG TED: Hmmm....Jam of the millennium so far. I need more time. I'll come back to that one in a year!

More from BIG TED real soon.

Fresh Ski & Mo Rock

This weekend I will be meeting up with FRESH SKI, MO ROCK, and RAREDAVE from DIGGERS WITH GRATITUDE to discuss the forthcoming DWG release of THE COARSE SELECTORS EP on vinyl. Featuring unreleased tracks from 1988-89 this release will be a classic for the UK crates to accompany the "Talking Pays" 12" and "The Long Awaited Paroxysm" EP. If you love UK Hip Hop that stands the tests of time, then you need to check out THE COARSE SELECTORS. I will also be conducting an interview with FRESH SKI & MO ROCK for a future post on DAILY DIGGERS so stay tuned for that.

DWG010_freshski_and_morock_snippets by the_dwg_crew

Friday, 4 February 2011

Diamond D - Songs, Samples & Snippets

Ooooowweeee DJ HEDSPIN has put together a great DIAMOND D mix entitled "Songs, samples & snippets" to co-incide with DIAMOND's recent tour of Europe and the US. Now if you're a BIG DIME fan then this should be a no brainer for you. And who ain't a fan of the dusty fingered man on the mic? What's up to DJ HEDSPIN, thanks for sharing with us. And shout to DIAMOND!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Nike Af1 Duck Boot

I think I have made it clear in the past that I'm an AIR FORCE ONE addict. These classic NIKE kicks are iconic in both Hip Hop and basketball circles, and I remember back in the mid 90s when it was hard work trying to find AF1s even in New York City, the home of the AF1. Maybe you would get lucky and find the odd pair in V.I.M.s or possibly some from Uptown or in the Bronx. Back in 95 I remember seeing various colourways of high top canvas AIR FORCE with contrasting canvas straps - green with white, blue with orange, yellow with blue, all kinds of crazy canvas joints. Even crazier is that I didn't pick up more pairs at the time to put on ice. I have learnt my lesson from those days, so now when I see a pair that make my eyes dilate and the corner of my mouth dribble, I know to buy them shits quick time. Those who snooze very often lose.
Check out these waterproof Nike Air Force One Duck Boots - heavy duty shit for the winter season. Check out the ankle warmers, the extra grip on the soles, and the moulded ribs on the protective upper. Available through UNDFTD.

Classic Material Box Sets

Those busy dudes at CLASSIC MATERIAL are getting ready for the next celebration of hip hop music, this time featuring 1990 Hip Hop all night and with special guest on the turntables this month being none other than MR THING. I will share the details with you as soon as everything is confirmed, I know you won't wanna miss this. In the meantime they are having a sale on their limited edition boxsets over at CLASSIC MATERIAL so click the link above to cop yours before they disappear for good.

Each boxset includes...
T-shirt - Heavyweight white cotton t-shirt with 3 colour hand-pulled screen print on the front, embroidered neck tag and era-specific Classic Material logo printed on the back of the neck.
Print - Full colour print, embossed and in 7 inch card sleeve.
Mix CD - Edition#3: 1989 mixed by Chris Read. (Also available separately)
Stickers - A set of screen printed circular vinyl stickers.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Hip Hop Fashion Zone7Style

For all your vintage designer clothing needs you need to check out ZONE7STYLE ... they got vintage Cazals, deadstock Nikes, fresh and colourful Polo gear, Coca-cola tops, Bally shoes, leather Adidas track suits, you name it! It brought back some fond old school fashion memories while I checked the site, but you can also, for the right price, purchase some of the items you see. And believe me you will want to. If you do simply contact SETH at his email address shown on the site. His selection of Cazal eyewear is mind boggling to say the least. Here's just a peep at some of the stylish gear they got...