Friday 22 March 2013

Vinyl Veterans Special

Get down to Brighton on Saturday 6th April for a VINYL VETERANS special: OXYGEN will be in the UK, in the building and in gear ready to perform an intimate DJ/MC set alongside the SOUNDSCI crew (hopefully including AUDESSEY). The whole VINYL VETERANS crew will be in attendance as well as us DAILY DIGGERS dropping a few funky jewels on the 1s and 2s. We hope to see you there....

Main Artery UBB 45s

For those of you out there with a soft spot for the ULTIMATE BREAKS & BEATS series (compiled by LOUIS FLORES and the late great LENNY ROBERTS) and also a passion for records that revolve at 45 revolutions per minute, you might wanna take a peep at this picture below.
A few months ago MAIN ARTERY PRINTS (with help from Andy at ELDICA RECORDS) produced a huge poster print (51cm x 105cm) cataloging 7" labels from many super rare Funk 45s. Not only do these prints look fantastic but they also act as a constant reminder of those essential joints you still need to find! To follow up on the funk poster MAIN ARTERY are now offering a very limited print featuring 45s which featured on the much revered ULTIMATE BREAKS & BEATS series. These prints have been compiled with the blessing of BREAKBEAT LOU and are produced in memory of BREAKBEAT LENNY. These two characters were so significant in the history of hip hop music as they provided the sample fodder for the majority of Golden Era Hip Hop records. Without the UBB compilation series being available throughout the NYC area, I doubt there would have been so many 80s hip hop records released full stop.

Regular readers of this blog will know I have more than a fleeting obsession with UBB 45s so you can bet your last pound note that I was zoned out for a few minutes on first seeing this new print. They do come up a bit costly but I know that the price reflects both the print and paper quality. Plus this would look so fresh on the DAILY DIGGERS HQ wall. I'm very tempted indeed ... take a look for yourself (click on photo for larger view).

Monday 18 March 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

Another record shop has succumb to the economic vice grip that is squeezing everyone's pocket so tight of late. I have been frequenting the SOUL & DANCE EXCHANGE in Notting Hill for more years than I can count on my fingers and toes, so I was gutted to find out the shop is now empty. Neither can I count the amount of crazy dope records I have scooped outta here over the years (including several of my PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH promos). LUCKILY the shop has not completely disappeared but instead amalgamated with their ROCK EXCHANGE branch which is only a few doors down. But even though, it is still the end of an era. I wanna give a shout out to all the SADE staff that have supplied my dope over the years .... including TOMMY, SEAN, TONY, JOHN, RICHARD, and ZACK. Thanks fellas, I will of course be supporting the new spot.

Saturday 16 March 2013

Hand Over the Mike

Here's an unreleased FRESH SKI and MO ROCK demo track from 1987. This track was penciled in to be the b-sice of their "Talking Pays" 12" on TUFF GROOVE records, but this was later replaced by "Pick Up On This".

Friday 15 March 2013

Ike's Mood

This is a copy of the ISAAC HAYES classic "Ike's Mood" on 45. And yes ... it has the break too.

Sip The Juice

The EDAN & OXYGEN UK shows begin on Thursday April 4th down in Bristol alongside the SIP THE JUICE crew. Wherever you are on the West coast of the UK make sure you do not miss out on all the boom bap action. Also on deck duties will be MR FANTASTIC, JOHN STAPLETON and the SIP THE JUICE deejays.


Crate Raiderz Episode 1

The CRATE RAIDERZ crew are journeying across the US in search of not only records, but also fellow vinyl collectors who take their digging very seriously. In a series of interviews they aim to shed some light on collectors themselves to gain an insight into each others' vinyl habits. First up is BLAAK THE 9th MAN who we interviewed a few months ago here on DAILY DIGGERS (check our archive) - he pulls out some of his favourite records including the highly sought-after and super scarce MAGNUM "Fully Loaded" LP. Watch and learn....

Sunday 10 March 2013

D'You Got This Biz?

Everyone knows that that BIZ MARKIE loves a bit of comedic one-upmanship when it comes to vinyl. Well for once it seems I finally have a record that the BIZ himself needs. So ... do I turn the tables on the rapping comedian and tease him with my copy of LARRY CORRYELL's "Morning Sickness" on 45? Maybe we could do a swap with his 7" copy of BOB JAMES "Nautilus" LOL! Yeah right BIZ!

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Wreckin' Shop Live from Brooklyn

It's not just the 80s that give me fond memories of Hip Hop - the 90s were fresh times too. The culture evolved dramatically on all fronts, MCs took their rhymes to new heights, DJs invented new scratch techniques, graffiti writers took their art away from the trains, and b-boys threw their 80s breakin' styles into the melting pot along with jazz moves, capoeira et al resulting in a new hybrid form of hip hop dance.
Let's go back 21 years to 1992 on Planet Brooklyn NYC; the days of Timberland boots and Polo shirts, Helly Hansen jackets and Hilfiger etc. etc.. It's time to wreck shop...