Monday 31 May 2010

All Girls Love A 7"

Saturday 29 May 2010

B-Boy Skills

Friday 28 May 2010

Fun Or Dumb?

The answer is FUN!

Thursday 27 May 2010

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Record Karma

Firstly a shout goes out to fellow record head FAB from Germany, what's up dude.
He emailed me a week or two ago through DISCOGS asking if I was happy to sell my 45rpm 7" copy of RAPPERS RAPP THEME by RAPPERS RAPP GROUP (see DISCOGS link). FAB already owns most, if not all of the 12" releases on the RAPPERS RAPP DISCO label based in California, which is more than can be said for myself. But he had spotted the 7" promo release and was hungry to own a copy.
I was in no way going to part with my only copy (there's a story behind my finding this 45) but as FAB had asked me so darn politely, I told him that I knew of a copy lurking in the basement of a North London record shop, namely FLASHBACK in ISLINGTON. And as politeness seems thin on the ground these days, I thought I would offer to grab the copy if it was still there on my next North London mission. Two weeks later, and luckily for FAB, I hit FLASHBACK for another dig and found the RAPPERS RAPP 7" still hiding in the DISCO 7"s section. And at a ridiculous price of £1.99, less than 3 bucks. Now I am a firm believer in record karma, and it seemed right to offer to send the almost mint copy on to FAB in Germany as a favour. The postage was a similar price, so I thought hey let's do a good deed for the day and send it on for free. I don't personally know FAB, nor had I spoken with him before this DISCOGS encounter. But he asked politely and was rewarded for being that way.
Plus I like the idea of helping someone complete their label collection. Now before you all start emailing me in the hope of a freebie record here and there, I'm writing this to make a point rather than to encourage hundreds of vinyl requests. That point is, always be polite, remember your Ps and Qs, and karma will always look after you. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Damn it sounds like I'm on some bible steez now, but I'm sure you get my message.

Enjoy the record FAB.

Kid Dyno

Oh and as for the other story, about me finding my copy. Well, that's a painful one. A few years back SOUNDS FAMILIAR record shop in ROMFORD was closing down, which was such a shame as it was one of my best vinyl haunts over the years, and not everyone knew about it. Anyway, they had a box full of minty RAPPERS RAPP 7"s which I only discovered the week they closed. I mean there must have been over 50 in the box. Like an idiot I only grabbed 2 copies at a pound each, and traded one of those later that year. WHY OH WHY didn't I make an offer for the whole box?? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. KD

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Got Yours?

Now that OXYGEN's "gone diggin" has finally dropped on 45 revolutions per minute, I hope you all grabbed up your copies! From what OX tells me it has practically sold out apart from a a few copies still available from JARED at BIG CITY RECORDS NYC (see right for the link).
I gotta say massive appreciation to OX for getting myself KID DYNO down with the program. For those that don't know, OXYGEN handles his business in fine form - he took care of writing the rhymes, organising the dope GENSU DEAN beat, arranging for 2 deejays to cut, mastering & pressing, cover design and manufacture, marketing, sales, packaging AND distribution. Phew ... and this doesn't include his hand signing of many of the picture covers. So now you know who's the hardest working man in the rap game. Hard work pays off.

Special thanks from myself to ....

GENSU DEAN (always dropping the dope shit)
DJ RAGZ (ripping the turns to shreads)
MR KRUM (you got skills to pay the bills)
CRATE INVADERS CREW (those IN the know)
OXYGEN THE ARCHITECT (the man with the golden tongue)
CUT WIZARD ALBEE (rock rock on)
K-PRINCE (the k stands for knowledge - he knows)
BBP (the label of fable)
JARED & BIG CITY RECORDS NYC (NY's record goldmine)

Real hip hop is back fellas!

Kid Dyno

Thursday 20 May 2010

Hip Hop Autographs pt2

Unfortunately I didn't meet the DEF JAM / PROFILE RECORDS trio to get this signed 6"x4" photo of RUN DMC, but instead was lucky enough to be in touch with a music journalist who did. I wish I HAD met RUN, DMC and JAM MASTER JAY cuz these dudes were and still are my idols. (It is their 3rd "Raising Hell" LP that started my leather Goosedown addiction, just check the cover.)
However several polite emails later and a quick exchange of a very fair sum of cash and this fine piece of hip hop memorabilia was mine.
I still find what happened to JAY so awful - he will always be the toughest DJ in my eyes. The way he used to rock them turntables live during every performance RUN DMC did. He could never never be replaced. Pure class. And he would even rock the microphone on occasions, such as in the video below. Rest in peace JAY MIZELL.

Kid Dyno

Boomin In Ya Jeep

I like to consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to vintage hip hop records, but every so often I stumble across a record that I haven't seen before, know nothing about, nor have any idea what it sounds like. It happened this week whilst I was hitting my regular North London record spots, and the price tag was only £3 so at this price I was happy to take a blind punt.
OK so the track title "Boomin' In Ya Jeep" sounds very dated now as far as hip hop terminology goes, but it was fresh back in 1992 when this record was released. I have never even come across the label JDK records, although there is a mention of DAVY-D in the production credits, and even RUN DMC as exec producers (for what that's worth).
The track isn't half bad, and for 1992 the beats sound more than competent if a little sparse. Certainly got that head nod shit going on. Check it out, and tell me more about FU2 if you know anything.
FU2 - "Boomin' In Ya Jeep" 1992 JDK RECORDS

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Hip Hop Autographs

Over the years I've collected a few signatures from meetings with some of my favourite Hip Hoppers here and there across the globe. It's always good to remember a meeting with a momento from the time. TAME ONE was cool as hell when I met him at the Manhattan Centre NY in 96, despite being heavily blazed (hence the joint portrayed in his throw up). I'd love to smoke some of whatever he had that day! Despite the red eyes he was courteous enough to drop a little TAME ONE throw-up for the KID DYNO shoebox. At this time I was still hooked on ARTIFACTS debut 12" "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" from 2 years earlier, and TAME ONE and EL DA SENSEI were the perfect combination in my opinion, especially when T-RAY was on the beats.

Knock Him Out Sugar Ray

"Knock Him Out Sugar Ray" 12" on VERMACK records today for a mere £6 (approx $10). A repress, I first thought, but I was pleasantly surprised by the discoloured paper sleeve and tell-tale SRC stamp in the run-out groove. This confirmed it as an original US 12" - that's good enough proof for me. I hate wack bootlegs and phony re-issues.
I remember when hip hop veteran TIM WESTWOOD would talk over this E.U. beat on his CAPITAL RAP SHOW back in the days, but it's an even better play out track for the b-boys and b-girls to rock to. A decent copy has eluded me for years ... until today.
For the impatient amongst you the break kicks in at 2:24.

Got Doubles pt12

DOWN STROKE has stepped up to the ocky with his doubles selection. Mmmm I still need that TROPICANA STEEL BAND LP.

Sunday 16 May 2010

You Want Drums?

You want drums? I'll give you drums. Hold on to your hats, cuz this will split your domepiece wide open.

The 50 Greatest Hip Hop Samples

Take a peep over at COMPLEX.COM where you can peruse through the 50 Greatest Hip Hop Samples of all time, as selected by the legendary record kings KON & AMIR. I love the KON & AMIR "ON TRACK" and "OFF TRACK" mix series, and the duo have certainly introduced me to some ill samples and dope records over the years, but I discussed the list with my man FISH PWS the other day and we were both surprised not to see any records listed by CTI artist BOB JAMES. I mean c'mon guys, "Nautilus" doesn't even get a mention. Nor does "Take Me to the Mardi Gras". WTF? I could listen to "Nautilus" on repeat indefinitely and still not get bored, so surely it must have been an simple oversight on the part of KON & AMIR. Please don't get me wrong, the list includes some of my favourite beats withut any doubt and kinda resembles the record racks here at the DAILY DIGGERS lab. The list includes THUNDER & LIGHTNING "Bumpin Bus Stop", 24 KARAT BLACK LP, BOB AZZAM and many other must haves when it comes to breaks & beats. But not mentioning BOB JAMES is an out and out crime in my opinion!

Check out KON & AMIR's TOP 50 here and also look out for their recently released "OFF TRACK" vol. 3.

Kid Dyno

Friday 14 May 2010

Breaks For Days Radio

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a strong beat to step to.
So KAPOW! it's that time once again for an hour long BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO excursion through the DAILY DIGGERS crates.
I hope it's been worth the wait for y'all, as I think the last BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO was back in October 2009. I'm almost back to fighting fitness now after some health issues, so you can rest assured I won't make you wait that long for the next dose of breaks & beats.
This week I have pulled out some more obscure records from our vinyl loft, with sounds coming from different genres and origins, but always beat heavy music. Plus not forgetting a healthy dose of 1988/89 hip hop to keep your heads boppin'. And as always, no weak sauce! But I'm sure you know already how we rock our shit. Please enjoy the sounds and drop a comment if you dig it.


45KING - Test Press LP beat
DAVID SHIRE - Taking of Pelham 123
ROCK WORKSHOP - I Think It's...
VOCO - Mahdi
QUINCY JONES - Money Runner
SOUL SEARCHERS - Soul to the People
EL MICHELS AFFAIR - It's Just Begun (Drums)
RAY BARRETTO - Soul Drummers
TYB - Long Live Hip Hop
ED MATH - Behind the Bars
ANTOINETTE - This Girl is Off On Her Own
STEADY B - instrumental
SLICK RICK - Treat Her Like A Prostitute
FLAVOR UNIT - Flavor Unit Assasination Squad
MAKEBA & SKRATCH - Ain't It Funky

Kid Dyno

Wednesday 12 May 2010

A Tribe Called Quest Live

I like my beats harder than 2 day old sh!t.

I kick the mad styles so step off the frankfurter.

Monday 10 May 2010

Skit Beats

Myself and BEAT DETECTIVE love nothing more than to raid the wax grooves for a dusty sample and a dope beat. Although we don't get a chance to hook up at the lab too often these days, we're always guaranteed some beat chemistry when we do. And BEAT DETECTIVE always surprises me with some killer records from his dusty knapsack, and this week was no exception.
This week we have raided a BARRY WHITE cover version LP for the drums, and the samples come from ...... well, that would be too much info now wouldn't it :O)
Nod your head to this.
DAILY DIGGERS - skit beat

Kid Dyno

E-mu SP1200

Sunday 9 May 2010

Steen Rock - Rock Science

Every so often a DJ mix can reach the same legendary status as some of the tracks contained within it. These days with the internet I agree it is easier to grab some of the dopest mixes available, but that also means trawling through numbers of poorly executed mixes in search of a gem.
Certain mixes such as DJ IVORY's "HEAR NO EVIL" and TRIPL DOUBLE & DIPLO's "AEIOU" have in the last few years caused such a
stir with vinyl collectors that the rarer records featured on the mixes make huge sums of money following the exposure. But that's the sign of a record hunter getting his shit right in my opinion - knowing what type of beats people want to hear. So props to those dudes for making "mixtapes" that go way beyond just a selection of music.
One of the mixes I have personally found inspiring over the last 5 years is the excellent "Rock Science" by STEEN ROCK from Copenhagen, Denmark. I must have rocked this mix over a hundred times and still I'm in awe of how dope it is. A serious collection of heavy rock breaks, blended to perfection with a multitude of treats and super tight cuts over the top. I defy you not to like this. This mix originally featured on the Soulstrut forum back in 2005, but I think it's time to give it a little shine and spread the word. Enjoy!

STEEN ROCK - "Rock Science"

Download HERE

Friday 7 May 2010

Got Doubles pt11

OLD MAN MAC McRAW has come through with his doubles. I spy the ELECTRIC INDIAN LP, and the oh-so-dope LINCOLN MAYORGA LP on the SHEFFIELD label with the kick ass drumbreak. The man in charge of PUMA STRUT RECORDS sure got beats to go, and also those funky little Japanese mini turntables and mixer. Niiiiice!

Thursday 6 May 2010

Re-Up of New Year B-Boy Beats JAN 09

Here's a re-up of our JANUARY 09 b-boy beats download for all those who have asked for it. Hopefully we will resume with BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO downloads real soon. Sorry for the wait people.

Wednesday 5 May 2010


NY dumptruck with legendary SPON treatment.

Grandmixer DST with Pee Wee Dance

The Bronx

The Alkaholiks throw cans of beer into the crowd.

Futura 2000 with Lil Sput.

Red NY Subway Train

Kid Dyno with Grandmaster Flash

Afrika Bambaataa ZULU NATION

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Just A Beat

Zulu Gremlin live at RSC Anniversary

Zulu Gremlin rips the mic at the one of the annual ROCKSTEADY CREW anniversaries in the mid 90s. And listen to what BOBBITO says about saying MCs not "rappers" ... true school terminology YO!

Got Doubles pt10

Monday 3 May 2010

Oxygen - Gone Diggin'

Soon to hit the streets in 45rpm vinyl format is "GONE DIGGIN'" by my man, my mellow OXYGEN from the crew SPUTNIK BROWN. Are you really ready for this? I mean really?

For more details of how to get your copy click right HERE.

Kid Dyno

Holdin' Court

And watch out for a DOCTOR ZOOTS release real soon produced by FISH PWS.

DOCTOR ZOOTS - "Never Quit"

Kid Dyno

The Great Bates

Sunday 2 May 2010

Got Doubles pt9