Tuesday 18 May 2010

Hip Hop Autographs

Over the years I've collected a few signatures from meetings with some of my favourite Hip Hoppers here and there across the globe. It's always good to remember a meeting with a momento from the time. TAME ONE was cool as hell when I met him at the Manhattan Centre NY in 96, despite being heavily blazed (hence the joint portrayed in his throw up). I'd love to smoke some of whatever he had that day! Despite the red eyes he was courteous enough to drop a little TAME ONE throw-up for the KID DYNO shoebox. At this time I was still hooked on ARTIFACTS debut 12" "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" from 2 years earlier, and TAME ONE and EL DA SENSEI were the perfect combination in my opinion, especially when T-RAY was on the beats.

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verge said...

Very nice piece there. Brings me back to when I used to see that almost exact throw up at spots in Newark in the 90's. Tame got down for his. Artifacts were great but I think El was more "just above average" and Tame was the real raw talent.
This is an old argument that people usually just agree to disagree about so I don't know why I brought it up. Sorry.
Thanks for the pic. Show off. :p lol