Sunday 27 November 2011

Nobody ft Evidence

NOBODY rocks the beat kinda nice in this clever video. Enjoy!

Friday 25 November 2011

Keep It Sealed

I used to have a fetish for collecting sealed hip hop records from the 80s and early 90s, but the habit became an expensive and unhealthy one. At one point I decided it was time to call an end to the madness and I either traded up or sold many of my sealed gems including BABY YOU NASTY 12", MECCA & THE SOUL BROTHER LP and PARTY GROOVE EP etc. etc.. But there was one hoard of sealed items I just couldn't let go of without a very good fight, and I'm now pleased that I refused all offers. I'm talking about my "untouched by human hands" MAIN SOURCE sealed vinyl and cassette collection (yes that is an original THINK/ATOM 12" from the TORONTO basement stash!)
If ANYONE out there can help me track down a sealed original copy of MAIN SOURCE's "Looking At The Front Door" 12" please do get in touch with me by leaving a comment. An old habit dies hard ... I'm sure you understand!

Nike Blazer Highs

SIZE? have landed some exclusive VINTAGE BLAZER colourways, and these look fresh. I have several pairs of BLAZERS both in high and low designs - they look ultra fresh but ain't exactly the trainer for maximum comfort. That's the price of looking fly I guess.

Thursday 24 November 2011

Style Wars Appreciation

Let's be honest, would Hip Hop culture be as globally widespread as it is now if it wasn't for seminal films like STYLE WARS and WILD STYLE making such an impression on the youth of the 1980s?
I don't honestly think so, so I am always pleased to see people such as CHARLIE AHEARN, MARTHA COOPER, HENRY CHALFANT, TONY SILVER etc. getting the respect and praise they deserve for the roles they played in these two productions. Also along these lines I believe people such as JOE CONZO, BUDDY ESQUIRE and FAB 5 FREDDY also have contributed massively to Hip Hop and their names should also be set in stone within Hip Hop's history alongside names like KOOL HERC, BAM etc..
Have you ever wished that you could contribute to Hip Hop history and help preserve the artform in it's original and traditional form? Well now you DO have the opportunity to help - HENRY CHALFANT has begun a campaign to raise $28,000 which is needed to help preserve the complete STYLE WARS film archive. Here's what HENRY had to say.....

"STYLE WARS was originally edited to its 69 minute length from about 30 hours of 16 mm film that we shot in 1981 and 1982. Hours of exciting and wonderful scenes in the extra footage that didn’t make it into the finished film need to be restored. There are many shots of trains and some surprising masterpieces rescued from oblivion.
There are more scenes from the B boy battle at United Skates of America between the Rock Steady Crew and the Dynamic Rockers, and more interviews with Skeme and his mom, Dez, Kase 2, Shy, Seen, Dondi and all the other kings and characters that people have grown to love.
But this history is threatened. The original footage is damaged and fading. Fortunately, it will be possible to repair using digital technology. It will cost $28,000 to save and restore the outtakes. Saving the best outtakes is an important component of our overall project to restore the entire negative of the film and make an HD master which will preserve the record of the first painted trains in their original vivid colors."

Get yourself over to the STYLE WARS PRESERVATION SITE where you can donate as much as you can afford towards helping the preservation of this amazing archive. It would be a huge loss if the complete STYLE WARS footage cannot be saved, so please stop and think for a moment how much the movie STYLE WARS meant to you growing up in the 80s into Hip Hop. I'm sure you will agree we should ALL be pledging a little something to this well worthy cause.
Not only will you be proud of yourself, but you also get something in return for your generosity. Depending on your pledged amount you can expect a variety of STYLE WARS memorabilia ranging from a simple name credit at the end of the completed movie project, a certificate detailing your involvement, a STYLE WARS 2 DVD set, a limited ART IS NOT A CRIME poster, Henry Chalfant fine art photograph, a signed photograph from Style Wars of a NOC167 train, and you can even arrange for HENRY CHALFANT to set up a 100ft INSTALLATION of his many train pics in your office or home. As JAMES BROWN would say ... Get involved!

Friday 18 November 2011

Happy 50th Jazzy Jay

Happy birthday to the legend that is DJ JAZZY JAY - today he hits 50 and will be celebrating things with a public party with KOOL DJ RED ALERT in Brooklyn at Auggies Brownstone Inn 1550 Fulton Street (corner of Albany).

Doors Will Open @ 9:00 Pm and the party goes on until 4am. I'm sure there will be plenty of legends in the building!

BRONX RIVER Zulu party 1980 with DJ JAZZY JAY on deck duties.

Monday 14 November 2011

Double Goose

The DOUBLE GOOSE pop-up store is back in NEW YORK CITY to make sure the Big Apple residents stay warm and still look fresh this winter. I'm sure you know all about these jackets by now so I ain't gonna talk on and on about how fresh they are right now. But keep your eyes peeled for my forthcoming "GET DOWN WITH THE GOOSEDOWN pt2" article coming soon to DAILY DIGGERS. Big shout to TOTO and all the DOUBLE GOOSE crew.

Sunday 13 November 2011

Hijack Outta Jail

Rare TV footage of the legendary HIJACK on DANCE ENERGY and also live footage at Brixton academy.

Tha 4orce

PRITT KALSI's KING OF THE BEATS label is bringing plenty of vinyl goodness to the table right now, including ridiculously dope seven inch releases by DANNY SPICE & CRAIG G, MARK B & DIALECT and KOTB affiliate THA 4ORCE has an LP dropping any minute now. I always did like the 4ORCE since the old days of FORCE n K-ZEE. If you ain't hip to the game then check out what you're missing....

THA 4ORCE 'MUSICAL SHOT' VIDEO from pritt on Vimeo.

Friday 11 November 2011

Vinyl Veterans Swap Meet

Tomorrow is the first in a series of swap meets for record heads in Brighton courtesy of those good dudes VINYL VETERANS. The crew will be spinning funky beats all day while the trades and swaps go on amongst those in attendance, so dig out your spare 45s and LPs and take a crate down there as everyone is welcome. And with the VINYL VETERANS in charge you know there will be some wax bounty up for grabs! Now if I wasn't already committed to working this weekend I would be there for sure, but in my absence I hope everyone enjoys themselves and leaves with a few dusty discs that they had been looking for.

My Adidas

I got three stripes on my feet right now - ADIDAS have definitely got my vote in the last few years when it comes to fly footwear. Especially seeing as I pick up these ADIDAS ORIGINALS CONCORD HIGHS for less than forty quid. The three stripes seem to be taking over the swooosh in my sneaker room!

Thursday 10 November 2011

BBE 15th Anniversary

In these uncertain financial times it is always encouraging to see a UK record label flourishing especially in the mp3 downloading generation we live in. One label in particular is now celebrating it's fifteenth anniversary - even more poignant when the label in question is named BARELY BREAKING EVEN, or better known as BBE.
BBE was started back in 1996 by two DJs PETER ADARKWAH and BEN JOLLY, the label taking it's name from The UNIVERSAL ROBOT BAND's 1982 track "Barely Breaking Even". Despite being UK based BBE has released records and CDs for both UK and US artists over the last fifteen years, and BBE's BEAT GENERATION project saw the label work with some of Hip Hop's heavyweight producers including PETE ROCK, MARLEY MARL, JAZZY JEFF, JAY DEE and even WILL.I.AM of the BLACK EYED PEAS. Other BBE releases have included material by DJ SPINNA, KENNY DOPE, TY, FUNKY DL, MR THING, KON & AMIR, DJ VADIM, KEB DARGE and even ROY AYERS. Not many labels can boast a roster like that. Hip Hop fans in particular regarded MARLEY MARL's "Re-Entry" LP to be a very welcome return for the man behind all the JUICE CREW releases.
On reading through some of the above names it is easy to see that BBE are sticking firmly to their mission statement of "real music for real people" and they are continuing to do so with some big releases for 2011.
My good friend CHRIS READ has also become part of the BBE crew as the label's choice DJ, and he has been responsible for compiling and producing the BBE 15th ANNIVERSARY mix CD using material from the label's now extensive back catalogue. CHRIS is always meticulous about his mixes so I knew the outcome would be classic material (which ironically is the name of CHRIS READ's own club night that he runs in East London showcasing Hip Hop music from the last 30 years). You can expect some quality PETE ROCK, MARLEY MARL, DJ VADIM and JAZZY JEFF tracks on the CD, as well as some interesting ROY AYERS remixes, all comfortably blended together with the listener in mind. Hence the perfect marriage - BBE's high grade sounds and CHRIS's precision mixing. For me personally it also opened my eyes to some other artists I have known about but never actually listened to. BBE's high level of quality control ensures that only serious music makes it onto their vinyl and CD releases. In fact if you scan through the BBE catalogue HERE you will see how many notable releases CHRIS had to choose from in compiling the mix, in fact the selection was so vast that the mix is spread over two full length CDs. This truly is a mix that you will be playing again and again, so I asked CHRIS to explain how he accomplished the unenviable task of handpicking the records for this mix....

"I said half jokingly in the liner notes that the biggest challenge was not chosing what tracks to include but which ones I could afford to leave out, but it's actually true. BBE has a catalogue of 200+ albums and there aren't really any which you could describe as filler. It was pretty essential to include tracks from the biggest names on the roster, particularly from the Beat Generation series, so Jazzy Jeff, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, Madlib etc are all on there. I also made sure that there were at least a couple of tracks from my personal favourites like Visioneers, Slakah and Roy Ayers. It's a shame to me that I couldn't find space for certain artists, but above all I had to make sure that the mix worked as a complete piece of music and some tracks, great though they are, just were not going to fit. Hopefully I'll find space for the rest on the 20th Anniversary album!"

The video above gives you a five minute taster of the mix and you can purchase the double CD of BBE 15th ANNIVERSARY MIX through the BARELY BREAKING EVEN website. Here's wishing BBE a happy 15th anniversary year, and hoping for at least 15 more years of real music for real people.

To keep in step with CHRIS READ, his CLASSIC MATERIAL nights and various mix projects peep his MUSIC OF SUBSTANCE website. You can even purchase CHRIS READ's two recent 45 releases via his site. Yes he makes his own records too - that's why I call him the hardest working man in the business! Props to CHRIS and BBE from the DAILY DIGGERS.

While you are here you should also check out this PETER ADARKWAH interview with SPINE TV discussing his BBE label.

Listen to CHRIS READ and LEE BRIGHT of BBE on the BBE 15th Anniversary broadcast part 2.....

Tuesday 8 November 2011

RIP Heavy D

Sorry to be the bearer of sad news but I have to tell you that the OVERWEIGHT LOVER HEAVY D passed away today after being admitted to a hospital in LA. Only a month ago in October he performed to a crowd at the BET awards and was in supposed good health. Rest in peace MR BIG STUFF.

Monday 7 November 2011

The Funk League

It is almost time for the Long Player by the FUNK LEAGUE to hit the stores, and this is one record I will make sure I cop when it's available. I was impressed with their previous 12" and 7" releases (featuring LARGE PRO and DIAMOND D amongst others) and I think these brothers from FRANCE who love the SP1200 are gonna smash it when the LP "Funky As Usual" drops. Shout out to DJ SUSPECT and JACKSON JAZZ - this is essential French funk YO!

Rockin The 1s and 2s

Shouts out to my DAILY DIGGERS and VINYL VETERANS crews. It's great to be surrounded by like-minded people with a love for funky beats. Huge props to those who keep me inspired on a daily basis to keep doing the do. We are very lucky that we grew up witnessing the birth of hip hop culture and together we can keep the traditions alive. Respect to the LEACY BROTHERS, DJ SKYE and NUCLEUS.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Lewis Parker - Shark

LEWIS PARKER is possibly one of the greatest hip hop exports from the UK to the US, although I do think it has been the UK's loss. The dude who is always nice on the SP1200 made the move from London a few years ago, and judging by his latest beats the New York vibe has definitely affected his beat making in a positive way. Check out the new video for his track "Shark" from the forthcoming DUSTY VINYL LP "The Glass Ceiling".

Random LEWIS PARKER fact: back in February 1999 I remember being in DEAL REAL records in Soho with BEAT DETECTIVE when LEWIS PARKER announced that BIG L had been shot and killed on 139th street in Harlem.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Bamboo Brothers

I recently copped the new SPOX PHD 45rpm single which of course featured KURIOUS on guest vocals. Now I'm a fan of all those who blessed the mic on that record, but it was especially nice to hear one my favourite rappers making a comeback without falling short of expectations. It seems as if KURIOUS is in fact coming back stronger than ever, and to be honest I always felt he had been stifled a little on his COLUMBIA released album so he never really showed off his true skills. So his collaboration as one half of THE BAMBOO BROS with DAVE DAR was a pleasant return. He may have been a constipated monkey the first time round but now I have the feeling his shit will be flowing. Check it out...

Breakbeat Lou Gettin' Busy

The legend that is BREAKBEAT LOUIS FLORES has a mix CD dropping shortly, and we are pleased to be able to bring you a little scoop of what is in store. Remember, this dude had all the classic beats in his crates while we were still wearing nappies! BREAKBEAT LOU and BREAKBEAT LENNY are the original kings of digging! It's time to bop ya head.

MIx Cd 2012 (Preview) by BreakBeat Lou

Outbreak 7

OUTBREAK 7 Hip Hop Festival // Dec 10-11 2011 // ORLANDO, FLORIDA.

KFMP The Pioneers Hip Hop Show

The very first PIONEERS HIP HOP SHOW with WHIRLWIND D was aired last night on KANE FM. The Pioneers Hip Hop Show is all about shining a light on the old school - focusing on the artists and movements that created what is now the biggest selling music form world-wide. This first show is all about the early history of Hip Hop emanating from the Queensbridge Projects featuring records from MARLEY MARL's JUICE CREW all the way to NAS.

This show produced by Miracle 2011. Check the show out every Tuesday at 7pm UK time using the link above.


1. Roxanne Shante: Roxanne’s Revenge (first version taken from Mr Magic Show) (Pop Art, 1984)

2. Marley Marl & Mc Shan: Marley Marl Scratch (NIA, 1985)
3. Mc Craig G: Transformer (Pop Art, 1985)
4. Bizmarkie: Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz (Prism, 1986)
5. Juice Crew All Stars: Juice Crew All Stars (Cold Chillin’, 1987)
6. Big Daddy Kane: Raw (Prism, 1987)
7. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo: I Declare War (DWG, 2008)
8. Marley Marl: The Symphony (Cold Chillin’, 1988)
9. Ace n Action: Letter To The Better (Prism, 1989)
10. Tragedy: Arrest The President Remix (A & M Promo, 1991)
11. Nas: Represent (Columbia, 1994)

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Daylight Robbery

It seems the New York Police Department have their hands full lately dealing with a high volume of street or subway robberies where the victims are targeted solely for their APPLE iPhones. The NEW YORK TIMES recently published an article highlighting the increase of these robberies in the hope that it will educate people to be a little more aware, and advises them to be discreet as to when and how they use their iPhones.

As a non iPhone user I personally couldn't care less if people are being phone-jacked! The only time I would be interested in owning one is if Apple can develop an Application that can sniff out breakbeats in an dusty old record shop. Now I know you must be thinking "what the hell does all this have to do with hip hop?" and wondering why on earth I am bringing this to your attention. The reason being is that THE NEW YORK TIMES quotes three other items of must-have property that have also sparked similar serial robberies in the past. These three things were....LEATHER GOOSE BOMBER JACKETS & CAZAL SUNGLASSES in the 1980s, and also NIKE AIR JORDANs in the 90s.

Here's a quote from the NEW YORK TIMES article....

"The circumstances surrounding recent iPhone thefts had felt relatively tame until Friday morning, when a 17-year-old high school student was fatally stabbed in Jamaica, Queens. The boy, Patrick Dixon, was attacked by a group of teenagers who demanded his phone, just as he’d stepped off a bus. By the time he got to the hospital, he was dead.

The iPhone, though, is the latest in a succession of status objects that have fostered urban crime. In the 1980s, the craze for Cazal eyeglass frames, West German artifacts with gold insets, which sold for $85 to $200 in stores and commanded $35 to $50 on the street, resulted in the fatal stabbing of a 17-year-old Bronx boy at Broadway and 204th Street one winter afternoon, when five teenagers accosted him and grabbed the pair he was wearing.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, cities across the country were forced to deal with the fact that young people were killing one another for Air Jordans. During the same era, the fad for leather bomber jackets became so intense that the Newark Police Department formed a special task force to deal with the shootings and muggings related to it."

Peep the full article here.

On The Move

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