Friday 25 November 2011

Keep It Sealed

I used to have a fetish for collecting sealed hip hop records from the 80s and early 90s, but the habit became an expensive and unhealthy one. At one point I decided it was time to call an end to the madness and I either traded up or sold many of my sealed gems including BABY YOU NASTY 12", MECCA & THE SOUL BROTHER LP and PARTY GROOVE EP etc. etc.. But there was one hoard of sealed items I just couldn't let go of without a very good fight, and I'm now pleased that I refused all offers. I'm talking about my "untouched by human hands" MAIN SOURCE sealed vinyl and cassette collection (yes that is an original THINK/ATOM 12" from the TORONTO basement stash!)
If ANYONE out there can help me track down a sealed original copy of MAIN SOURCE's "Looking At The Front Door" 12" please do get in touch with me by leaving a comment. An old habit dies hard ... I'm sure you understand!


verge said...

HOLY SHIT, that is an impressive little stash! Props.

Leo Slayer said...

Found a sealed OG copy of Breaking Atoms in Sister Ray (I think or the one next door, can't remember) on Berwick Street a few years ago that netted me a tidy £40 profit on E Bay... But generally speaking, my records have a tendency to get opened and played to fuck before I get a chance to ponder their future value so I applaud your self-control!

Daily Diggers said...

thanks Verge, good to see you up on here.

Leo - great find mate. Don't get me wrong buddy I could never keep that shit sealed unless I had another open copy of each one. So yep, these are all doubles. I'm a hoarder supreme!

Kid Dyno

Leo Slayer said...

I guessed that these would have to be duplicates. Very jealous of the cassettes.
Oh and it was the Record and Tape Exchange place, the other end to Sister Ray, in case anybody cares. It's all the same to me.