Thursday 30 September 2010

JVC Force are Back

Just got word from AJ ROK from JVC FORCE...

"Get ready party people, your dreams have now been fulfilled...

The launch of the official JVC FORCE website is only hours away. That's right ladies & gents, finally the time has come ...
will be the place to be to cop the new JVC FORCE joints (a new joint will be released every 60 days, including new remixes and previously unreleased joints), hear the official reunion interview of the JVC FORCE (the first interview with the whole group together since 1991) and see rarely seen and never before seen pics of JVC FORCE through out our career.
But wait there's more...There's even some new JVC FORCE merchandize that will be available only on the site real soon as well, plus much much more!

It's about to go down, baby, so tell a friend to tell a friend!

Also this just in... MJQ will be the place to be tomorrow................
If ya in the ATL area tomorrow (FRI. OCT. 1st) come chill with the FORCE as DJ Majestik aka Skenny Kravitz officially premiers 2 new JVC FORCE tracks and celebrated the launch of the website!!
Thank you for your continual support..........



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Here's AJ ROK's ten records that make him feel proud to be from STRONG ISLAND.

"Even though I was born in Money-Earnin' Mount Vernon & went back there for high school, I grew up & got into the industry as a Long Island, NY (Strong Island) resident! These are some of the things in hip-hop that made me proud to be from Strong Island!"

1. "Strong Island" by JVC FORCE (For Obvious Reasons Concerning Entertainment). For obvious reasons ofcourse. "Living In C.I. Who The Hell Am I..." (Shout to B Luv and Curt Cazal).

2. It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back & Fear of a Black Planet albums by Public Enemy. I know this was supposed to be songs but their entire body of work had my proud to be from Strong Island.

3. "My Melody" by Eric B & Rakim. There are far too many Rakim joints to name one but the most memorable lines were. "I take 7 MC's put them in a line/ And add 7 more brothers who think they can rhyme/ Well, it'll take 7 more before I go for mine/ And that's 21 MC's ate up at the same time." Classic I don't care where you're from!

4. "Nobody Beat the Biz" by Biz Markie. The song title says it all, cause no body beat the Biz in what he did and shout to T.J. Swan also from C.I. (Central Islip).

5. "It's My Thing/ You're A Customer" by EPMD. These cats were the first on the East Coast to really use that funk that the West Coast was known for. And that became there patented songs and inspired many to dig in the crates to find the funk!

6. "Most Beautifullest Thing" by Keith Murray. I was just proud to see one of the younger cats around my way hold it down.

7. "Plug Tunin'" by De La Soul. The creativity and boldness not to do what everyone else was doing. Their dared to be different and push the envelop so to speak. A breath of fresh air from the overused break break samples!

8. "Flava In Ya Ear (remix)" by Craig Mack. I mean come on, who don't love the remix with Biggie, LL, Busta and Rampage?

9. "Spellbound" by K. Solo. Again proud to see my dude I grew up with and went to school with get his shine and do his thing!

10. "Case Of The P.T.A" & "Sobb Story" by Leaders Of The New School. These cats brought back the days of Cold Crush Brothers and The Treacherous 3 in their songs, routines and stage performances.

Kid Dyno

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Classic Material

"Celebrating over 30 yrs of recorded Rap Music through a series of club nights, music releases, photography and design. Each month we pay homage to a specific era of rap history, year by year, kicking of with our celebration of rap music's birth on wax - let's party like it's 1979!"

CHRIS READ from MUSIC OF SUBSTANCE is busy at it again with his CLASSIC MATERIAL night at beginning October 2010. If he wasn't busy enough already with his mixtape projects, his SO MUCH SOUL nights, and running the RAP MUSIC FAN CLUB - CHRIS is certainly up there with DJ SPIN DOCTOR as one of LONDON's hardest working on the wheels of steel! CLASSIC MATERIAL begins on Saturday 16th October at THE CAMP 70-74 City Road London EC1Y 2BJ from 9pm til 4am, featuring all the rap hits you love from 1979 to 1987. Keeping with the old and true school tradition, DJ FORMAT will be the dropping by to unleash a 45rpm set of rap 7" singles so you know it's gonna be one NOT to miss. Also spinning will be CHRIS READ with some dancefloor rap classics from the DISCO era, DJ NICKNAME from DROPPIN' SCIENCE, and myself and BEAT DETECTIVE (DAILY DIGGERS). See you all there for a roadblock session!

DJ Spinna Thingamajig Studio Tour

Here SPINNA takes us through his studio equipment and allows us a quick peep at his massive record collection. Damn, he even mentions that elusive RICKY WILLIAMS joint on 45 that I need. Anyone who has a "Discotheque Soul" 45rpm going spare then please let me know, you know how to hit me up. Many thanks, Kid Dyno

The Gloves and The Mask

Holy shit, now that's what I call record digging. There needs to be some raers in that pile to make it worth catching tuberculosis!

check out

New Blogs to Check

With a trillion hip hop related blogs on the net these days, it can be hard to find a site where the content can hold my attention and is consistent and meaningful to me as the reader. Hopefully we manage to maintain our quality control here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ and only bring you the freshest and the best.
Without doubt sites like UNKUT, KOOL SKOOL, MR KRUM's BIZARRE and HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD are amongst my favourites to check on the regular, but there are also a few new sites popping up with interesting content from all 4 corners of the globe. So I thought I would share with you some of the up and coming blogs that I have been checking lately....

ANTISOCIAL has been up and running for a few weeks only and chief contributor is BREAKS FOR DAYS regular FISH from PWS (you may recall we posted up about his excellent PAINTWASTERS graffiti website some time ago - some of the very best UK paint action). The idea was to 'throw up' all his non-graffiti related stuff that he doesn't post on the paintwasters site. For example this hilarious kids TV footage about rap music LOL.

There's a couple of old FISH mixes posted (FISH mixes are always dope go check these out), some graff flicks and some music related goings on. All interesting stuff, and my man FISH aka BALDEY O'HARE not only has over 100 aliases, but he also has a great sense of humour so don't expect him to be serious 100% of the time. As FISH himself says "... it's not as in depth as your site but...ah, fuck it...have a look!!" LMAO... check it out.

FUNKOVSKI's PARADISE is also new to cyberspace, but if his site banner is anything to go by then we are in for some serious fun and beat treats from crazy FUNKOVSKI. It seems Grandma can't take her beer! His site features some dope posts including LONDON POSSE, YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA, movie soundtracks, a dope library funk download, lots of kung-fu flick action plus some of his very own dope beat concoctions (most of which are fresh). "Welcome to Funkovski's Paradise - funky flicks, mesmerising music and other fresh stuff."
Check out his "sometimes not so funny" beat below...
sometimes not so funny by Funkovski

Take a peep at these sites when you get a hot minute.

Kid Dyno

New York Digging

My addiction to records started much earlier than a lot of the collectors and DJs that today claim to be veterans of the hip hop scene, but I'm always happy to let these others do the braggin' & boastin' while I let my records do the talking! My brother from another mother BREAK DJ LEACY first schooled me on breakbeats back in 1990. LEACY would compile his own "IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT BEAT" lists of the dopest drum break LPs, hunt 'em down one by one and then compile a new list Although this gave me a taste for drum beats whaaay back, I was so addicted to buying hip hop records at the time and this passion took priority. But as hip hop music went through its creative ups and downs, I began to search hard instead for original breaks on LP and 45 to keep my addiction to records satisfied. Back home in London the vinyl pickings were getting slim despite a few great record shops like HONEST JON's, SOUL PROVIDER, JIF's and INTOXICA. JIM LEACY (pictured here on the wheels) and myself had discussed a cross-Antlantic journey many times and in 94 we agreed to plan a summer trip to NY in the hope of quenching our hip hop thirsts. The NY trip would give me the opportunity to pick up some classic beats and maybe dig up a few new ones, and with JIM LEACY as my diggin partner I knew I would find some sureshots. Although unfortunately JIM never got to make the trip to NY that year, and I was destined to pace the NY streets in search of dusty beats on my own clutching my rudimentary map of record shops and a third generation photocopy of an old BAMBAATAA breakbeat list.

Digging for records in New York is like a right of passage for hip hoppers. If you've been down with this culture since the early days then you will know back in the 80s and 90s a NY trip was the only way to get a real taste of Hip Hop first hand, right in the city where it was born. I agree by then hip hop music had spread across the US, Far East and Europe with films like WILD STYLE etc. but I'm talking before the Internet, Youtube, Myspace and other websites turned everything hip hop related into a global commodity. I wanted to experience for myself the NY atmosphere (yeah that's me acting the fool at Corona Park in Queens), bump into some of favourite MCs, visit a few legendary spots, hunt down some beats, and attend a ROCK STEADY ANNIVERSARY b-boy jam. As much as London had it's vibrant hip hop scene, I didn't feel complete in hip hop terms until I had been to New York, just like a catholic would feel visiting Rome.
Back in the early 90s when I first visited NYC, I remember my pre-trip preparation included listing all the record shops I could which resided in the New York tri-borough. This was before the Internet made this sort of research as easy as pushing a few buttons, so my list was compiled using various music magazines, my slim knowledge of NY, and from friends who had previously made the the pilgrimage to the birthplace of hip hop. If I was going to travel 3000 miles in search of beats I wanted to get my bearings straight and make sure I got to hit the right spots. Back then, the list included stores like ROCK n SOUL records, BLEECKER BOB's, HOUSE OF OLDIES, DOWNSTAIRS RECORDS, DOWNTOWN RECORDS, BEAT STREET etc etc. Although FAT BEATS had taken their spot in a basement on 9th street (their original shop) this was before other specialist hip hop spots like A1 RECORDS and THE SOUND LIBRARY had opened doors and were selling hip hop records and catering for beatheads by stocking soul, funk, r&b, and breaks & beats. My search for the perfect beat was reliant on me doing my homework first.
As much as I found some gems on my New York trips in the 90s, my record knowledge is a whole lot tighter now, and I guess with the specialist shops in NY now catering for the beatheads post millenium, another trip across the pond is surely imminent. I know I could scoop some beats for the crates. Also I'm loving the sound of the Summer Park Jams series organised by FABLE and the regular True School events going off in the city. Plus there's a few record spots I need to hit with the quickness... BIG CITY RECORDS, GOOD RECORDS NYC, ACADEMY plus all the flea markets.

Props to Mac from VINYL VETERANS who makes the trip to NY every year to soak up that old school party vibe, and pick up a few gems while he's there. Next year Mac I'm coming with ya!


Kid Dyno

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Diamond D - 45s Live @ Plan B

If you didn't make the Brixton gig then this is a taste of what you missed.

Mr Krum's Podcast

My digging counterpart from the UK's south coast MR KRUM (Vinyl Veterans) is back once again with a super tight blend of beats, breaks and boom bap for your earholes. Never front on a MR KRUM mix cuz I never heard a wack one yet. KRUM also drops a little break-to-the-beat action for the beatheads in this podcast #5 from his excellent WONDERFUL WORLD OF BIZARRE website. If you don't know or frequent his site already then add him to your favourites (link below). As for the mix, peep this and weep.


1.Gene Harris "Prelude"
(from "AstralSignal". 1974, Blue Note Records, U.S. LP)
2. The Sound Of Feeling "Along Came Same"
(from "Spleen". 1969, Mercury Records, U.K. LP)
3. Quincy Jones "Snow Creatures"
(from "The Heist". 1972, Reprise Records, U.K. LP)
4. Edan "Beauty"
(from "Beauty And The Beat". 2005, Lewis Recordings, U.S. LP)
5. Memory Man ft. Kool Keith "The Kool Keith Show"
(2007, Chopped Herring Records, U.S. 12")
6. James William Guercio"The Chase"
(from "Electra Glide In Blue O.S.T." 1973, United Artists, U.K. LP)
7. Astra Nova Orchestra "Soul Sleeper"
(1974, Alaska Records, U.K. 7")
8. Undercover latin break
(sampled by the P-Brothers)
9. Roy Head "She's About A Mover"
(from "Same People". 1970, Dunhill Records, U.S. LP)
10. Oxygen "Gone Diggin"
(2010, BBP / Big City Records, U.S. 7")
11. MC Lyte "Cappucino (DJ Doc Remix)"
(1990, First Priority Music, U.S. 12")
12. Queen Latifah "Latifah's Law"
(from "All Hail The Queen". 1989, Tommy Boy Records, U.S. LP)
12. Yo-Yo "Dope Femininity"
(1990, Atlantic Records, U.S. 12")
13. (Roxanne) Shante "Straight Razor (Large Professor Remix)"
(1992, Livin' Large, U.S. 12")
14. Rimshots "Dance Girl"
(1974, Astroscope, U.S. 7")
15. The Fatback Band "Why Is It Hard To Do (Things I Wanna Do)"
(from "Feel My Soul". 1974 Perception Records, U.S. LP)
16. Mexicanos "Street Dance"
(from "Soul Construction". 1976, Klik Records, U.K. LP)
17. Original Tropicana Steel Band "Spanish Hustle"
(from "Hot Steel". 1978, Polydor Records, U.K. LP)
18. Main Source "Just Hangin' Out (Our Hood)"
(1991, Wild Pitch Records, U.S. 12")
19. Gwen McCrae "90% Of Me Is You"
(from "Rockin' Chair". 1975, Cat Records, U.S. LP)

You can catch MR KRUM at the forthcoming VINYL VETERANS night in BRIGHTON, see flyer 2 posts down. In the meantime get yourself over to MR KRUM'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF BIZARRE for a regular dose of record related wranglings.

Kid Dyno

Monday 20 September 2010

Oxygen (Sputnik Brown) Interview

Peep this interview with my man OXYGEN from SPUTNIK BROWN by Global Faction Films.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Vinyl Veterans presents "There Was A Time..."

There's a new nightspot in Brighton playing raw soul, heavy funk, original breaks, old school and classic hip hop.

Hosted by The Vinyl Veterans who are Bobby Boucher, Mr.Krum, Mac McRaw, Matt The Hat & Scratchy Muffin...

Forthcoming guest sets from DJ Format, Daily Diggers, Andy Eldica, Baby Charles, Rob Life, DJ Prone & more…

Facebook: Vinyl Veterans (for further info)

Certified dope!

Saturday 18 September 2010

The Diggers

Last evening's DIAMOND D show at PLAN B in Brixton was a real beat fest to remember. In fact my last 48hrs has been a blur of full-on record digging across London and networking with two of NY's finest. I will give you more details when I'm fully recovered. Suffice to say London town's record spots have got no funky records left!

Here's a snap of myself Kid Dyno, DITC legend DIAMOND D and OXYGEN from SPUTNIK BROWN. You can call us "the diggers".

DIAMOND D dropping some bronx science

Oxygen (Sputnik Brown), Pritt Kalsi (KOTB), & Johnny Cuba (Soundsci)

BIG DIME busy on the doubles

MC CRAIG G rocks the mic

45s 33s from 12s to LPs, 78s whatever man it's a disease!

Heavy Rotation

The funk crates

SP1200 + Oxygen = deadly combo

DJ Spin Doctor and Diamond

Diamond does doubles

Kid Dyno

Wednesday 15 September 2010

It's a London Thing

Saturday 11 September 2010

Tuff City Styles

Thursday 9 September 2010

So Much Soul!

SO MUCH SOUL! - playing classic breaks, sampled soul, rare sides, 80s soul & boogie, modern funk and everything in between.
CHRIS READ, one of the hardest working DJs in the East End of London, is back with some sweet soul and funk business with another of his SO MUCH SOUL! nights taking place this Saturday 11th September at THE SOCIAL, Little Portland Street, LONDON W1. Special guests include RANDA KHAMIS of Randa & The Soul Kingdom singing live and JAPANESE JIMMY DYNAMITE spinning his enviable selection of rare 45s - you know it's gonna be funky and then some!
In support of the event, DJs CHRIS READ and NICKNAME have put together a mini-mixtape; 30 minutes of contemporary funk & soul cuts - ALL CURRENT CUTS / ALL CLASSIC SOUND! The mix features tracks from the likes of Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators, Quantic Soul Orchestra and this month's special guest, Randa Khamis.
You can listen to the mix on Mixcloud here.
Or to download this mix and to see event information and facebook links take a peep here > SO MUCH SOUL!.
So don't delay, head over to the website and get busy on the DL. This mix is HARD AS HELL so you ain't gonna want to miss out.

So if you wanna hear nothing but good music this Saturday evening, get yourselves down to THE SOCIAL on Saturday night to witness some record shenanigans first-hand. It's FREE before 9pm.

Kid Dyno

Tuesday 7 September 2010

The Vinyl Exchange

"A day to swap records with some of the best DJs and producers in LONDON and have a chat and allround vinyl geekery"

Grab a handful of wax trades and make your way to FINSBURY PARK in London on 18th Sep 2010 for a day of record swaps and beats with names like RARE KIND, MR THING, LEWIS PARKER and HAYDN DAVIES. You might find that elusive beat you have been looking for.

Kid Dyno

Friday 3 September 2010

Johnny Dett - Uncut Raw

For those who like their b-boy beats raw like sushi, here's a full-on hour of music to rock to, courtesy of DJ JOHNNY DETT. The mix is entitled UNCUT RAW and the important thing you need to know here is that it was recorded stone cold LIVE. No special effects or musical trickery involved, just straight up badness on two turntables. JOHNNY is a member of the legendary TBB (THE BRONX BOYS) established in 1975 so you KNOW this mix is gonna include some thoroughbred beats that no self respecting b-boy or b-girl can ignore. Plus there are a few scorchers you won't have heard before and will wish you had!
Recently JOHNNY DETT was playing last weekend with DJ SKAMROK in Birmingham at the KING OF THE B-BOYS BATTLE run by DICE. DETT and SKAMROK have together been planning a proper mix CD release using tough b-boy breaks that haven’t been dug up before. It's not quite finished as I write this post but stay tuned to BREAKS FOR DAYS for more details as I get them from JOHNNY. In regards to "Uncut Raw" DETT himself explains ... "I did this live mix when I was getting records together for Birmingham and just pressed record; its not 4-tracked or anything, so excuse the mistakes! But I thought the mix had some good energy and a vibe to it, so here it is."
I agree with JOHNNY the vibe is definitely a good one, and I'm sure you're gonna love this selection of beats as I certainly do. So get listening and look out for DJ JOHNNY DETT TBB as he spins beats regularly in LONDON and around the UK.

DJ JOHNNY DETT - "Uncut Raw"

Enjoy the beats and keep rockin' tough

Kid Dyno

Kid Dyno In Deep Concentration

Thanks to Davey Double Dex for these impromptu diggin' photos of myself. To be honest I wasn't aware that he had taken any flicks until we had left the spot and were back on the tube and on our way to the next vinyl haunt. So focused is my concentration when I'm rifling through the crates, you could run past me naked and screaming and I still wouldn't notice you. In the past I've already been accused of "power diggin" by my digging buddies. Once at Kilburn Record Fair in London I was seen by several friends to be taking a 100mph dash through the record crates in search of long lost beats. It's not something I do consciously, but when there are crates in front of me I seem to kick into overdrive and my fingers start flicking involuntarily.
In fact, years ago when I would go record hunting with BEAT DETECTIVE and DJ SKYE we always had this kinda in-joke whereby we would park the car, lock it up and slowly amble towards the spot we were hitting whilst chatting about beats. But as we neared the shop the pace would quicken and eventually one of us would be forced to break into a run to the shop, in order to get there before the others and have first pick of which crate to hit. I forget at which record shop it happened first, but on every mission since that day the routine was the same and someone would break into a Usain Bolt type sprint. It got to the point where I was ready to run from the moment we hopped out the car. Great days! I don't let ANYTHING come between me and my records.