Tuesday 7 September 2010

The Vinyl Exchange

"A day to swap records with some of the best DJs and producers in LONDON and have a chat and allround vinyl geekery"

Grab a handful of wax trades and make your way to FINSBURY PARK in London on 18th Sep 2010 for a day of record swaps and beats with names like RARE KIND, MR THING, LEWIS PARKER and HAYDN DAVIES. You might find that elusive beat you have been looking for.

Kid Dyno


Lonnie Least said...

a great diversion whilst i'm trying mix the next doctor zoots lp...more please!

Mickie Most said...

^^Ha! Ha! That comment was meant for the So Much Soul post, think I was a bit "tired and emotional" when I wrote it, but that mix definately left me wanting more, good work!

Anonymous said...

Kid Dyno
Thanks for posting this!
Hope yall can make it along.
Keep reppin the real Hip-Hop.