Tuesday 30 December 2008

My Adidas!

It was only a few years ago that NIKE reigned supreme in the battle to supply hip hoppers with the freshest footwear. After years of asking, the legendary NIKE AIR FORCE ONE and NIKE DUNK shoes flooded the market in every conceivable material and colourway. Without doubt both iconic shoes, but it took NIKE years to realise the demand for these vintage models. Hip hop kids had been crying out for years for the basketball classic AF1 to hit the shelves again, and on re-release they filled sneaker closets across the globe. But have NIKE now overcooked it....? What's with all this NIKE ID and quickstrike, hyperstrike etc..?? To be honest I'm all tired-out with these limited edition sneakers by this and that designer. Yawn...what happened to simple straight-up funky fresh colourways?? If I wanted a laser tattoo I would grow my hair, join a rock band and get one done properly....not have it it on my NIKE AF1s!!
To the right is a flick taken by BIGGEST IRISH in 2001 of some of my kicks, and I've only just seen it recently. As you can see plenty of NIKE action.
For almost the last 10 years I have mostly sported AF1s, such is my love of the shoe, both in terms of comfort and absolute style. Of course rotating the colours and switching from lows to high tops kept me from boredom. Before that, the ADIDAS SUPERSTAR and PRO-MODEL high tops were my soles of choice (or shell-toes as I prefer to call them).
But lately ADIDAS have really pulled their fingers out in regard to re-releasing the dopest models in the freshest colours, without all that fashion nonsense attached to it. I personally do not care if your favourite trainers are 1 of only 100 pairs in existence....if the fact is they look shit! I just copped these ADIDAS CONCORDES in the sale at SIZE? for under forty quid - 1 of only 3 billion pairs!! ;O)
Damn, I guess I'm getting a grumpy sneaker fiend in my old age.... but I suppose I'm just disappointed with the way NIKE have shook the limited edition thing until it is stone dead!
So ADIDAS are getting my money for the moment....now where's that RUN DMC record....?

Kid Dyno

Monday 22 December 2008

Lucky Dip Hip Hop

As our name suggests, there ain't a day goes by where myself or the BEAT DETECTIVE ain't rummaging through someone's dusty attic in search of a forgotten pile of records. Whether it be charity shops, collectors spots, car boot sales, or record shops...we have been there and we've seen it all. If I had a pound for every time someone said to me "I know of someone who has some old vinyl you might like..." by now I would be spending my weekends playing poker with Bill Gates and Richard Branson!
So as you can guess we've seen many deep crates, and played many a dusty record. I even know one spot where we used to take a bottle of water, a towel and some soap - so dirty was the digging you couldn't leave without a full scrub up! We would be covered head-to-toe in years of shit and dust (I now understand why my man Oxygen takes a mask on a diggin' mission!) But amongst that dirt in that one spot, I found some seriously hard-to-find hip hop that I haven't seen since. A couple of examples being BARITONE TIPLOVE - "Young Ladeeez..." 12" and C$ MONEY & DJ CHASE- "Ladies Can I have your Attention" 12" on TRUMPET RECORDS.
During most of my missions (I like to fly solo on digging raids) I am set on autopilot and hit the regular targets like a computerised drone. And I truly maintain sometimes the old spidey sense tingles and I can smell a nugget about to surface!
In fact Johnnyroast once caught me "powerdigging", as he called it, at KILBURN RECORD FAIR (yo hi Roastie!). Apparently I was excavating all crates in my path at a rate of knots. So I guess over the years, those same old LP covers become a blur and I tend to steam through them searching for something a little different or a record that I've never seen before. And of course the term "powerdigging" was born.
Whilst powerdigging" this weekend I came across a Hip Hip record from 1993 that I didn't recognise and knew nothing about, which is unusual for a rap fiend like myself. The artist name and title gave no clues, and to be honest it could have gone either way, but I risked less than a tenner (£10) based on the home made appearance of the label and the fact that the title track "Gotta Get Over" made me think JAMES BROWN. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I copped it.
By the time I got back to the lab, I realised there was no JB connection, but I still kinda liked this tune when I eventually spun it on the 1200s. It has that typical '93 bounce feel to it (put on ya Carhartt & Timbos!!) but with various cheeky horn riffs that make the beat dope. A Flavor Flav intro (incidentally recorded at Brixton Academy) and a quick drop of MOUNTAIN's "Long Red" drum break before the track kicks in. Some of the rhymes could have been better in certain instances, but on the whole a great early 90s independent effort on the CRIMINAL RECORDS label from CANADA. Have a listen for yourself... as far as I know B KOOL himself hails from Canada, recorded very little else, other than one track on a CD-only LP entitled SIMPLY MAJESTIC again from Canada. mmm this CD sounds dope....if anyone has a copy please let me know the deal?

B KOOL - "Gotta Get Over"



Thursday 18 December 2008

Highly Underrated

Every so often we stumble upon a record that has slipped under many collectors radars, whether it be because of limited release at the time, or limited airplay, or maybe it's an unknown artist so just didn't grab anyone's attention. I learnt a long time ago that a wack cover or wack DJ/MC name doesn't always mean a wack record. Hell, I have more than a handful of records that I have bought with dope artwork or covers, but the music sucks! Don't judge a book and all that!
So we thought we should pull out a few pieces that you maybe have not heard before, but need to take a peep at. You never know, maybe one of these joints is lurking in your local bargain bin just waiting to be picked up? You know, the one you flicked past a dozen times already...

First up to bat is this little gem of a track on CARDIAC RECORDS - and firstly I gotta say a mighty big "WORD" to MR. CRATEDIGGER as he first played me this joint and made me stop and say "hold up, what the ....?"

TRUE CULTURE - "It's So Good, It's Bad" CARDIAC RECS 1991
Banging beats is the flavour of the day here....and to be honest I can tell you very little about TRUE CULTURE other than that there is an LP and I don't own a copy. Oh, and also DJ FASHION's name is mentioned somewhere in the production credits. I like this track, and it sounds great played loud. I fear that if I find out more about this crew it will only put me off them (maybe you can tell me otherwise?). For now I can ignore the corny track title, and I advise you to avoid the "Good" side if you do find a copy of this record, and please just play the "Bad" side. I have warned you!!
Two things I love about this record are the use of firstly the electric guitar riff from FUNKADELIC, and secondly the crowd noise as used on BUFFALO GALS - very evocative.
TRUE CULTURE - It's So Good It's Bad

Another one to keep you busy is from 92 on SELECT records, and again another record I only picked up myself in the last few years. I still cannot believe no-one played me it any earlier! ESP - "Fingertips (Clap Your Hands" Funky Remix) SELECT RECS 1992 I remember seeing E.S.P.'s Long Player on SELECT entitled "Valoompadoom Pink! Or something else off the wall" in the record shops back in the days, but with that title (their marketing guy needed shooting!) and the fact that there is a semi-clad and rather well-built MC on the cover kinda put me off facing the shop's owner even for a brief listen. I think at a later date I picked up a copy for a £pound in a pile of "harder" looking records and I thus maintained my macho image LOL!
Anyway, the FINGERTIPS 12" release eluded me for some time longer, but on hearing the FUNKY VOCAL remix of this track I made it a must-buy. Without doubt IVAN "DJ DOC" RODRIGUEZ's assistance on the remix is what makes this track a surefire winner, together with the plentiful helping of scratching. And as for the funk loops....I'm hooked within the first few bars.
E.S.P. - "Fingertips"

Kid Dyno

Wednesday 10 December 2008


On SATURDAY December 13th 2008 you can catch us spinning our heavy selection at THE FUNKBOX in BIRMINGHAM with DJ CRO from MAIN INGREDIENT RADIO.
If you attended the KURIOUS launch party with us in FEBRUARY you will know the BIRMINGHAM crowd are amongst the best to play for. Man we've been looking forward to this return to BRUM for some months, so a big thanks to DJ CRO, ROY ROASTBEEF, WATTSY, RICHIE and the whole FUNKBOX crew.
In recent months the FUNKBOX guest DJs have included MR THING and DJ FORMAT, so you know we're gonna have to bring the noise!

If you can make it between 8.30pm - 2am on SATURDAY 13th DEC 2008, get your bad self along to....

The Hare and Hounds
High Street
Kings Heath
B14 7JZ

It's gonna be a heavy breaks session for the dancers and b-boys, so bring ya linoleum and practice those elbow slides!!

Kid Dyno & The Beat Detective

Monday 8 December 2008

Mr Krum Dropping Knowledge

Yes party people, I'm sure y'all remember the guest mix from MR KRUM a few months back? Man that was super slick and full of classics! Well our fellow CRATE INVADER member and ILL TECHNICIAN is dropping some heavy record knowledge over at MR KRUM's WONDERFUL WORLD OF BIZARRE.
Now I warn you in advance this shit is not for the feint-hearted, and if you're not a heavy record digger then some of this may go over your heads...but guaranteed there some excellent reading and crazy soundclips, both for the hip hop heads and the beatdiggers and sample freaks.
BIZARRE is one of my favourite reads on the internet with posts on HIJACK the Terrorist Group, KPM library records, a BLANK C90 CASSETTE gallery, and some of KRUM's infamous mixes and downloads.It's compelling reading, and bound to make you reminisce about the good ole days...so get yourself over there and tell MR KRUM that the DAILY DIGGERS sent ya!

Friday 5 December 2008

Vintage Sneakers for sale

As the credit crunch hits the DAILY DIGGERS HQ, we've found it necessary to spring clean the sneaker closet and pull out some vintage kicks for an airing. If you've been to the HQ you will already have noticed the ADIDAS, NIKE and PUMA sneaker boxes are piled ceiling high and the trainer cupboard runs DEEEEP!
So to make room for some more records, I have added a few pairs on eBay....the infamous ADIDAS HEMP or "Chronic" GAZELLEs as they were known. A pair of fresh 100% DEADSTOCK ADIDAS INSTINCT LOW's similar to those on the TUFF CREW "Danger Zone" LP cover. And of course some limited premium NIKE AIR FORCE 1s - the classic Hip Hop shoe!

Here's a few of the pairs up for grabs...

....and you can take a peep at the sneaker auctions here

Look fresh this Christmas!

Kid Dyno

R.I.P. Party Arty

Sad news this week - the death on December 4th of DITC affiliate PARTY ARTY from "health complications". Best known as being down with AG, BIG L and LORD FINESSE for years, and also being one half of the crew GHETTO DWELLAS with D FLOW as the remaining member. We here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ, have always liked his gravely tones and, his hilarious appearance whilst taking a dump in the SBX video, and for killer lines like this....

"enough weed for ten blunts but I stuff it in one!"

Many of you will have also seen PARTY ARTY's appearance on the dope SBX DVD released in 2005, where he performs the grimey bronx joint "Everyday". But few will be aware of how PARTY ARTY could hold his own in an emcee battle. Of course growing up in the Bronx with the likes of AG BIG L etc.. the skills are gonna rub off eventually, and ARTY was yet to reach his prime as an MC. Hence it is a sad loss for the hip hop community, and he and his rhymes will be sorely missed.
Check out some footage of his battle with MURDA MOOK...the footage may be poor but ARTY's freestyle was 100% in E F F E C T!

PARTY ARTY featured on both BIG L's debut LP "Lifestyles of Da Poor & Dangerous" and also dropped science on SHOWBIZ & AGs "Got the Flava" way back in '95. DJ PREMIER has also expressed his sadness at this loss, and reminisced over AG's "GET DIRTY" LP studio session (for which PRIMO produced the cut "Weed Scented") where he worked with PARTY ARTY......no doubt the man had some serious skills. If you don't already consider yourself a fan of PARTY ARTY's lyrics, just take a listen to the following tracks and I'm sure you'll change your mind.

"Underground Life" feat AG, PARTY ARTY, D FLOW & FAT JOE prod. by LORD FINESSE

"Hold It Down" feat AG, PARTY ARTY, & A BLESS on DITC presents THE WILD LIFE EP produced by SHOW


Kid Dyno

Saturday 22 November 2008

Danny Dan the Beatman

The heavy beat-diggers out there amongst you will know the name DANNY DAN THE BEATMAN. Either from his brief appearance in the short movie THE FUNK HUNT (where he takes a headbutt for his records!), or simply for being a legendary bronx veteran with an incredible arsenal of dope ass breakbeats - there's no denying this cat's qualifications.
DANNY DAN grew up in the early days of Hip Hop and had already begun to DJ Funk, Soul and R&B from the age of 13, but was later influenced by the legendary KOOL DJ HERC to become a drum break junkie. He was fascinated by watching him spin two copies of the same record mixed seamlessly back-to-back.
He hailed from the Bronx 183rd street, and in this area DAN and his crew would rule the streets from 1975 to 1984 involved in organising and spinning at street jams, block parties, school yards etc.. This is where he earned his reputation as a master of drum breaks. DANNY tells us...
"THE TWO TUFF BROS, TBB CREW...we had some good times, we had it all - real B-Boys & B-Girls just havin' fun..... JOJO, MONGO, SPY, TRAC 2, WHITE BOY TRACE, BOM 5, RIP 7, BATCH, ABBY, WEBBLES, JIMMY DEE, JIMMY LEE, MR FREEZE, FROSTY FREEZE, LEFTY, MIKE MIKE, BIG LEE, LEON, 2TUFF FRED, EDDIE ED, KIN 1, SHICK SALSA, SLICK2, WASP 1, OZ 109, TRACY 168, KING 2, CHI CHI 133, P.NUT 2, CLIFF 159 and many other they all came to rock the house including DJ DESTINY, DJ BUCK O, DJ ECSTASY, DJ JONNY JOHN, DJ MIKE MIKE, DJ PILL 170, and the one and only MIX MASTER SUPREME, not forgetting FUNK MASTER J..."

But DANNY DAN is also known for creating dope beats for artists including Biz Markie's "You Got What I Need", Doo Wop and The Bounce Squad's "Hit em in the Head" and many more. He was also the man responsible for the hugely popular DUSTY FINGERS break comp series and has now compiled a treasure of the rarest break beats in the Dusty Fingers collection and now presents his first CD release, DUSTY FINGERS - THE MIX CD. THE BEATMAN has returned to his dusty archival collection only to discover over 50 more rare tracks including more rare international break beats from far afield including Europe. DUSTY FINGERS - THE MIX CD contains over 50 rare break beats that are almost impossible to find. You can preview & purchase DUSTY FINGERS - THE MIX CD at ROCKNSOULRECORDS.
It can be argued that DUSTY FINGERS was the first breakbeat comp to continually go beyond the well-travelled world of LENNY ROBERTS's much revered Ultimate Breaks and Beats series. I'm sure many of you will remember how DUSTY FINGERS was very much shrouded in mystery (is it Diamond D?). DAN made a quantum leap in the digging world, introducing many to euro-breaks, badder than the original cover versions, and also that elusive genre known as library records.

"For the first time DANNY DAN THE BEATMAN has been commissioned to create a mix from the series. With such incredible source material, it'd be hard to fuck this up, but Dann does an excellent job playing guide through the now massive catalogue. There's 57 tracks in total, with just enough editing (tracks average about 1:30 in length) and nicely timed doubles. Well over an hour of music." - Turntable Lab

Here's a little snippet from DUSTY FINGERS THE MIX CD....
DUSTY FINGERS MIX - Danny Dan the Beatman

and also one of DANNY DAN's productions from 1994 on NOO TRYBE Records...

We caught up with DANNY DAN THE BEATMAN for a hot minute and threw a few beat diggin' questions at him...

DD: Wassup DAN, props on the new DUSTY FINGERS mix, that shit is hellafresh! First of all, what's ya favourite kinda drums??
DAN: open hard drums make me happy

DD: Our boy DJ LEACY (RIP) used to keep his break records secret until he had doubles. Do you do the same??
DAN: yes but when i get doubles it over i play them for a good 6 mouths then i will give out the name. I met DJ LEACY once, he was a cool cat may he rest in beats.

DD: What's your most memorable dig?
DAN: i had many but one time in the 1980 i found a box of soul by soul lps in a warehouse in new Jersey for only one dollar a record.

DD:You have 10 bucks in your pocket - do you hit Burger King or go hungry and buy some flea market bargains?
DAN: go hungry many times records are more important to get now because you leave it its gone.

DAN: yes i have them all...that OPUS 7 is some raw BRONX shit!

DD: What's the biggest one that got away?? (i.e. left it in the shop)
DAN: the biggest one was 2 copies of willie dynomite back in 81. I need fresh copies but they got away, only 10 bucks too damm!

DD: Describe a perfect drumbreak?
DAN: The perfect beat to me is Niagara drums - its just has everything in it funky.

DD: Can you play the drums? If so how funky can you get?
DAN: No I do not play the drums but I can rock funky drums on the MPC!

DD: Is there a DUSTY FINGERS Volume 2 in the pipeline??
DAN: I don't know yet but its something I might do soon.

DD: Many thanks Dan you are an inspiration. Please would you hit us off with your top ten drum breaks of all time?
DAN: Sure...

1 niagara
2 black heat
3 bretheren
4 funkadelic
5 bob james
6 new birth
7 james brown get in to it
8 joe farrell
9 kpm music drum sound lp
10 catch a groove 12 inch

For DJ bookings, interviews etc.. you can contact DANNY DAN at theBeatMann at yahoo dot com or through MYSPACE.


THE FUNK HUNT pt2 (immediately you see DANNY DAN cutting up 2 copies the way it should be done!!


Thursday 20 November 2008

More Breaks on 45

I just can't get enough breaks on 45. Those that know me will confirm this obsession I'm sure (thanks Oxygen for the recent funk batch from across the pond!) Some of the pressings are so chunky on 45rpm that they sound better anyway compared to the quality of LP versions played at 33 and a third RPM. Hence a better sample to rip for my own productions. A great example of this is RUFUS THOMAS's classic drums on THE PENGUIN PT2. - every LP version I own sounds flat, even muffled. But the 45rpm 7" is crispy and the drums are so loud!! You can certainly notice the difference when sucking this into your AKAI or SP1200 or whatever. More BOOM BAP than boom bap.

So to wet your appetites, here's a random selection of funky 45s from the DAILY DIGGERS crates.

When you listen to this clip I'm sure you will find this track instantly familiar. If you can't guess it straight away I'm sure the answer will come eventually, if you know your Hip Hop! This dope little record on the TANGERINE RECORD CORP label is a nice find, but unfortunately not dated. The mood is mellow at first, with some cute little guitar licks and mellow bluesy piano scales, but the bassline deep in the background is damn funky and so hypnotic throughout! But my favourite bit starts when the sleazy horns come in. RAY CHARLES is showing his bad self on this track, but the sax player is the star of the show with his expressive rasps! Later there is a nice guitar solo too, and some whoops and howls thrown in for good measure. Get on down!
I've also added a clip of the much loved Hip Hop track that uses the piano and guitar licks.
Booty Butt

and if it's driving you nuts where you've heard it before click here

Nice white label promo copy of this RAMPART release (same label as FRISCO DISCO). These are some hectic live drums here, and a joint used by, amongst others, CYPRESS HILL on the track "The Funky Cypress Hill Shit". I love the sporadic drum intro, and the crowd noise and laughing in the background (this was recorded live at the Plush Bunny club in Pico Rivera, California). The drum break is kinda noisy because it's live, and after four beats of bongos the guitar licks come in and subsequently the hammond organ takes off. But it is the sinister horns that make this joint a winner. A dancefloor killer, and essential jam for any funk party.
From memory, DE LA SOUL also used "the HECTOR break" as it is known, as did ICE CUBE on "Jackin' For Beats". If you don't believe me, go and give it a spin.

Funky Cypress Hill Shit

I have to be honest I only copped this 45 recently, after finding several battered copies in the past which I left in the shop. Not so much a pure drum break, but some dope drums and a bassline that anyone into Hip Hop will recognise.
hint: the track that used it is from the late 80's and was by an icon on the mic.
Here JOHN HAMILTON claims to be lying in the rain with Buffalo Bill. They call him "BIG BAD JOHN" and he "don't care a hell if they do!". No wonder the MC in question used this funk gem for a hip hop backbone, as the mood of this joint is definitely braggadocious (have I spelt that right??)
Also if you listen on into the track you will also notice a horn squeal that was also used to lace over the original beat. Dope stuff! But can you tell me who it was?? I have took a moment to loop the beat and add the horn. Have a listen for yourself...
Big Bad John

name that tune

Kid Dyno

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Just Messin' With Beats pt.8

It's about that time once again to re-visit a rap classic, and seeing as the DAILY DIGGERS beat machine has been working overtime lately, you should expect more of the same coming soon! Especially as the nights have now become colder and darker - this is the time of the year when we lock oursleves in the beat dungeon and crank the volume "way past ten" as COOL J would say!
Today's beat features the legendary RHYME INSPECTOR PERCEE P, and underground cat SICK LYRICAL DAMAGER. Courtesy of the 1996 release "RESPECT COSTS MORE THAN MONEY" on VMAX records.
PERCEE P has undoubtedly been a legend since the days of the Patterson Project battles with LORD FINESSE. His most noticable release to date is PERCEE P & EKIM - "Now They Wanna See Me" on BIG BEAT from 92 - a seriously dope record by anyone's standards, with all tracks scoring near maximum points. He also guest appears on LORD FINESSE's "RETURN OF THE FUNKYMAN" LP, and also MAESTRO FRESH WES's "NAAH DIS KID CAN'T BE FROM CANADA" album.
Unfortunately, despite the Bronx MC's rhyme style still being tight to this day, I feel the beats he has been laced with on his recent 12"s and LP are seriously sub-standard for someone who is capable of some shit-hot verbals (sorry Madlib!). Please lemme know what YOU think!
Anyhow...some of you will already have heard BEAT DETECTIVE's REMIX of this joint from a few years back....well, we're back to drop the KID DYNO REMIX of PERCEE & SLD....check it out!!


...and here's our original REMIX

Monday 10 November 2008

Still Messin' With Beats.

Like I have said many times before...making beats is like breathing air to us at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ - it's something we HAVE to do.
After seeing DJ LEACY making beats on his S950 back in '89, I made it my mission to buy my first sampler. Despite messing around with Commodore 64 based software and hardware to make beats, I had no technical knowhow or experience of musical equipment, and nothing has changed there. Maybe this was obvious from my first purchase, an AKAI S01 sampler with a mere 15 seconds sampling time and no sequencing facility. At the time the units to buy were the S1000, but my budget didn't stretch to that.
I blundered my way through the first year of experimenting with beats, teaching myself how to use the unit - the damn manual may as well have been written in Chinese! One thing I realised fast is that other beatheads do not give away their secrets! And in a way I am glad they didn't as it taught me to practice hard and to get used to my machine and what it's capabilites were. By this method I also learnt my own capabilities, and how to improve those too. I will never be an equipment freak, but I know how I want my shit to sound, and I spend time before sampling the records to ensure volume levels are nice and the bass/treble levels are just where I want them to be in the mix. I guess that's my top tip! (and only one).

Here's a couple of vintage DAILY DIGGERS beats...

Beat 269

BST Beat

Saturday 8 November 2008

In Debt - Harry Kane

IN DEBT - a short film by Harry Kane featuring John Hines & inspired by the blaxploitation movies of the 70s. Great soundtrack too.

Monday 3 November 2008

Primo Rockin' Beats

PRIMO, PREMO, DJ PREMIER, or one half of the group GANG STARR - however you know him, there's no denying this is one producer who has contributed HUGELY to hip hop music over the last twenty years.
Not only do most other Hip Hop artists wanna work with him, but he has also inspired a million and one other beatmakers to pick up a SP1200 or MPC2000 (or other weapon of choice) and rock their own shit. I'm sure most artists would admit to being a fan of GANG STARR's beatman, and would give their right arms to emulate that wall of sound that he creates so well. Without doubt, that DJ PREMIER sound is so tight, and using some well-picked samples and his clever formulae he creates one banger after another...even when lazily using the same drum noises for a whole album (and his new trick is to leave out the hats as I'm sure you have noticed!)
But you cannot dispute the fact the man has got serious talent where beats are concerned. And why would you want to? Go and count how many GANG STARR or PRIMO-produced records you have in your crates - the list is endless trust me!
So to celebrate all things P-P-P-P-PREMIER P-P-P-P-PREMIER ... here's just a few of our favourite PRIMO beats.
(note: been having problems with Divshare files playing slowly, so I'm afraid its back to Zshare)

Despite the fact that DJ PREMIER was not there at GANG STARR's early days, it wasn't long before the 45 KING gave over the reigns to PREMIER and the group went on to bigger success. The LP "No More Mr Nice Guy" was well received but wasn't strong enough to make the group blow the hell up. The time for this would eventually come with PRIMO's trademark sound, and the 2nd effort, STEP IN THE ARENA, established them as hip hop icons. The HUNTER MIX is taken from the POSITIVITY 12" release on the German BELLAPHON label, with different mixes of this track and also the Whole World Mix of "Positivity". Not PRIMO's best work I agree, but I just love to hear his different mixes of the old joints, especially this one using JAMES BROWN's Give It Up Or Turn It Loose drums.
Gotch U

LORD FINESSE - "Strictly For The Ladies"
Yep PRIMO provided lots of early beats for the FUNKYMAN, as well as being the backbone for GANG STARR. It seems as though even then in the early days the PRIMO BEAT MACHINE was churning overtime back at the lab.
Strictly For The Ladies

GANG STARR - "Now You're Mine"
I'm not sure why I love this beat so much, but suffice to say it's been my mobile phone ringtone for 3 or 4 years. To listen to it briefly sounds like a quick horn loop, double bass slap, and some well placed drums. But listen closer and this beat illustrates perfectly how DJ PREMIER gets his shit sounding so nice in the mix. The drum pattern is funky and inconspicuous, while the (Ahmad Jamal??) horns hypnotise with repetitive synchronisity, only to be broken with teasing fades and pauses for Guru to drop his punchlines. Plus some added white noise during bars to break up the horns. CLASSIC!
Now You're Mine

BIG DADDY KANE - "Show & Prove"
We all know PRIMO has made beats for a multitiude of emcees, but check the list of appearances just on this track....Kane himself, Jay-Z, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Scoob Lover, Sauce, and Shyhiem. This beat is tough, and has always been a play out favourite of ours. Bouncy and uptempo.....just how we like it. Scoob's verse on this joint is off the wall! Crazy English accent too!
Here's the INSTRUMENTAL version.
Show & Prove

JAY-Z - "Friend or Foe"
Again DJ PREMIER helping elevate an emcee to another level. It would take days to total up how many artists have had a helping hand from a PRIMO produced beat or two. But none more so than JAY-Z. Back in '96 his "Reasonable Doubt" LP was a huge yet calculated risk by the Jiggaman, both in going it solo but also by starting his fledgling Roc-a-Fella label with his own money. But to have some solid production skills from PRIMO ensured street sales and wide appeal. The rest is history.
Friend or Foe

MOP - "Handle Ur Bizness" PREMIER REMIX
I wasn't always an MOP fan because of all the shouting, but over the years the PRIMO beats have won me over, and here is a classic late 90's banger remixed by the man himself. Billy Danze and Lil Fame's dark past is echoed by the sinister beat here, and PRIMO creates the usual tension for them to spit over.
Handle Ur Bizness

LITTLE VIC - "The Exorcist"
A fairly recent production but one of his most catchy since the turn of the millenium. Features his trademark little cut & paste scratches...but hey that's the PRIMO we know and love! Little Vic drops some ill lyrics on this typical head nodder, and the twelve inch wide graffiti sticker on the cover makes this the perfect PRIMO purchase. On PROJECT / ORENA RECORDS from 2005.
The Exorcist

SPECIAL TEAMZ - "The Main Event"
This time providing the beats for EDO. G, SLAINE, and JAYSAUN, and a familiar drum pattern from the boom bap king. Once again it's easy to spot his sparse use of hats or cymbals throughout, leaving the samples and soundbites to do the talking. You could describe this one as his typical, simple, yet effective beats. If the formula ain't broke....don't fix it!
Main Event

Kid Dyno

Thursday 30 October 2008

Always Rockin' Tough

Forget street dance, or urban dance ...or whatever the media decides to call that bullshit you see on MTV these days. It's weak and it's wack!
Uprockin' and breakin' has been an integral part of Hip Hop since the 70s. It makes me cringe to see the way the press/media now sees the b-boy culture as "hip" and more importantly a moneyspinner for them now in the 00s. If you were around back in the days, you will recall any b-boys publicly going off in a circle would be instantly moved on and in some cases arrested by police, as if they were a menace to society. And as for press/tv interest - it was merely considered a craze rather than a form of dance with any kind of longevity.
Far from it, 30 years later.....

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Breaks for Days Radio

We've had some great guest mixes in the last few months....P&O, MR KRUM and JABBA & CRATEDIGGER. A big thanks to those guys for putting together something special for us here at BREAKS FOR DAYS. If you have a dope mix you would like us to feature, whether hip hop or breaks & beats, we'd be happy to give it a listen and possibly post up a link. Please get in touch through the comments section.
Right now though we have another hour and half of funkiness supplied by myself KID DYNO, in the form of BREAKS FOR DAYS radio - an hour and a half of only the funkiest hip hop and beats...


Track list

DAILY DIGGERS - Throw on Somethin' Funky
BLACKMALE - Let It Swing
DJ DOC & MC PAC - In Doc We Trust
G LOVE E - Suck On This!
KID FROST - In the City
T LA ROCK - I'm Doin' Damage
KGB -Power of Three
DOWNTOWN SCIENCE - Somethin' Spanking New
STEADY B - Funky One
FULL RESISTANCE - 3-2-1 I Explode
ANDREW WHITE - Who Got de Funk?
JAKE WADE - Searching for Soul
MFSB - Something for Nothing
LTD - Love to the World
KING FLOYD - I Feel Like Dynamite
RUFUS THOMAS - The Penguin pt2
DAVID AXELROD - Songs of Innocence

Enjoy! Kid Dyno

Friday 24 October 2008

Kon & Amir diggin' for 45s

Another dope vid, this time XLR8R TV featuring kings of the diggin' game, KON & AMIR.

Record Raps

Check out DENT with some freestyle record rhymes! That's real hip hop.

Tuesday 21 October 2008

...more baked beats.

Once again we've been cooking up some beats in the DAILY DIGGERS kitchen, and as usual we've made a god awful mess in there! There's LPs all over the place...
The weather is damn cold outside, so we needed some home-baked beats to warm us up.
Some snappy Eastern European drums provide the carbohydrate for today's menu, while the jazzy horns are taken from a library LP to tickle your taste buds! As for the flutes.... I forget ;o) but don't they taste just great?

Lunchtime Crunchtime

Kid Dyno

Monday 20 October 2008

How Rare? pt2

DENNIS COFFEY - "Theme From Black Belt Jones" Warner 45
I'm not sure which word describes this funky little 45 best....elusive or expensive, all I know is it took me some serious years to bag a copy. DENNIS COFFEY pretty much blessed every LP he released or played on, and THE THEME FROM BLACK BELT JONES is perhaps his finest work?? A b-boy classic and notably used by 45 KING and LAKIM SHABAZZ on their aptly titled track "Sample The Dope Noise". Man this joint blows up any dance floor guaranteed - in fact if you dare listen to the clip I bet it makes you get off your ass and JAM!
This killer joint unfortunately never appeared on a DENNIS COFFEY LP, nor a BLACK BELT JONES soundtrack until one was retro-released in 2003, so the 45 is the only way to copy it on original vinyl, hence it makes well over £50 ($100) when it does appear.
A certified NUGGET on 45!

"Theme From Black Belt Jones"

LAKIM SHABAZZ - "Sample The Dope Noise"

PHASE & RHYTHM - "Brainfood"
Many records seem to reach legendary status in Hip Hop these days, but few more so than PHASE & RHYTHM's "Brainfood" b/w "Hyperactive". Whether it be the PAUL C connection (he mixed and engineered the tracks, no doubt at 1212 studios) or the fact that BOTH tracks are amazing, it is worth every penny of what you have to pay for it. I purchased their second release, "Swollen Pockets" with "Hook & Sling" when released on Tommy Boy in 1990/91, and both these joints were dope. But what I didn't know was that these dudes had already dropped an absolute gem of a record on the brief FUNKY TUNE label before signing with Tommy Silverman.
Have a peep at the soundclip, and just check out that drummer logo on the label.
In Hip Hop terms, a HOLY GRAIL. My most expensive purchase on vinyl to date!

PHASE & RHYTHM - "Brainfood"

Kid Dyno

Monday 6 October 2008

How Rare?

It's impossible to judge how rare a record is based on a single internet auction price. In fact quite the opposite, I have seen some wack records on major labels make serious loot, and some of the rarest records I have found have been in the bargain bins! But maybe that's down to the record shops not knowing their stuff.
Over the last 5 years or so I have seen a record make sometimes 10 dollars on ebay, then later make upwards of 100 bucks, only to then drop down to a regular 10 dollars again. Obviously it depends on who is online at the time, and how fat their pockets are.....but also people's buying trends are so easily affected by the latest dope mixtape doing the rounds at the time. Examples of this include DJ SHADOW's and DJ IVORY's mixes - these together spawned an alomost fever-pitch buying bandwagon on ebay's "random" rap listings (as did the Brainfreeze mix with funky 45s). Pure craziness....especially if you remember the times when you could not GIVE away your Hip Hop vinyl??
So a price does not determine it's rarity, only it's desirability. OK so maybe a more detailed look on excellent websites like www.popsike.com would provide you with a more rounded view on an item's price over a certain period, but even this can lead you up a garden path in regards to a true value. So to us, a rare piece of wax is one that we have only ever seen a few times despite all our diggin missions, or never seen at all!
And let's not forget, a RARE record doesn't guarantee it's gonna be a DOPE record! Although we can grade a record's "coppability" thus so....

FRISBY = wax which is only good for throwing
BREAD & BUTTER = shit you see everyday and already have 5 copies
BARGAIN BUY = not rare by any means but dope nonetheless
RARITY = now that's the shit!! stuff you do not see very often
NUGGET = much harder to find & definitely worth buying
OBSCURITY = private/promo/indie press & very rarely seen shit
HOLY GRAIL = once-in-a-lifetime records, stuff you've never seen before

...and we also have a side category for "shit that you saw once at a spot but never copped, and are still regretting it to this very day". Damn I know we all have records in this categrory!

So now let us drop a few rarities from the above categories......

There are many bootleg versions of the INSTRUMENTALS from PR & CL's 1992 debut LP "MECCA & THE SOUL BROTHER", but the original double LP featuring just the beats was a promo-only item handed out by the artist/label on the ELEKTRA label at time of release. These awesome 2 pieces of vinyl show off PETE ROCK's amazing beats without the rhymes layered over the top. And in many parts you can hear shit going on sample-wise that maybe you missed on listening to the vocal LP. DOPE STUFF!
This double vinyl treat is super hard to find, and considered a definite HOLY GRAIL by many hip hip collectors. I had almost given up on owning a copy despite offering to sell my grandmother to buy the copies that I knew existed in the hands of fellow diggers. But anyone who owns this record and knows their onions will not part with it without a fight! After almost 10 years on the hunt record karma finally kicked in and I eventually acquired two copies in the space of a month or so (damn what is it they say about buses???). It just goes to show that you should always persist on the hunt for a particular gem and never give up. Obviously you must always dig hard for it, but also tell as many people as you can that you need it - record dealers, fellow diggers, online stores etc etc..

PETE ROCK & CL - ON & ON instrumental

The cover of this LP tells us this is a special promotional record to promote EMBRYO (what seems to be a fledgling label), together with a quote from Herbie Mann "These are the first music expressions on EMBRYO. For us it's a new beginning. Our goal is to remain as naive as we are today."
I'm lead to believe this LP was a sampler for said label, and features music from Herbie Mann, together with bass legend Ron Carter, Brute Force and Atilla Zoller. On finding this LP in a pile of frisby records, that tingling sensation that you get down the spine told me to put this in the must-buy pile. I didn't have my portable turntable that day so it had to be a purchase based on a hunch, luckily one which paid off handsomely. Damn I love that feeling, especially when it's drums.
I had never seen this record before, and I have never seen it since, so this one goes in the NUGGET category.

BRUTE FORCE - The Deacon from the EMBRYO SALES MEETING promo LP 1970

"Especially For You"
Man....what a wack cover, and surely there are no treats on here?
Yep I passed this LP by for years until BEAT DETECTIVE showed me how dope the FUNKY JUNCTION joints are. Why on earth GLADYS KNIGHT and her PIPS agreed to let a practically unknown band feature 2 songs on this LP is anyone's guess. But I'm glad they did....cuz the tracks ROAD'S END and TALKIN' TRASH are both killer.
Most of the album is very early R&B tunes from Gladys Knight And The Pips when they first got started. The last songs on each side are by Funky Junction who were studio musicians put together by Leo Muller. I beieve one of these dope joints also appears on other albums entitled "Acid Test". Please tell me more if you know about it.
This LP turns up regularly at charity shops, boot sales, bargain bins and normally priced under a pound (2 dollars)...so grab it whenever you spot one. And it's a fairly easy piece to find so it fits the BARGAIN BUY category nicely.
ROAD'S END is a great uptempo banger with drum break intro and a headnod feeling to it, even when the guitar takes over.
TALKIN' TRASH starts off mellow with a sinister bassline with shuffling yet crisp drums in the background... then kapow! takes it up a notch with some fuzzy wah wah guitar and drum rolls, only to breakdown again later. Have a listen...


FUNKY JUNCTION - Talkin' Trash

...more to come

Kid Dyno

Sunday 5 October 2008


Last sunday, myself and the BEAT DETECTIVE hit the VIBE BAR in Brick Lane (London's East End) for the preview of KING OF THE BEATS 2 film - documenting once again the art of beat diggin' culture. If you have seen KOTB 1 then you already know the format....producers are given £20 English Pounds (or the national equivalent) to hit their favourite wax spots, raid the crates, then head back to the studio to make a beat from their finds. The catch is they have to do this without exceeding the £20 budget, or using any other records to sample from.
Devised, directed and produced by PRITT from KEY FIGURES, this second instalment is every bit as good as the first. Once agin we see the UNSUNG HEROES, and SI SPEX from THE CREATORS, but this time joined by MR THING, DJ DEVASTATE (DEMON BOYS), DJ POGO, and P-BODY from Australia amongst others. The diggin' is heavy, and the beats are tough as in the first movie. KING OF THE BEATS 2 DVD is now on release...contact PRITT on the KING OF THE BEATS link above to order your copy.
Check this shit out....

Pritt was also the man behing the excellent NU-SKRATCH website, and the short film featuring DJ SUPREME from HIJACK . Normally a very humble man, it's great to see PRITT drop a heavy beat on his own film. Great work P!! The P-BODY beat is a banger, & the UNSUNG HEROES beat is also sick, using a bargain bin HARRY NILSSON LP with some heavy kick-ass drums.

Now as you already know, making funky beats is a daily operation here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ, but we thought we would raid the waste bin of discs filled with disposable beats, and share a few of them with you. You never know, you may see the DAILY DIGGERS on the next instalment of KOTB...?? ;o)


Kid Dyno

Friday 19 September 2008

Breaks For Days Radio - Mr Cratedigger & Jabba tha Kut

BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO is back in ya face with another woofer-blasting 2 hours of madness on the 1s and 2s, this time courtesy of MR CRATEDIGGER and scratch supremo JABBA THA KUT from boogie-down Bournemouth on the UK's south coast. Now here at the HQ we've always been fans of JABBA's tight scratches and fly ass mixtapes, and CRATEDIGGER has got more wax than a candle factory...so we just knew this was gonna be superbootytuff!
We first encountered JABBA whilst we were playing on the recently defunkt ITCH FM which had been London's premiere pirate radio station strictly for Hip Hop (this was before the days of 1EXTRA etc..)
On ITCH, JABBA had always impressed us with his choice of quality records, but more so the tightness of these mixes and the advanced scratches & cuts he threw over the top. (So much so I had to "lift" a couple the master copies on leaving the station!!)

Now what we're gonna drop tonight is 2hrs of the funkiest shit...both US and UK bangers - so get downloading and pump it in your mp3 player!




JABBA THA KUT - www.myspace.com/jabbathakut1

MR CRATEDIGGER - www.myspace.com/dustywax


Friday 12 September 2008

Sunday 31 August 2008

NYC Subway Graffiti

Now this ain't your usual you-tube graffiti footage .... check out some of these rarely seen burners by BLADE, CRASH, DAZE, IZ THE WIZ, SEEN, plus a few early DONDI pieces. And not forgetting the dope top-to-bottom whole-car by CODE, plus some more unusual photos from the 80s with accident damaged / graffiti-bombed trains and a few "white elephants". There are lots of images here I'm sure you may not have seen before, and lots that will have you pressing replay despite the dodgy soundtrack. But we just had to post it anyway and share it with you!!

Monday 25 August 2008

Tuff City Records

From the early 1980s TUFF CITY made it's mark as a quality independent Hip Hop Record Label with some amazing acts signed to its roster. In 1979 the label's founder, AARON FUCHS, had seen DJ HOLLYWOOD outshine bigger and better known artists at the Apollo Theatre, and then realised he had to become involved in this music called hip hop.
What proved to be the turning point for Fuchs and his involvement with rap was when he realized that Bobby Robinson and Paul Winley (both old doo-wop producers from the '50s) were releasing rap records on 12" by such artists as Grandmaster Flash and The Treacherous Three and Afrika Bambaataa. Seeing these trends, FUCHS felt that he should get involved with the
scene and quit his journalism job to start Tuff City Records.By the mid-80s FUCHS decided he wanted to take Hip Hop music onto the next level, away from the electro and disco rap sounds, so then Tuff City was the first to release more experimental material by such artists as DJ MARK the 45 KING, PRIORITY ONE, The COLD CRUSH BROTHERS, DAVY DMX, LAKIM SHABAZZ, PHD, FREDDY B & THE MIGHTY MIC MASTERS to name just a few. And not forgetting the incredible ULTRAMAGNETIC MCs at one point!
Despite being an independent label and lacking the substantial marketing budgets of the majors, TUFF CITY still maintained its position within the hip hop music industry, and some of its artists went on to become some of Hip Hop's greatest artists. But at the same time it kept it's strong "underground" reputation for dope artists and dope music. So here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ, we wanna take our hats off to TUFF CITY for providing some Hip Hop classics throughout the last 25 years almost, for keeping the faith, and continuing to release good music to this day. Nowadays their emphasis has changed onto releasing funk & blues re-issues and finding lost musical archives, but TUFF CITY will always be regarded highly amongst hip hop heads.
Remember you can still buy classic TUFF CITY 12" and LPs directly from TUFF CITY.
Below is a random selection of superdope TUFF CITY 12"s (and one OLD SKOOL FLAVA 12"). Some joints you will know for sure...some you may not. Starting and ending with LIVE recordings from SPOONIE G & COLDCRUSH BROTHERS respectively (both on wax!!). Enjoy it! And for a great in-depth interview with Aaron Fuchs you must check out FATLACE MAG's recent interview. Great stuff!

Cat. no. & track listing
TUF128023 SPOONIE G - Spoonie's Rap LIVE
TUF128021 GRANDMASTER CAZ - Get Down Grandmaster
TUF128014 FREDDY B & MIGHTY MIC MASTERS - The Main Event...Word
OSFEP8003 SPOONIE G - Big Beat (45 KING remix)
TUF128020 FREDDY B & MIGHTY MIC MASTERS - Coolin' On The Ave
TUF128029 HOT DAY DANTE - Hot Day's Turn
TUFEP3003 THE MIGHTY MAESTRO - One Man Band Strikes Again
TUF128077 PHD - Set It
TUF128076 YZ - Maflobi Pimp Strut
TUF128031 MC LA KIM - We Got The Funk
TUF128052 LORD ALIBASKI - Lyrics In Motion
TUFEP3002 45 KING - Nickel Bag of Breaks
TUF128044 GRANDMASTER CAZ - Creston Ave

Kid Dyno

Wednesday 20 August 2008

Breaks For Days podcast

There's been a few technical hitches over here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ lately - hence the lack of posts apart from times when we could hijack a PC here & there. But now we're back in EFFECT and ready to spill some more funkjuice on y'all!
I recently received a comment from a reader instructing us to take a wider view on hip hop music, and to get our asses out of that '92 mentality. Well I can see where he's coming from, as we do tend to lean towrds the 80s and 90s here on BREAK FOR DAYS...but that doesn't mean we don't dig QUALITY post-millenia hip hop!
So today we're gonna drop a few joints from the last few years, plus our usual portion of crispy funk, rock and drums. There's a few recognisable samples hidden away towards the end of this podcast...so please take the time to spot the samples maybe from one of your favourite hip hop records? But we're keeping the breaks on the secret squirrel tip this week. You never know, if you ask us nicely we may be talked into divulging one or two.


Chace Infinite - Do For Self
MC Lyte - The Wonder Years
Kollabo Brothers feat Diamond D - My Flows to Blow
13 - Slow Burnin'
Quasimoto - Rapp Cats
Team Demolition - The Burbs
Asheru & Blue Black - Elevator Music
Panda One - The Essence
People Under The Stairs - Underground Run
DJ Skye - Central Line (INSTRUMENTAL)
BREAK? - Camarillo
BREAK? - The Seed of Love
BREAK? - Pourquois Pas?
BREAK? - I Need You
BREAK? - Funky Mule
BREAK? - It's Only Love

Kid Dyno

Monday 11 August 2008

45 King and Chill Rob G

Holy shiznit - ain't this the best video you have seen lately??

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! DJ MARK is still a MASTER OF THE GAME, and CHILL ROB can still RIDE THE RHYTHM!!

Isaac Hayes Rest in Peace

I heard the sad news over the weekend that ISAAC HAYES had passed away at the age of 65. The man who brought us "Ike's Mood", "Theme from Shaft" and "The Breakthrough", and gave us a million laughs as the Chef in the cartoon SOUTH PARK will be sorely missed.
Sample-wise there are so many artists that used ISAAC's music, particularly "Ike's Mood" which has to be one of the mellowest piano riffs on record.


...and here is BIZ MARKIE using the piano loop from IKE's MOOD, on "Make the Music With Your Mouth" from '87.

Thursday 7 August 2008

A Splash of Colour

It's supposed to be summer....but it's raining outside and I need some colour to brighten up my day. I hope this brightens up yours too! Clicking on each photo will enlarge.