Monday 20 October 2008

How Rare? pt2

DENNIS COFFEY - "Theme From Black Belt Jones" Warner 45
I'm not sure which word describes this funky little 45 best....elusive or expensive, all I know is it took me some serious years to bag a copy. DENNIS COFFEY pretty much blessed every LP he released or played on, and THE THEME FROM BLACK BELT JONES is perhaps his finest work?? A b-boy classic and notably used by 45 KING and LAKIM SHABAZZ on their aptly titled track "Sample The Dope Noise". Man this joint blows up any dance floor guaranteed - in fact if you dare listen to the clip I bet it makes you get off your ass and JAM!
This killer joint unfortunately never appeared on a DENNIS COFFEY LP, nor a BLACK BELT JONES soundtrack until one was retro-released in 2003, so the 45 is the only way to copy it on original vinyl, hence it makes well over £50 ($100) when it does appear.
A certified NUGGET on 45!

"Theme From Black Belt Jones"

LAKIM SHABAZZ - "Sample The Dope Noise"

PHASE & RHYTHM - "Brainfood"
Many records seem to reach legendary status in Hip Hop these days, but few more so than PHASE & RHYTHM's "Brainfood" b/w "Hyperactive". Whether it be the PAUL C connection (he mixed and engineered the tracks, no doubt at 1212 studios) or the fact that BOTH tracks are amazing, it is worth every penny of what you have to pay for it. I purchased their second release, "Swollen Pockets" with "Hook & Sling" when released on Tommy Boy in 1990/91, and both these joints were dope. But what I didn't know was that these dudes had already dropped an absolute gem of a record on the brief FUNKY TUNE label before signing with Tommy Silverman.
Have a peep at the soundclip, and just check out that drummer logo on the label.
In Hip Hop terms, a HOLY GRAIL. My most expensive purchase on vinyl to date!

PHASE & RHYTHM - "Brainfood"

Kid Dyno


Anonymous said...

No doubt kid..picked this up in basement records southend in 92' for a bargain £2!!..dope sounds for sure.remember the vid for swollen pockets with them rocking the silk suits! "hook N sling" is fire too..


Daily Diggers said...

Holy shit Darren that was an incredible find.... Nice digging man, especially for 92!

Man, do you remember Soul Man Records in Southend - that was a great shop! I found Symtec & Wylie's "bootlegging" drum break in that used on Pete Rock's MECCA LP.


Kid Dyno

Anonymous said...

Yes Dyno Soul Man records was great used to go in there all the time from about 89 up until it closed in 97'..many hip hop gems found in there!! I remember there being a discount section in there in the early days,found bizmarkie lp sealed and stuff like that for cheap,there was also Right move records down southchurch ran by del and ricky who i know quite well now who had hip hop for days.For breaks in southend it's all about despy and carmel records down london road.Yes 92' was a good year for finding hip hop for peanuts down here because a lot of heads sold it off and got into rave,another gem i remember getting that day in basement was sugar ray & stranger d "knock em out sugar ray" on def city for the same price!

pz Darren