Monday 14 September 2015

Funkbox Reload

Once again JORUN BOMBAY brings us another FUNKBOX RELOAD radio show allowing us to reminisce once again on the "good old days" of hip hip radio. If you've not experienced a FUNKBOX RELOAD show far then you are in for a real treat - expect some spine tingle moments, super-tight scratches and cuts, and a whole heap of exclusive mixes and special recordings. ENJOY.


Thursday 9 July 2015

Dusty Never Digital

Check out theCOLD ROCK STUFF website for the all new range of VINYL VETERANS tee shirts. A couple of new designs by MR KRUM keepin' it fresh for the Autumn months (these tees are pre-order for delivery at the end of August). Now remember the last batch sold out like hot cakes and left many disappointed that they couldn't represent their favourite vinyl-only DJ crew in style. So the morale of the story is get your pre-orders in quick to avoid the very same disappointment. One of the new designs features our man OXYGEN's favourite saying "DUSTY NEVER DIGITAL" so if static, crackles and the smell of old paper labels is your thing then get yourself over to the CRS website pronto! Shouts to MR KRUM for the flawless design (as always) and to head honcho of the VINYL VETERANS crew MAC McRAW. Also super duty tough shouts to the rest of the VV crew namely SCRATCHY MUFFIN, ROB LIFE, DJ FORMAT, BEAT DETECTIVE, MATT THE HAT, BOBBY BOUCHER, JONNY CUBA and of course OXYGEN THE ARCHITECT.

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Tell 'Em!

BANKRUPT EUROPEANS have produced a sureshot hit with WILD PITCH legend CHILL ROB G and RA THE RUGGED MAN entitled "Tell 'Em". Shout to DJ SNAFU and CHILL ROB (who we interviewed HERE where he described this BANKRUPT EUROPEANS joint as one of his favourite tracks he has ever recorded).
The 12" vinyl is available to buy right now through the NOBODYBUYSRECORDS Big Cartel store - jump on it before they disappear like ice creams on a sunny day!

Saturday 27 June 2015

Crush Proof

Sigher's Right Combination

The BEAT DETECTIVE and myself will be bringing a few boxes of old dusty records down to Brick Lane in East London today for another fun-packed jam at THE BIG CHILL BAR. We kick things off at 4pm and will be accompanied by SIGHER, TONY DA PENCIL, WAX BUZZARD and BRETT FRANKLIN on the wheels of steel. SECOND TO NONE b-boys are in the house so get yourself down there and enjoy the floor rockin'!!

Monday 18 May 2015

Back to Brooklyn - A MONK ONE Mix

It's rare that I post up these days so you know it's gotta be something worthwhile for me to make the effort. As much as this DAILY DIGGERS site is now more of an archive than a current blog, I still like to make a surprise visit here and there to share the dope shit with you. And this shit is definitely dope - MONK ONE has once again put together a mix which I simply can't stop listening to over and over again ad infinitum. The same thing happened with his killer "Breakin' Rocks" mix. And my bonus on hearing it the first time was catching my brother from another mother OXYGEN rock some wild rhymes over a PAUL NICE chop-up of a RIPPLE classic. Suffice to say this is also one of my favourite OG breaks so this felt like a birthday and Christmas rolled into one. If you don't enjoy this mix then you need to clear the wax out of your earholes!
And while you're at it, why not browse through our archive (see right hand column and click the year links) for more of the dope stuff.

Back To Brooklyn on the Underground Railroad by Monk-One on Mixcloud

Monday 2 March 2015

Reload Your Funkbox

Time to start the week with some pep in your step, and JORUN BOMBAY provides the 80s soundtrack once again with his FUNKBOX RELOAD show for March 2015. If you've not witnessed a FUNKBOX RELOAD show so far then I suggest you get yourself a beverage, sit back relax and turn the volume towards 10. As JORUN says himself, he takes it back further than most DJs will dare to play. This is not just listening gold, it's an education in how to do it.

Thursday 19 February 2015

It Ain't Hard To Tell

NASTY NAS gets the DAILY DIGGERS gritty remix treatment...

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Funky Business Vol. 2

Here's volume 2 to keep your head nodding through the week. Enjoy.

Funky Business Vol. 2 by Daily Diggers on Mixcloud

Saturday 14 February 2015

Funky Business Vol. 1

Here's some more DAILY DIGGERS mix action, a little something myself and BEAT DETECTIVE recorded at the end of last summer. Plenty of drum heavy funk, some soundtrack action, some under the radar diamonds, and a few soundbites thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy it.

Funky Business Vol. 1 by Daily Diggers on Mixcloud

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Weekend Listening

Breaks, beats, original samples and all that Jazz. Enjoy.

Kid Dyno's Weekend Listening by Daily Diggers on Mixcloud

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Straighten It Out

While we are on the subject of mixes, here's one that I revert back to time and time again: volume2 of JIM SHARP's "Straighten It Out" series. Brixton resident JIM takes us on a seamless journey through his record collection, playing some you may know and some you may not, including some red hot edits of a few classics breaks and beats. Keep your eye on JIM SHARP as he is no slouch when it comes to sharing quality music with the emphasis on flawless mixing. It's a real listening pleasure.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Another Leacy Sureshot

Thanks to my brother from another mother AIDAN ORANGE for sharing this BREAK DJ LEACY vintage beat tape from 1996 which he stumbled upon recently. I remember hearing the first part of this mix as JAMES was compiling it, but never got to listen to the completed tape. Once again we have another LEACY sureshot mix for you - original doubles, b-boys classics, plus a dose of "what the f-ck is that beat" thrown in for good measure. Don't try and imitate as biting is illegal and against the law. Instead, let this inspire you. Thanks AIDAN, and rest in beats JIM!