Sunday 30 January 2011

Get Well Soon Kool Herc

Details are sketchy at the moment but I understand from DJ PREMIER's recent radio show that the father of hip hop music KOOL DJ HERC is suffering from ill health and is hospitalised as I write this. I'm sure everyone in the hip hop community would like to wish him a speedy recovery, as without this dude hip hop would simply not be here for us all to enjoy. You don't need me to tell you how important this man is to our culture, and how important it is that he makes a good and swift recovery.
KOOL DJ HERC - here's to you! #1 party rocker and legendary deejay.

"Ain't no party like a KOOL HERC party cuz a KOOL HERC party don't stop!"

Saturday 29 January 2011

They Call Me Puma

I have a vintage high top pair of these in black suede stashed away somewhere in my sneaker cupboard. I agree the PUMA SUEDEs were not as fresh as the CLYDE models but high tops always ring the bell when it comes to my own footwear addictions. Hight tops ot lows?? What's your preference? All I know is that old school hip hop attire = future proof classic.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Dope Pusher - DJ Format & Sureshot La Rock

Any moment now sees the release on vinyl of the long awaited collabo between the UK's very own DJ FORMAT with SURESHOT LA ROCK taking up mic duties. These joints are heavily anticipated and highly explosive.... so take a peep at this promo video (just one of three!) and keep locked right here for details on how to order your copy, plus hopefully a few words from DJ FORMAT and SURESHOT themselves.

If It Ain't Broke...

The PRIMO beat formula is still working when he can knock out beats like this. He certainly is Mr Consistent when it comes to flipping samples, despite his habit of using the same kicks & snares. I have a feeling that PRIMO holds back his best beats for those rappers he likes himself at that given moment in time. I'm guessing REKS is high on that list right now. Nice beat Preemo, if it ain't broke then why try and fix it?
REKS "25th Hour" produced by DJ PREMIER

Wednesday 26 January 2011

John Robinson & Lyrickal

JOHN ROBINSON (aka LIL-SCI) and LYRICKAL bust some freestyle - recorded live in London Town during the SOUL MORPHEUS SHOW with THE TEMPORARY RESIDENTS. Check the links at the end of the video. Spotted over at ANTISOCIAL.

Towelling Swoosh Steez

Hmmm I ain't a big fan of many of the recent NIKE AIR FORCE 1s out there right now, but I DO like this towelling swoosh thing going on! Now that's fresh.

Funky Finds Of The Vinyl Kind

For all you record fiends out there - I've just returned home from a heavy digging session in East London and with a nice batch of beats to add to the piles of wax here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ. In fact, I hit an unfamiliar spot today which I had been to once previously only to find it closed. Persistence always pays off in the diggin' game, so I returned today armed with my portable with the aim of getting busy in the crates by midday, and the rewards for making a second trip came thick and fast. Now I ain't gonna blow up this spot just yet cuz I have a few more trips to make before I spread the word, but suffice to say I flattened the six size D batteries in my portable before I left. The shop has been around for several years and is fairly well known amongst collectors and DJs in-the-know. What I like is that this place has loads of decent funk nicely cordonned off in wooden crates and old hip hop 12"s and LPs stashed under the record racks. I gotta say it has been one of the most interesting spots I have hit of late, so without a doubt I will be back there in the next few days for a second helping. I get bored of seeing the same old records about town in the Funk & Soul racks, but this shop is different; the entire stock comes from someone who themself collects funky music so the records filed neatly in the racks reflect this fact. I ain't gonna say no more in case I give the game away ... but you can be sure next time I will take my camera with me, grab some flicks and share the scoop with you all when I get back to the lab.
In the meantime, I'm gonna drink a fresh brew, sit back and relax, and enjoy some of the records I copped today - a handful of break 45s and some vintage hip hop 12"s. Why don't YOU make yourself a cuppa and join me...?

DAILY DIGGERS DIGEST 26th January 2011

Monday 24 January 2011

Get Inspired

Sunday 23 January 2011

Soundsci - The Illness

Right now SOUNDSCI are back with more of that boom bap shit we love, and after their "Dig For Victory" EP released on CRATE ESCAPE RECORDS a year or so ago I just knew this was gonna be a sureshot. Peace and props to JONNY CUBA, AUDESSEY, OLLIE TEEBA and STRICTLY KEV - this shit is ridiculously DOPE! Also a DAILY DIGGERS shout goes out to DJ CRO from CRATE ESCAPE RECORDS for bringing the good stuff. I wish more hip hop music would sound like this.

Thursday 20 January 2011


It's been a graffiti drenched few weeks here on BREAKS FOR DAYS, but with wholecars like these, can you blame me? In fact, this is more than just wholecars, its a WHOLETRAIN by several writers including BANOS, FERGUS & MOZES.

It's The Beatbox

Christylez Bacon - Human Beatbox
Carnaby Street Beatboxer

Wednesday 19 January 2011

One For The Writers

I don't care when people say to me that graffiti culture is now bigger than hip hop, or they comment that on the fact that many writers these days have no interest in hip hop whatsoever. They may wanna separate the two artforms on every level, but the marriage of the two will always be fresher than any indie-kid's throw-up in my opinion. You cannot ignore that both had their upbringing on the tough New York streets during the 70s and 80s; they're both bastard children of the same ghetto. Maybe because I grew up with films like WILD STYLE and STYLE WARS I'm just brainwashed into thinking the two are connected so tightly. All I can tell you is that I get the same kick from listening to hip hop music as I do from seeing a burner on steel or concrete. Maybe my brain releases the same chemical endorphins for both graffiti and hip hop?
When I was growing up you were either a writer, an MC, a DJ or a B-Boy and most people attempted at least one (if not more) of the four elements to Hip Hop. I agree that graffiti took on a life of its own much later on in the 90s but you could never tell me that the two are separate. I just won't listen.
So hence I give props to those that understand the culture of Hip Hop and respect every element as part of its history. Plus I'm always pleased to be introduced to like minded people who LIVE the life and not just talk it. If you love Hip Hop then "doing" is second nature - this ain't no spectator sport!

One man who represents both corners is the UK's DR ZOOTS. Purveyor of paint and armed with lyrical ammunition he's ready to fight the hip hop cause. Along with his crew PWS (Paintwasters) he and producers DEEFLUX, JABS and LUCAS released an album entitled "THE OUTSIDER" in 2009 for free from Wordplay Magazine or Rarekind Records. If you weren't lucky enough to get a copy check the link...


Also, check out the graff inspired track UN1950 which will be up in the next couple of days. With some gritty drums and classic Style Wars samples this track hits the mark from the word go, and DR ZOOTS pulls no punches on the mic and he tells you how it is being an MC AND a writer - balaclavas, beats, waiting at stations for runners, making hits on steel. Beat produced by FISH from ANTISOCIAL MUSIC.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Funk Is Good

The UK's DJ CAD otherwise known as CHRIS ALLWAYSDIGGIN is like myself a fiend for funky 45s and a strict preacher of the vinyl-only traditions. Here he has decided to share with us some of his vocal-less funk winners, and he includes a real favourite of mine right at the end of the 40 minute mix namely "Trippin" by LONDON FOGG. As Chris says himself .....
"I've heard a lot of singing recently so I decided to do a mix without any..."
So check this out, DJ CAD - Funk Is Instrumental (just listen to the band)
You can trust me when I tell you he pulls out one hellafresh selection of funk nuggets right here! I defy you to listen to this mix without getting down with your bad self. DJ CAD has an ear for some floor rockers. Plus you can peep his MIXCLOUD page for more dope vinyl mixes.

Sunday 16 January 2011

Word Association

Here's some dope word association cut & paste action by PRO CELEBRITY GOLF from CHOPPED HERRING RECORDS (remember he's the dude responsible for the incredible THREE SINISTER SYLLABLES mixtape along with Jay Glaze). What they've basically done here is to remix several rap bangers, and then create a slide show to represent the lyrics. Trust me it's fresher than I've made it sound. Artists include ULTRAMAGNETIC MCs, BEASTIE BOYS, BIG L, and NOTORIOUS B.I.G..
They know their sh!t so you can be sure their sample choices will be fly as hell for each remix, but thankfully they haven't neglected to include their trademark sense of humour. The question is .... can YOU keep up with the word association??
The CHOPPED HERRING boys are always mad busy especially when it comes to record digging, creating mixtapes, remixing etc., and they're now also putting out official unreleased material (DYSFUNKSHUNAL FAMILEE, PRINCE PAUL Horror City) on vinyl after building with some of their US connections. Check out their website using the link above, and enjoy the remixes and accompanying video.

Friday 14 January 2011

The Price of Fame

During my 25 years as a hip hopper, I've always been envious of those who have the balls to get their name up. OK I've dabbled with spraycans myself over that same period, but never to the point of going out past the hour of midnight on graffiti bombin' missions. I'm not sure if admiration is the right word to use, but I've often wished I had been a writer whether it be for the fame or perhaps simply for the buzz of painting somewhere that I shouldn't even be at - it all sounds like dangerous fun to me.
In LONDON there have been a few writers that have gone all city over the last few decades and made their name stand out along the lines as well as on the trains. As a graff enthusiast I try to stay wise as to who's bombin' and who's burning in LONDON town. Names like COSA, TOX, TEACH, CUT and VAMP spring to mind but I'm sure you London heads will instantly think of many others I could and should name. However, over the last few years the instantly recognisable "footprint" throw-up of a certain writer called 10foot, a 24 year old London resident, has been spotted trackside on almost every train line and at every conceivable angle and height on surrounding buildings. No rooftop has been out of bounds nor have the fire escapes and subways, 10foot wanted all city status whatever the challenge be. A few months prior to his colourful campaign, another hip hop friend of mine had mentioned this young cat going all out for fame, and eventually introduced me to him a couple of times when he was present.
10foot is a mild mannered, polite and very eloquent chap although he admits to knowing that what he is doing is wrong as far as society is concerned. In fact if you were in a room with 20 people he is possibly the last person you would suspect of being a writer. But he had accepted the risks involved with spending his nights and early mornings creeping along the British Rail tracksides in search of clean trains in deserted sidings and rooftops to conquer.
Shortly after we first met, I noticed on my journies across the capital that his activity had increased dramatically and every line showed evidence of his night time escapades. There wasn't a journey I could make across town without seeing his name somewhere.
10foot was also the writer that made it his one man mission to cross out or go over all the "artfag" street artists in the East End of London, particularly the ever-so-fashionable Hoxton & Shoreditch areas. The most notorious incident being when he threw-up over BANKSY's long standing mural near Old Street roundabout. Good riddance I say.
But the unfortunate news came last November 2010 when 10foot was convicted and sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court to 26 months in prison for his reign of colourful terror that caused upwards of £100,000 of damage to property (according to the BTP's figures).
I accept what 10foot was doing is illegal without question, but I have heard of muggers and rapists that get less stretches for their crimes. It sounds to me as if the BTP are trying to flex their muscles pre-Olympic Games and saying "we don't want your graffiti on our system!" I don't want to get overly political on this subject, but if the powers that be are seriously worried about what the visitors in 2012 will make of our city and it's travel system, then maybe they should look at the whole London Underground/British Rail organisations themselves and their management teams to see how these donuts that run them consistently fuck up the system on a daily basis. For example they quote in this case almost £30k just to paint over a few instances of 10foot throw-ups at King's Cross station!! Who does their f##king painting? ....Picasso? These people couldn't organise a piss in their own pants I'm sure. Anyway you don't want me to rant on about the incredibly dirty trains, late timetables, unannounced cancellations, unstaffed stations, unhelpful (sometimes retarded) staff so I will leave the matter alone now.
For now I'm just gonna say FREE 10foot and make sure you also support the cause. For more details of his arrest and the alleged "cost" of damage peep the excellent LONDON VANDAL website.

the FREE 10foot campaign continues!

you will see in this dedication that a certain BTP officer is named and shamed. I would normally edit any personal profanity, but for all I know he may well be!

Eighth Wonder JB Tribute

HOT PEAS & BUTTA once again present a night of nothing but funky music on Saturday 22nd January 2011 at LE POISSON ROUGE at 158 BLEECKER STREET (just down the road from BLEECKER BOB's record store at 118 W 3rd Street) NEW YORK, NY. And as you can see on the flyer the night is a dedication to Soul Brother #1 Mister James Brown (RIP).
Turntable technicians on the night are the "INTERNATIONAL MEN OF 45s" - namely record heads SKEME RICHARDS, AMIR (Kings of Diggin') and COSMO BAKER (from BK formerly from Philly) so with these cats in charge you know the sounds will be top choice.

Monday 10 January 2011

Photo Kings

Sunday 9 January 2011

45 Dig with Skeme Richards

Fellow record hound SKEME RICHARDS was over in the UK recently spinning for the b-boys & b-girls at the SONY ERICSSON B-Boy CHAMPS and also at the pre-champs party at PLAN B in Brixton with fellow crate crusader AMIR. You really need to peep how much hard work SKEME is putting into this culture - whilst travelling the globe spreading the love for b-boy music, he also finds the time to organise his HOT PEAS & BUTTA night/label at home in the US, update his ANYTHING GOES blog, as well as dropping some hellafunky mixes here and there on his podcast channel - time to cue "the hardest working man in showbusiness" sample.
Whenever I catch up with the ROCK STEADY ace DJ he's always in so-and-so country or on the way to that country to be once again in charge of the turntables at the next breakin jam. When I asked him how he does it SKEME just laughs... "I still feel like I'm 18 yrs old despite being born in '71!". So props to you SKEME for putting in mad work, enjoying yourself whilst doing it, and for keeping true b-boy music alive. Here's SKEME's recent 45DIG session playing you some essential 45s you need in your crates. Snapshot of SKEME above with SUPREME LA ROCK.


Friday 7 January 2011

The Needle Drop

Recently I featured OXYGEN's "Chemical Breakdown" radio show from mid 90s New York Radio, where he needle drops a segment of a break. For those that don't know, a needle drop is a technique using just one copy of a record, and lifting the needle slightly to drop it back a revolution onto a specific part of the break where the beat can be caught in time and creating a loop. Sounds complicated I know but the technique is fairly simple yet tough to perfect and requires a steady hand and pinpoint accuracy.
Back in the days this was a technique that you could apply with the minimum of equipment, and no doubt first developed by someone before crossfading mixers were widely available - that's Hip Hop being creative once again. This of course was the origin of sampling before DJs had even begun to spin 2 copies of the same record. We are talking innovative shit right here people! Enjoy this footage of GRANDWIZARD THEODORE (the inventor of the scratch) as he needle drops blindfolded, plus a short burst of Q-TIP from A TRIBE CALLED QUEST needle dropping in the studio trying to find a dope loop/groove.

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Chemical Breakdowns

My man OXYGEN has been holding down the
breaks selection in NEW YORK for the CRATE INVADERS crew for some years now - peep this half hour clip of his CHEMICAL BREAKDOWNS show on WUSB RADIO from September 2006.

"A set of original breaks and grooves...STRICTLY vinyl and no bootlegs! Oxygen holding down the wheels. Cut Supreme hosting. E-Nice, Asmatik & DJ Lenny "D" in the building."
Doubles, needle drops and all of that!


Sunday 2 January 2011


Good to see my old friend from years ago COLT45 still getting up in PLAISTOW, EAST LONDON. Also painting today in the spot along the GREENWAY just above the DISTRICT LINE were KILO SIN CRU, GNASHER, SKORCHED and KEEN AWE; all photos courtesy of SIAN.

Breaks For Days Radio

As I said before, let's start this year off with a bang. And here's our contribution to it all with well over an hour of funky treats straight from the DAILY DIGGERS HQ in the form of our BREAKS FOR DAYS RADIO show. You should all know the formula by now - a selection of downlow, dirty breaks followed by a slice of nice beats, this time mostly post-2000 hip hop bangers. And please remember we supply only vinyl treats, no sneaky mp3 joints like those wack wannabee DJs LMAO. We aim to please so feel free to drop a comment if you like what you are hearing (it's always nice to know where we get it right). Consider it a soundtrack to your new year. Enjoy - Kid Dyno.


Have a Happy & Colourful New Year

Happy New Year to all our readers, let's make sure 2011 is a good one. I love the festive season if only for the fact that the trains get wrecked much more in London when the Christmas season sees a shutdown. The die-hard writers are out all year, but Christmas always encourages a few extras to take advantage of the reduced security and lack of staff to paint the trains and stations.
But I was surprised to find out that BTP even forget to lock their offices sometimes...(see photos below) ha ha!! Nicely lifted by an friend of mine working in a DISTRICT LINE office that shall remain nameless a few years ago. BTP Caught sleeping again eh!
These photos were taken by BTP staff to document damage in yards to the east end of the DISTRICT line.
Props to TEACH, ZOMBY and COSA (click image for a close-up)