Wednesday 26 January 2011

Funky Finds Of The Vinyl Kind

For all you record fiends out there - I've just returned home from a heavy digging session in East London and with a nice batch of beats to add to the piles of wax here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ. In fact, I hit an unfamiliar spot today which I had been to once previously only to find it closed. Persistence always pays off in the diggin' game, so I returned today armed with my portable with the aim of getting busy in the crates by midday, and the rewards for making a second trip came thick and fast. Now I ain't gonna blow up this spot just yet cuz I have a few more trips to make before I spread the word, but suffice to say I flattened the six size D batteries in my portable before I left. The shop has been around for several years and is fairly well known amongst collectors and DJs in-the-know. What I like is that this place has loads of decent funk nicely cordonned off in wooden crates and old hip hop 12"s and LPs stashed under the record racks. I gotta say it has been one of the most interesting spots I have hit of late, so without a doubt I will be back there in the next few days for a second helping. I get bored of seeing the same old records about town in the Funk & Soul racks, but this shop is different; the entire stock comes from someone who themself collects funky music so the records filed neatly in the racks reflect this fact. I ain't gonna say no more in case I give the game away ... but you can be sure next time I will take my camera with me, grab some flicks and share the scoop with you all when I get back to the lab.
In the meantime, I'm gonna drink a fresh brew, sit back and relax, and enjoy some of the records I copped today - a handful of break 45s and some vintage hip hop 12"s. Why don't YOU make yourself a cuppa and join me...?

DAILY DIGGERS DIGEST 26th January 2011


Anonymous said...

Great tune- Carolyn Sullivan 'Dead' on the PHILIPS label

Also on this label Obrey Wilson 'Headman' check it out!

Soul Safari

Mac McRaw said...

You talking about Andy's shop Dyno? lips are sealed mate ;)

Anonymous said...

Some nice finds,