Sunday 9 January 2011

45 Dig with Skeme Richards

Fellow record hound SKEME RICHARDS was over in the UK recently spinning for the b-boys & b-girls at the SONY ERICSSON B-Boy CHAMPS and also at the pre-champs party at PLAN B in Brixton with fellow crate crusader AMIR. You really need to peep how much hard work SKEME is putting into this culture - whilst travelling the globe spreading the love for b-boy music, he also finds the time to organise his HOT PEAS & BUTTA night/label at home in the US, update his ANYTHING GOES blog, as well as dropping some hellafunky mixes here and there on his podcast channel - time to cue "the hardest working man in showbusiness" sample.
Whenever I catch up with the ROCK STEADY ace DJ he's always in so-and-so country or on the way to that country to be once again in charge of the turntables at the next breakin jam. When I asked him how he does it SKEME just laughs... "I still feel like I'm 18 yrs old despite being born in '71!". So props to you SKEME for putting in mad work, enjoying yourself whilst doing it, and for keeping true b-boy music alive. Here's SKEME's recent 45DIG session playing you some essential 45s you need in your crates. Snapshot of SKEME above with SUPREME LA ROCK.


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Skeme Richards said...

Thank you for the shouts cousin! I'm looking forward to my return trip to the UK so that we can go on a proper record hunt!