Tuesday 18 January 2011

Funk Is Good

The UK's DJ CAD otherwise known as CHRIS ALLWAYSDIGGIN is like myself a fiend for funky 45s and a strict preacher of the vinyl-only traditions. Here he has decided to share with us some of his vocal-less funk winners, and he includes a real favourite of mine right at the end of the 40 minute mix namely "Trippin" by LONDON FOGG. As Chris says himself .....
"I've heard a lot of singing recently so I decided to do a mix without any..."
So check this out, DJ CAD - Funk Is Instrumental (just listen to the band)
You can trust me when I tell you he pulls out one hellafresh selection of funk nuggets right here! I defy you to listen to this mix without getting down with your bad self. DJ CAD has an ear for some floor rockers. Plus you can peep his MIXCLOUD page for more dope vinyl mixes.


Skeme Richards said...

Nice! Thats what I'm talking about!

Dj Cad said...

Big Up Skeme.