Sunday 2 January 2011


Good to see my old friend from years ago COLT45 still getting up in PLAISTOW, EAST LONDON. Also painting today in the spot along the GREENWAY just above the DISTRICT LINE were KILO SIN CRU, GNASHER, SKORCHED and KEEN AWE; all photos courtesy of SIAN.


Waxer said...

Word I know thios spot, I used to live in Plaistow, my mate used to live in Solent Rise just round the corner, nice to see this place still has heads hittin' it up, a nice splash of colour amongst the sewer works! Props.

Anonymous said...

Had the pleasure of meeting Colt 45 at Drax's Birthday bash the other week.. Got chatting over the Double Goose i was wearing. Glad to see him out painting again. Old habits don't die!

Soul Safari