Thursday 18 December 2008

Highly Underrated

Every so often we stumble upon a record that has slipped under many collectors radars, whether it be because of limited release at the time, or limited airplay, or maybe it's an unknown artist so just didn't grab anyone's attention. I learnt a long time ago that a wack cover or wack DJ/MC name doesn't always mean a wack record. Hell, I have more than a handful of records that I have bought with dope artwork or covers, but the music sucks! Don't judge a book and all that!
So we thought we should pull out a few pieces that you maybe have not heard before, but need to take a peep at. You never know, maybe one of these joints is lurking in your local bargain bin just waiting to be picked up? You know, the one you flicked past a dozen times already...

First up to bat is this little gem of a track on CARDIAC RECORDS - and firstly I gotta say a mighty big "WORD" to MR. CRATEDIGGER as he first played me this joint and made me stop and say "hold up, what the ....?"

TRUE CULTURE - "It's So Good, It's Bad" CARDIAC RECS 1991
Banging beats is the flavour of the day here....and to be honest I can tell you very little about TRUE CULTURE other than that there is an LP and I don't own a copy. Oh, and also DJ FASHION's name is mentioned somewhere in the production credits. I like this track, and it sounds great played loud. I fear that if I find out more about this crew it will only put me off them (maybe you can tell me otherwise?). For now I can ignore the corny track title, and I advise you to avoid the "Good" side if you do find a copy of this record, and please just play the "Bad" side. I have warned you!!
Two things I love about this record are the use of firstly the electric guitar riff from FUNKADELIC, and secondly the crowd noise as used on BUFFALO GALS - very evocative.
TRUE CULTURE - It's So Good It's Bad

Another one to keep you busy is from 92 on SELECT records, and again another record I only picked up myself in the last few years. I still cannot believe no-one played me it any earlier! ESP - "Fingertips (Clap Your Hands" Funky Remix) SELECT RECS 1992 I remember seeing E.S.P.'s Long Player on SELECT entitled "Valoompadoom Pink! Or something else off the wall" in the record shops back in the days, but with that title (their marketing guy needed shooting!) and the fact that there is a semi-clad and rather well-built MC on the cover kinda put me off facing the shop's owner even for a brief listen. I think at a later date I picked up a copy for a £pound in a pile of "harder" looking records and I thus maintained my macho image LOL!
Anyway, the FINGERTIPS 12" release eluded me for some time longer, but on hearing the FUNKY VOCAL remix of this track I made it a must-buy. Without doubt IVAN "DJ DOC" RODRIGUEZ's assistance on the remix is what makes this track a surefire winner, together with the plentiful helping of scratching. And as for the funk loops....I'm hooked within the first few bars.
E.S.P. - "Fingertips"

Kid Dyno

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Anonymous said...

Well, thanks to your piece I picked up that "True Culture" tune for $4!

Keep up the good work reading the blog - all the best for 2009!

Pete (Disc_Eater)