Thursday 30 October 2008

Always Rockin' Tough

Forget street dance, or urban dance ...or whatever the media decides to call that bullshit you see on MTV these days. It's weak and it's wack!
Uprockin' and breakin' has been an integral part of Hip Hop since the 70s. It makes me cringe to see the way the press/media now sees the b-boy culture as "hip" and more importantly a moneyspinner for them now in the 00s. If you were around back in the days, you will recall any b-boys publicly going off in a circle would be instantly moved on and in some cases arrested by police, as if they were a menace to society. And as for press/tv interest - it was merely considered a craze rather than a form of dance with any kind of longevity.
Far from it, 30 years later.....

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