Friday 5 December 2008

Vintage Sneakers for sale

As the credit crunch hits the DAILY DIGGERS HQ, we've found it necessary to spring clean the sneaker closet and pull out some vintage kicks for an airing. If you've been to the HQ you will already have noticed the ADIDAS, NIKE and PUMA sneaker boxes are piled ceiling high and the trainer cupboard runs DEEEEP!
So to make room for some more records, I have added a few pairs on eBay....the infamous ADIDAS HEMP or "Chronic" GAZELLEs as they were known. A pair of fresh 100% DEADSTOCK ADIDAS INSTINCT LOW's similar to those on the TUFF CREW "Danger Zone" LP cover. And of course some limited premium NIKE AIR FORCE 1s - the classic Hip Hop shoe!

Here's a few of the pairs up for grabs...

....and you can take a peep at the sneaker auctions here

Look fresh this Christmas!

Kid Dyno

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