Monday 8 December 2008

Mr Krum Dropping Knowledge

Yes party people, I'm sure y'all remember the guest mix from MR KRUM a few months back? Man that was super slick and full of classics! Well our fellow CRATE INVADER member and ILL TECHNICIAN is dropping some heavy record knowledge over at MR KRUM's WONDERFUL WORLD OF BIZARRE.
Now I warn you in advance this shit is not for the feint-hearted, and if you're not a heavy record digger then some of this may go over your heads...but guaranteed there some excellent reading and crazy soundclips, both for the hip hop heads and the beatdiggers and sample freaks.
BIZARRE is one of my favourite reads on the internet with posts on HIJACK the Terrorist Group, KPM library records, a BLANK C90 CASSETTE gallery, and some of KRUM's infamous mixes and downloads.It's compelling reading, and bound to make you reminisce about the good ole get yourself over there and tell MR KRUM that the DAILY DIGGERS sent ya!

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