Monday 11 August 2008

45 King and Chill Rob G

Holy shiznit - ain't this the best video you have seen lately??

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! DJ MARK is still a MASTER OF THE GAME, and CHILL ROB can still RIDE THE RHYTHM!!


rb said...

I have one of those Vestax portables, but 45 King is the man on manipulating those little decks.


Anonymous said...

Seen this a while ago...definitely the King of 45s! Chill Rob G still flowin' smooth as ever. Dope video.

Agent Finch said...


This is the first time i`ve seen this & i`m blown away. This is REAL hip hop done by REAL hip hop dudes, props to the 45 KING & CHILL ROB for showing they still got skills & can still show todays artists how it`s done!!!!!!!!!

oxy-gen-ius said...

Mark The 45 = one of THE most underrated producers in the game! Hands down.

age said...

There is a set that he does on those tabels.I also have one of those portables, but shit..Dude is doubling up..Dope post BTW and good to see that Chill Rob G is still doing his thing.

Keep up the dope work fellas and I'm enjoying your blog!

Peace and respect,
NME Project

Ade Merckx said...

Yeah. lovin this baby!!!

Anonymous said...

never heard the 2nd to last lyrics before then he did a few from the album tho.. one of my favourites ever!!