Wednesday 20 August 2008

Breaks For Days podcast

There's been a few technical hitches over here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ lately - hence the lack of posts apart from times when we could hijack a PC here & there. But now we're back in EFFECT and ready to spill some more funkjuice on y'all!
I recently received a comment from a reader instructing us to take a wider view on hip hop music, and to get our asses out of that '92 mentality. Well I can see where he's coming from, as we do tend to lean towrds the 80s and 90s here on BREAK FOR DAYS...but that doesn't mean we don't dig QUALITY post-millenia hip hop!
So today we're gonna drop a few joints from the last few years, plus our usual portion of crispy funk, rock and drums. There's a few recognisable samples hidden away towards the end of this please take the time to spot the samples maybe from one of your favourite hip hop records? But we're keeping the breaks on the secret squirrel tip this week. You never know, if you ask us nicely we may be talked into divulging one or two.


Chace Infinite - Do For Self
MC Lyte - The Wonder Years
Kollabo Brothers feat Diamond D - My Flows to Blow
13 - Slow Burnin'
Quasimoto - Rapp Cats
Team Demolition - The Burbs
Asheru & Blue Black - Elevator Music
Panda One - The Essence
People Under The Stairs - Underground Run
DJ Skye - Central Line (INSTRUMENTAL)
BREAK? - Camarillo
BREAK? - The Seed of Love
BREAK? - Pourquois Pas?
BREAK? - I Need You
BREAK? - Funky Mule
BREAK? - It's Only Love

Kid Dyno

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