Sunday 31 August 2008

NYC Subway Graffiti

Now this ain't your usual you-tube graffiti footage .... check out some of these rarely seen burners by BLADE, CRASH, DAZE, IZ THE WIZ, SEEN, plus a few early DONDI pieces. And not forgetting the dope top-to-bottom whole-car by CODE, plus some more unusual photos from the 80s with accident damaged / graffiti-bombed trains and a few "white elephants". There are lots of images here I'm sure you may not have seen before, and lots that will have you pressing replay despite the dodgy soundtrack. But we just had to post it anyway and share it with you!!


Chason said...

yo whats up kid dyno.. i asked your man Oxygen if he had a 12 ive been wanting

"Merdah - Skunk Funk bw School Boy Crush"

he told me to go to you.. maybe you can hook me up with the mp3's :D

thanks man, peace

Daily Diggers said...

hey Chason,

I only have a snippet mp3 of Skunk Funk (dope track) and I dont own that record myself unfortunately otherwise I would rip it for ya..

here's a clip of Skunk Funk....

Kid Dyno