Tuesday 11 November 2008

Just Messin' With Beats pt.8

It's about that time once again to re-visit a rap classic, and seeing as the DAILY DIGGERS beat machine has been working overtime lately, you should expect more of the same coming soon! Especially as the nights have now become colder and darker - this is the time of the year when we lock oursleves in the beat dungeon and crank the volume "way past ten" as COOL J would say!
Today's beat features the legendary RHYME INSPECTOR PERCEE P, and underground cat SICK LYRICAL DAMAGER. Courtesy of the 1996 release "RESPECT COSTS MORE THAN MONEY" on VMAX records.
PERCEE P has undoubtedly been a legend since the days of the Patterson Project battles with LORD FINESSE. His most noticable release to date is PERCEE P & EKIM - "Now They Wanna See Me" on BIG BEAT from 92 - a seriously dope record by anyone's standards, with all tracks scoring near maximum points. He also guest appears on LORD FINESSE's "RETURN OF THE FUNKYMAN" LP, and also MAESTRO FRESH WES's "NAAH DIS KID CAN'T BE FROM CANADA" album.
Unfortunately, despite the Bronx MC's rhyme style still being tight to this day, I feel the beats he has been laced with on his recent 12"s and LP are seriously sub-standard for someone who is capable of some shit-hot verbals (sorry Madlib!). Please lemme know what YOU think!
Anyhow...some of you will already have heard BEAT DETECTIVE's REMIX of this joint from a few years back....well, we're back to drop the KID DYNO REMIX of PERCEE & SLD....check it out!!


...and here's our original REMIX


Anonymous said...

Yo fam! lovely remix im likeing the the violin switch up very ill and the drums rock nice! wouldve sounded large on the 'return of the funky man'album. Just thought id leave ya some feedback.
Stay Fresh.Peace to the Daily Diggers Crew!!

Daily Diggers said...

YO many thanks for your comment, glad you dig it. So we'll keep rockin' it!

peace from London


Crate Escape Records said...

Agree on Madlibs beats not being upto the standard, Percee is still miles ahead of most emcee's, great remixes too Kid ;)