Wednesday 22 September 2010

Mr Krum's Podcast

My digging counterpart from the UK's south coast MR KRUM (Vinyl Veterans) is back once again with a super tight blend of beats, breaks and boom bap for your earholes. Never front on a MR KRUM mix cuz I never heard a wack one yet. KRUM also drops a little break-to-the-beat action for the beatheads in this podcast #5 from his excellent WONDERFUL WORLD OF BIZARRE website. If you don't know or frequent his site already then add him to your favourites (link below). As for the mix, peep this and weep.


1.Gene Harris "Prelude"
(from "AstralSignal". 1974, Blue Note Records, U.S. LP)
2. The Sound Of Feeling "Along Came Same"
(from "Spleen". 1969, Mercury Records, U.K. LP)
3. Quincy Jones "Snow Creatures"
(from "The Heist". 1972, Reprise Records, U.K. LP)
4. Edan "Beauty"
(from "Beauty And The Beat". 2005, Lewis Recordings, U.S. LP)
5. Memory Man ft. Kool Keith "The Kool Keith Show"
(2007, Chopped Herring Records, U.S. 12")
6. James William Guercio"The Chase"
(from "Electra Glide In Blue O.S.T." 1973, United Artists, U.K. LP)
7. Astra Nova Orchestra "Soul Sleeper"
(1974, Alaska Records, U.K. 7")
8. Undercover latin break
(sampled by the P-Brothers)
9. Roy Head "She's About A Mover"
(from "Same People". 1970, Dunhill Records, U.S. LP)
10. Oxygen "Gone Diggin"
(2010, BBP / Big City Records, U.S. 7")
11. MC Lyte "Cappucino (DJ Doc Remix)"
(1990, First Priority Music, U.S. 12")
12. Queen Latifah "Latifah's Law"
(from "All Hail The Queen". 1989, Tommy Boy Records, U.S. LP)
12. Yo-Yo "Dope Femininity"
(1990, Atlantic Records, U.S. 12")
13. (Roxanne) Shante "Straight Razor (Large Professor Remix)"
(1992, Livin' Large, U.S. 12")
14. Rimshots "Dance Girl"
(1974, Astroscope, U.S. 7")
15. The Fatback Band "Why Is It Hard To Do (Things I Wanna Do)"
(from "Feel My Soul". 1974 Perception Records, U.S. LP)
16. Mexicanos "Street Dance"
(from "Soul Construction". 1976, Klik Records, U.K. LP)
17. Original Tropicana Steel Band "Spanish Hustle"
(from "Hot Steel". 1978, Polydor Records, U.K. LP)
18. Main Source "Just Hangin' Out (Our Hood)"
(1991, Wild Pitch Records, U.S. 12")
19. Gwen McCrae "90% Of Me Is You"
(from "Rockin' Chair". 1975, Cat Records, U.S. LP)

You can catch MR KRUM at the forthcoming VINYL VETERANS night in BRIGHTON, see flyer 2 posts down. In the meantime get yourself over to MR KRUM'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF BIZARRE for a regular dose of record related wranglings.

Kid Dyno


MR KRUM said...

Cheers Dom!! Appreciate the kind words mate.

Had a great day with Ox yesterday. Super nice guy...nothing but good things to say about you too.

Had a field day round at Format's...he's definitely going home with some nice wax!

Hope to see you down Brighton in the near future...maybe at the next night? Macca will drop you a line about it soon...

Thanks again - D

Leo Slayer said...