Wednesday 29 September 2010

DJ Spinna Thingamajig Studio Tour

Here SPINNA takes us through his studio equipment and allows us a quick peep at his massive record collection. Damn, he even mentions that elusive RICKY WILLIAMS joint on 45 that I need. Anyone who has a "Discotheque Soul" 45rpm going spare then please let me know, you know how to hit me up. Many thanks, Kid Dyno


JonnyC said...

funny you should mention Ricky Williams 45 I just crushed that beat in the SP12 ;)

Daily Diggers said...

Word Johnny ... I need to hear that beat homeslice! Almost as much as I NEED that Ricky Williams record. ;o)

I look forward hearing Audyssey rocking the beat. Is it one for SOUNDSCI Johnny?


Leo Slayer said...

"two open for sealed..."
standard, surely??